Scammer Odincova Elena

Cheboksary Russia

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hello cliff :-) i am so glad you reaply to me. i only just
recieved your the letter.
here is my newest pics, hope you will like them. if you are in on line
now that please write me.
i await your anwser. Elena

hello dear cliff :-) for me it very pleasant that you liked my pics, i
send you more pics.
hope you like them alos. i work as seller in shop, i am adviser of footware.
i live in russia in stpetersburg,but already in february i shall arrive to England.
i shall visit my uncle in kent. it possible you can visit mein kent on
some days or week.
cliff you can write me about your city? i do not know where there is
your city and as far
you live from kent. also please ask me what you would like to know
about me because
i do not know what to me to tell to you about my self. to me it would be easier if you have ask me.
i would very much likeif we could meet in this winter, i shall wait your answer :-) Elena

hello my dear cliff :-) thaks for your kind letter, i already some
times was in England and already
Visited my uncle in kent. now i go to uncle only that i spend my
Vacatione at him. it 2-3 weeks and
i shall be glad if we can will meet there. i shall be at uncle already
in february. my uncle lives
in kent in city Deal already olot of years. dear cliff i would like to
see more pics of your city. and your home,
it's very interesting to me to see where do you live. i shall be glad to
any your new pics. i also send you
my new pics which have been made absolutley recently. i trhink we
should tell each other about ourselfs..
Little about me. I have green eyes, blonde hair,my height is 168 sm, i
t6hink that it should be
approximately 5ft 6ins, i am not sure in it,probably i am
mistaken. my birthday is 15 march.
about my family.i live with my little sister, to heris 17. i am
senior her on 11 years, we rent
Apartment together. our parents live in village. we live separately from parents in city because
here i have work and my sister studiesat universatiy. i work as
seller-adviser in shop
of firm footwear. i like my work, i help to people to choose footwear.
omly my sister and my girlfriend larisa
knows about you. because i use comp of my girlfriend that to write to
you the letter. therefore i not always
can answer you at once. in future i want meet true man who will want be only with me, and be for me
true husband.but i yet have not met the man who would be really
ready to serious relations and as i
would like to create our family. now i while do not think of it, i
simply enjoy a life, but sometimes
i start to feel sad from loneliness. i want that beside with me was
man who love only me :-(
cliff please write to me about yourself more.what you searchin a life?
what dreams you have?
what mad act you would like to make that to surprise women of your
dream in whom you in love?
what for you means to be happy? i shall wait your the letter, please
write me soon. Elena

hello my dear cliff :-) today i have woken up early in the morning and
i thought of you. i do not know why
but i thought about you cliff. now each time i go to my neighbour
larisa to write to you.
she asks me about you :-) she ask me what you write to me, always asks your pics.

cliff i search romantic and courageous the man which always will
loved only me ans could be true husband for me.
i search only sincere feelings. the man with beautiful heart ! now i
shall try every day check you letter in my mail
for me it's so pleasant recieve your letter, to know that someone
thinks of me. i would like to tell you
more about myself. to me now is 28 years. i have no boyfriend or any
man. i am single now.
i have decided to write to you, because i liked your pic on website, i
wanted will get acquainted with you.
i am glad with each letter i can learn about you more and more. if
you will visit me in kent then
it will allow us will meet and to learn each other better. if you want
to know somethink about me please ask.
i shall always be glad to tell you about myself. i shall wait your
letter, please write me soon.
i send you my air kisses and my new pics. chmok chmok :-) Elena

Letter 2

First name : clifford
Last name : Albrighton
Email :
Comments : I have recently been scammed. I was not aware of this scamming going on till i herd it on the tv. i then checked on your scam list and her name was on it. her name is ELENA ODINCOVA. she used another name for monies to be paid to. but i can not find this name on your list... her name is oksana Volkova. this is suppossed to be her grandmother. who lives in Cheboksary russia.I have now been left owing monies from who i borrowed from...I have over 50 pictures from this girl. also many email letters. i have paid out to this girl £1.050.00p all paid by money gram. to a bank in cheboksary... the bank is SUIAZ BANK. 44 YAROSLAVSKAYA STREET.

There must be some way for the russian police to catch these scammers. This has cost me dearly. I know now that i may not get any of the monies that ive paid to this girl returned...
also this Elena gave her date of birth as 15.03.1979.
I would appriceate any information you have on OKSANA VOLKOVA.