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Greetings my love Sala. I am very glad, that you have written to mealready the second The letter. My dear forgive me, that I could notwrite to you new The letter earlier because when I have read yourfirst letter Very strongly was delighted, that you will help me withmy trip to you. My lovely Sala but I have no bank account and on thisI have run in Bank what to learn as you you can transfer me of moneyfor mine Documents. I have good news to you and now I want To informyou as you you can send me this money. My loved Sala now I want Totell to you, that in my city it is the most safe to transfer moneyThrough company Western Union. In our city everyone use this Thecompany and now I want to suggest to use to you this company forTransfers of money. I hope, that you can send me of money through Thisbank. Now I want to explain to you as it works. In bank to me havetold, that As soon as you will send me of money I can To receive themin 15 minutes. To me have explained that you need to make, What tosend me of money. It is necessary for you to take money and thepassport And to go in bank. The manager in bank will give you the formwhich you should You will fill what to send money for my name. What tosend me Money my information is necessary for you and now I want togive you this The information: Name: Albina.Surname: Zalyalutdinova.Street: Dekabristov 11.The country: code: 422550. With the help of this information you can send me of money. Still Iwant To ask you, what when you will fill in the form, you notSpecified my city. In bank to me have explained, that when you will beTo send me of money it will be better if you will not specify city Inwhich I live. It is done that I could receive This money in any bankWestern Union. My lovely Sala I hope, that Now you have understood asto send me of money. If you do not understand something, That you canask some information in bank when you will be To send me of money. Inbank to me have told, that when you will send me Money you will have acode from 10 figures which refers to MTCN. You should send this codeto me then I can receive money and I can legalize the papers for tripto you to receive Money your information which you will fill in isnecessary for me Bank. That is it is necessary for me: The sum which you will send me?Your name?Your surname?The country?City?post code?The address? I hope, that you will inform me the information when you will send meMoney. I hope, that you will go to bank tomorrow in the morning orthis week and will be To try to send me of money. My lovely in travelagency to me have told, the faster I shall pay money, the faster theywill legalize papers and then I shall arrive to you very quickly. Ihope, that at you all will turn out and Very soon we shall meet you.As soon as I shall receive Money I at once shall start to legalizepapers and in 10 or 12 days Documents will be ready. I so am happy,that now my dream will come true And we shall meet you. I think of youevery night, every minute. I Simply I do not know that to me to dowithout you. To me it is very bad without you mine Lovely, but soon tous we begin well with each other, in fact soon we can To kiss eachother and still many other things. I would like to meet as soon aspossible with You. My lovely Sala now I want to finish the letter alsoI shall go home and I hope, That you will write to me the letter assoon as possible. I with impatience wait Your answer. Your loveAlbina.