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road Alejandro!

Thanks for your letter! I could not write to you the letter earlier becauseI was in the other city, on a visit, at my aunt. I shall try, answer your questions.I really have plans, with you, the big friendship, trust, and it is desirable love, I want,that you would love me. I want to arrive in the USA, but for me, difficultly, to tell, Ican arrive, whether or not. If I can arrive in the USA it will be on for a long time. I havewhat documents, what to arrive in the USA. I have no money, for arrival in the USA,but I can start to save money, but probably it will be for a long time if me to start tosave money right now I shall arrive in the USA, only in 2010, or later. As I havealready written, I was at my aunt, in the other city. I have what plans on arrival in theUSA, I at all do not know, where to me to stop, when I shall arrive in the USA. Iguess, that in the USA, an expensive life, and I am not afraid of work. As to,IMMIGRATIONS, I about it did not think. Yes I thought, what we can live in pair, but Idid not expect from you such question, you too think, what we can live in pair? Yes Ithought, to work in the USA as I thought, studies in the USA. You inserted a life my dream!I like to travel. I like to dream, as we going close Effel Towers, we feel like so smallabout it, but so happy, two half one parts. Or romantic evening when wesit on a gondola in Wienie, and a bright fiesta when we have mingledwith the crowd and dances all the night long. Certainly it not onlydreams up to, but I hope, as soon as it will be carried out. It is apity to me, that you not beside. You know, Alejandro, people can beexpressed by two ways which have been in love and work. I wish tohave both opportunities. I feel, that with you I can be expressed notonly as the wife but also as the woman also as you will be dear and toestimate my interests the same as I shall estimate yours. I want to bealways with you, in common to use happiness and troubles together.I think, that troubles could make people stronger, they help to keepfamily. I really want to free you for this reason it is so importantfor me, you pay our spaces for transfer. You know, that I am a children'sdoctor, and it is rather difficult to pay for me. Many thanks. You know,that you enter into my dreams every night. Last night we were somewhere onisland. Very beautiful tropical island with clear water and fantastic plants,we were on coast. I do not know, why, but in my dream I saw us somewhere onisland. We went on a beach, we felt a hot wind and warm sand under ours legs.You held my hand, and I could feel almost it in my dream. Heat of your handwas so real! This dream was is similar to the validity. We went, and waveslicked our empty legs. It was remarkable feeling, only go, and feel you nearto me and feel heat of your hand. You know, in the morning, what I thought,what probably it was an attribute for our life a long way? We were togetherand are so happy. Then we have stopped under a palm tree. I never saw a realpalm tree in my life, I saw it only in a hothouse. But there they were onground, real palm trees! We sat under a tree and enjoyed a stream. I observedthat stream, dark blue waves and thought: what sea? Thousand water drops,but that the big power they have! Those drops can destroy coast, force sharpstones to smooth..., and those ideas gave me idea. That we resemble thosedrops. When we - separately, we are weak and lonely, but if we - together wecan pass through any troubles. As we - together, and we worry about thefriend the friend. I feel so lonely without you, but I have hope to finishmy life soon. And I really believe, that you are a person, I searched!Alejandro, you feel the same?...... I can speak with you within many hours per myimagination, but I wish to make it in the person even more.It is a lot of kisses and embraces. With all my love,


Greetings, loved, Alejandro!

You are big so always, your letters arriving to me as impact of a wind. When I receive them,
I feel me so happy. I feel, that somewhere exist the man which requires me who dreams of me
who wants that I was close and cared of me. Such happiness, that you love me and you require me,
displaying ours together a life. It would be pleasure for me to join you in performance jumping,
travel. As you I love critical sports and people in harm inside. My dream should jump up once from
the bridge to be established with a cord. As far as I would like to make it! I can imagine, what
quantity exit from this could be! You tried it? I also like to travel, investigate new places and
to meet new people. The world around of us could be are so interesting and as far as we are young,
we should study in the greatest possible degree. Otherwise seams of a life, colorless and boring.
I like fair and devoted people. In attitudes as you I estimate most of all culture and attitudes.
I believe, that if you see, that something goes not how it is necessary between two people, should
stop attitudes better than pretend, that nothing happens. I heard, that English people are very
conservative, and you never can be convinced, that they are sincere with you. I think, that Russia
people resemble your people more. We are very unbiassed and hospitable. Our buildings always open
for friends and visitors. We like fair people, the big friendly companies. On the big holiday we go
in the street to celebrate them together. We can estimate friendship very much medley. Good friends
can always rely the friend the friend, can trust. Friends in common use happiness and a pain. They
can spend a lot of time to listen, and granting advises especially women. Our people can love.
If they are in love, they make it from the basis of hearts. It becomes warmer every day. Probably
it is not so warm for food ice-cream anyone, but we were in the habit to eat with it not only
during summer. I like to be absent, though I have no enough of time. I really want, that we were
good pair. And I think, that we have much in general. Please, write to me soon. You want, that
I have called you. I understand you. But business not only that I do not have phone. I have have
found out in help service, that such bell costs dearly. 30 minutes of conversation
with USA costs approximately 100 $. It approximately 3000 roubles.
These are considerable money for one bell. Do not think,
that I ask you money. But let's argue sensibly.
I shall wait for your letter with impatient.
Love you and send many
kisses yours for ever Olga.