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she just started writing but she has the same old hardluck story as the rest.

Hello Travis! How you today? I am sincerely glad, that again I have an
opportunity to write to you. Means you more interested in me. Thanks,
for a fine photo. Today I saw my mother in my dream and thought, that I
should tell to you about my mother because when I speak about it - I
speak about my family. It - is valid so because I never saw my
grandfather and the grandmother, and I have no brothers or sisters. I was the
unique one child in family, and my family consisted from two person - my
mother and me. I really feel greater proud when I speak about my mother
because it was very good woman. But together with it, each time of
memoirs on my mother is caused with tears, and I cannot hold them. My
mother has died, when to me there were 16 years. Three years prior to its
death my mum has damage to road incident. It stood in the street, and it
has been brought down by the car. Possibly the driver has been
urgently drunk, because witnesses have told, that the car moved by a zigza
g and has suddenly appeared on sidewalk. As a result of collision my
mum has been paralyses. It spent three years in an invalid armchair. I
cared of it, have made everything, that was in my forces to make a life
for which it has been doomed since this moment - easy and joyful. I
have lead a few time with my friends and actually all my free time which I
have lead about my mother. I was the madman happy when mother has
smiled because it has smiled very seldom. It was ashamed of its feebleness.
Each time when I went home after school, I looked at a window and each
time, my mother has met me. It looked through a window and has smiled.
It happens always. It has met me every day and never forgot. For this
reason I was disturbed at once when 12 years ago I looked at a window
and did not see my mother there. I have understood, that something is
wrong. I have rushed off home with tears in my opinion. When I opened a
door, I have understood, that I have remained one. As usually my mot
her sat in its chair with a smile. But it was dead. I remember, how I
stretched my hand and have concerned its pulse. Has darkened in my
opinion, and my legs did not obey me. I could not stand. I thought, that I
shall go mad. I felt, that I lose consciousness and has laid down on a
floor. I subbed and could not calm down. I could not imagine, that I
shall live without mum. It was the person for whom I lived. I have
finished off all my alive, which I have made for it. It was such good mother.
It taught me everything, that I can make in this life. My mother
dreamed to lift me as fair and decent lady. I was the only child, and mother
has given me infinite love. And I tried to make everything to be the
worthy daughter, to be worthy its love. And I hope, that I became such
lady as my mother wished to see me. Now I estimate difficulties of that
time in the various way. Difficulties train character. I lived without
the help and support; I have passed various difficulties about whic
h I do not wish to speak. But I have gone a trough these difficulties
and I remember it, I feel, that I have made all correctly. My mother
always spoke me, that it is necessary to look at difficulties with a
smile, not mentioning, that there is a shout of despair in a throat and in
opinion of there are tears. It is necessary to be strong and proud - as
my mother was. Forgive to me, that I have told to you about it so in
detail. But I speak about my mother seldom. But when I speak about it,
that I cannot make it in words of pair. I loved it very much and for
this reason I have told to you small things about it. Forgive to me. I
have decided to divide my memoirs with you as with the friend because I
did not speak about it with anybody during long time. Forgive to me, that
my letter - sad, big and uninteresting. Simply, when I start to speak
about my mother, I cannot stop. But I promise to not write such letters
more. Now I rent an apartment in Yoshkar Ola. there is one room, k
itchen and a bathroom. I understand, that it is a small apartment, but
I feel convenient in it. And it - near to my work. 20 minutes Are
required me to reach shop. I often go to my work when I am not late, and
weather is good. Sometimes I reach shop by the bus. But I do not love it
because buses are always full, and it is not convenient to stand there.
The nationality has the person, important for you if you should worry
about them? I have no such biases. The nationality is not important for
me. I do not look at eyes, color of a leather. And I do not think,
where the person was born. I wish to find the person with kind heart. I
love kindness, and I hate anger. For me the most important in the person
- honesty and kindness. Without it is impossible to create the world of
harmony and love. Roughness destroys love. I am ready to give all my
love to the person who also is ready to give me its love. I think it in
any attitudes the main thing - mutual respect and mutual understand
ing. I think it so. The others are not important for me. I and my
girlfriend Marina became girlfriends because we lived in the next buildings
and also have together gone to school. I not when was not in other
country. I on it do not have money to allow. I have no pets, but I dream
to have a dog. Only I cannot solve, what dog I want. I equally love
greater and small dogs. Possibly my choice will stop on the big dog because
I live one. I am afraid to remain at home one, because crimes in
Russia at the highest level. But probable with the big dog it will not be so
fear. I am valid - the good cook, and I like to prepare. I should
finish. Sincerely with the best regards. Nadezhda.