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Hi my friend,I want to tell you about my work.I work in the company which is engaged in sale of clothes.I work as the secretary. My work consists in that to enter the account of sale and purchase...I like my work, I work 8 years on this work, After when I finished one institute of my city, I at once have gone to work in this firm.Tell to me about the work?You enjoy the work?I shall wait from you the letter.Yours Tatyana. P.S I want to send you a photo from my work.This my workplace.I hope that you like it.

Hi it again I, Tatyana.Now I have a lunch break and I decided to write you letter.I want to tell you a little about me directly.I'm 30 years old, I live with my family.With mum, daddy and my younger sister,Later I tell you about them more.I was never married and I haven't children.But I very much would like have children.Children it is flowers of a life, my mum so considers.Tell me a little about youself and about you family?It is very interesting for me know this,You have been married? You have children?You love children?Write to me I with pleasure I shall read and I shall necessarily answer.Now my lunch break is finished also to me again it is time to work.I shall write to you later? ok? Tatyana. P.S I want send you my photo, it is a photo is made this summer at me in city.I hope that is pleasant to you

.My friend, it again I,I hope that I don't bother you with letters,Now I have dinner and I can write you letter.I would like to tell you more about me and my family...I have mum, daddy, and sister.My mum name Evgeniya.She works at a factory bread, her 55 years old.My mum dearest that at me is, I care of her... Daddy name Oleg, him with 63 years and he is pensioner.Earlier he worked in militia, struggled with criminality.But, when he left on the deserved rest militia he started to drink alcohol.And to my mum it was not pleasant to me, when I went to school, my father came home drunk, and badly supervised uself.Therefore I don't like drinking men.In Russia it is very big problem.It is a lot of men in Russia like to drink alcoholic drinks and behave similarly to pigs.Therefore I have decided to search for the man from other country.I never met man with which I could connect my life...Now my dinner is finished also I should go for work.Write to me the letter, I shall wait from you the letter.Yours Tatyana. P.S I send you a photo of my mum and daddy.
I have free minute, and I want to write you letter!!!I want to tell about my city where I live,I live in city Ioshkar Ola.It is small, but beautiful, city in the center of Russia.Earlier I lived in the city of Saratov, but then we with mine parent moved to this city.To me here very much to like, Here very good nature, pure air, the transparent sky.By way near to my city proceeds Volga river .It is one of the biggest rivers of Europe.You heard about such river? P.S I want to send you a photo of my city, I think that you like it.
Now I on work,And decided write you a letter as I promised.... :)I hope that you understand all letters which I write you?How my English language?I began study English when went to school, Then continued, when studied at university.Certainly I understand that my English is not ideal,Therefore I can understand not all your questions which you me ask.please don't take offence at me, you can ask me questions again and I shall try to answer you.I have some problems with grammar, but I can freely talk in English.I plan go for the profound rates studying English language to know English ideally.I know only 2 languages, English and Russian.And you studied other languages? Probably you know Russian a little?Write to me, I wait.Yours Tatyana.

I have free minute, and decided look from you letter.Unfortunately you not written me, but I hope that you will write to me hardly later.I would like to know about you more.About your hobbies, and what you do for an entertainment?I love the pedestrian walk on park, I frequently walk on park with my girlfriends.I have 2 relatives for me friends his name Anna and Marina.We together studied with at school, then at university.Also I go a sports hall, I am engaged in aerobics.I think that the girl should support figure.And go in for sports, unfortunately I have very much a tough job for which it is necessary to spend a lot of time and forces.Therefore I not so frequently go to fitness club, approximately 1 - 2 times a week.If you have questions to me, ask, I shall necessarily answer you.I shall wait for your letter.

I want to tell to you about the hobbies!In our country all people listen to foreign music, Have you ever heard a song of Beatles-yesterday? It is a beautiful song and Ilike it very much, may be you heard song Righteous brothers-Unchained melody, it is a very beautiful song!I also like to go to the cinema, of course in our country there are many foreign films!Most of all I like films about love but I also like to look adventures!Did You watch film Titanic, it is a very beautiful film about love! If you have not looked this film, I advice you to watch it!And I liked film " Harry Potter ", it is interesting film! Still I many time looked film "Titanic"!! I very much like this film!!When I look this film I always I pay!! You looked these films??I like the nature very much and I try to breathe more fresh air, I like to spend free time near the water, I like to bathe.Tatyana.

Bla,bla, bla

At me very bad news!!! My mother now is in hospital. her yesterday had a heart attack. Her have taken away in hospital on first aid. She was at home. Prepared for a meal. And suddenly she has fainted. I have heard noise on kitchen and at once have run there. Mum laid on afloor and did not move.I at once have caused doctors. And her have taken away.Then to me have told, that her needs to be performed operation immediately!Operation very expensive. And I do not know where to find so much money. You can help my mum?I love you very strongly. And never I shall cease to love.Now I shall go in hospital. Mine the daddy and my sister now there.I hope, that you can help me.In the morning I shall write to you.I love you.Yours Tatyana.

I now am at home.Yesterday I all the night long have stayed in hospital. Doctors have told, that operation urgently is necessary for my mum. Operation costs 29 thousand roubles.Money are necessary right now. Mum can hold on 3 more or 4 days.I spoke you, that I do not know where to take so much money. I understand, that you now economically money for trip to Moscow! I realize all.I the daddy has found money, but it is not enough of it. We have collected approximately 14 thousand roubles. But it is not enough of it.I do not know that to me now to do. I in full despair.I cannot live without you! I love you very strongly. But at present to me it is very bad. I do not want, that my mum has died or became the invalid!!!yours Tatyana.

Greetings my loved.I just have come home.When I spoke with the daddy, we thought how you can send me money and father has told to me that now there are somereliable translation systems of money the Western Union. The Western UnionIs in our city. I can go there by bus and receivemoney there. This nearest to me a place.The daddy spoke me that through this system sent money to the relatives to Siberia. He has told that it reliably and quickly and as it is not necessary tofill many any papers. My information: Country - Russia, City - Yoshkar-Ola, Name - MICHAELLastname - FROLOV This name of mine of the daddy. Simply I am afraid to receive money one. To this I shall go with mine the daddy.dear, for operation my mum does not suffice 430 eruo. other sum we have collected.Having you can send these data of money from any branch of the Western Union. When you will come to the Western Union the manager will help you tofill in papers. And I can receive it here as soon as you give me all,what I need to know:I need to know your full name, your full address of regular mail,Control number of a remittance (MTCN for the Western Union) and the sum of translation.MTCN to you will give, when you to send money.I love you very strongly. I cannot live without you. Simply now I ask you the help for my mum!!!I do not want that my mum became the invalid or that she has died.I very much want, that you have arrived. And you are necessary to me will come. Because it is destiny. I love you, yours Tayana