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Good morning my love Andrew.
Now I have arrived to the Internet cafe because I knew that you write
to me the answer.
Today fine day because I have free day from work and
i can be here and write the new letter to my loved person.
Now I also want to discuss questions concerning our meeting.
Andrew that you want to send thanks me 500$, certainly it is more than
now it is necessary for me, but then I can really return money
which I took from my parents.
Now I want to tell about that as you can send me monetary
In my last letter I have already told that you can make it with
the help of the western union.
To me have told about campaign the western union which is engaged
translations worldwide, it works very quickly and reliably.
You will require some information from me what to send me
My full name Olga Edalowa
Country Russia
City Cheboksary
As I shall require your full information what to receive yours
I hope that you can send me 500 American dollars
soon, that I could begin registration of the visa and the passport.
It is necessary for you to go only in bank where there is point the
western union and there
to you will explain as to send money.
Tell when you can make it?
On Thursday in our country as celebrated the Valentine's day, but I
really would not have mood what to celebrate this holiday
because you now are in distances from me.
This day in the evening we with the girlfriend had walk on city and
then she
has gone to the guy what to celebrate this day, and I have come back
home. So I had no anything interesting this day.
For me there will be the present holiday a day of my arrival in you,
then we
can remain together and carry out all our dreams and desires.
This weeks I had no so a lot of work as usually, so it not
it was difficult for me.
I had many free time which I could devote dreams about
us together.
Now after I shall stop to write my letter I shall go in
public telephone booth also I shall call to you again, I think you will
are happy to wake up and hear my voice in phone:-)
Now I leave and I hope to speak with you soon.
On always yours Olga.

Hello again my dear Andrew.
I have again arrived to the Internet of cafe because has forgotten to
congratulate you on a holiday.
The Valentine's day is the most gentle, romantic and happy day for all
in love.
The day filled with hearts, sweets, cards, roses and words of love. It
is day of display of feelings.
Day of recognitions. Day when even the shiest and irresolute can tell
On February, 14, the Valentine's day - is high time to tell three
treasured words " I love you ".
I congratulate you and also I congratulate us on this remarkable day!!!
I am very glad that we have found each other and only it is a pity that
we now can not be together...
The Valentine day!!! Like simple words but behind them feelings and
emotions are latent so much!!!
The mankind how many does not live always lived under laws of love and
the family was the main cell of a society!!!
This day more 18 centuries ago has appeared. In days of board of
emperor Klavdija II.
At this time Klavdiy II was going to conquer the world, but the Roman
army tested sharp lack of soldiers for military
That prevented aggressive plans of emperor. Root of all evil Klavdiy II
saw in a marriage and consequently has forbidden
a ceremony of wedding.
But the person who, not being frightened by imperial anger, began to
connect secretly hearts in love was found.
And, on it his protection in love did not come to an end, he reconciled
Wrote love letters at the request of legionaries and gave the in love
pairs flowers.
This person the Christian priest by name Valentine was. He was rather
young, good himself, kinder and sympathetic.
To keep all this secretly there was no opportunity, clouds above a head
of the kind priest were day by day condensed,
And Valentine has been taken under the guard, and the decree about his
execution has soon been signed.
Sitting under guards Valentine has fallen in love with the fine girl,
the daughter of the jailer who was blind.
Using the medical knowledge Valentine has cured her of blindness, but
helps him already could nothing.
Execution has been appointed to February, 14. Last day Valentine has
asked a paper, the handle and ink for the jailer
Also has written to the girl the farewell letter, with a declaration of
love and " your Valentine " has signed.
And in 496 year Pope Gelasius has declared on February, 14 the
Valentine's day.
Since then in love esteem Sacred Valentine and count his defender.
On it the tragical history about priest Valentine comes to an end and
begins a history about the most romantic day in
one year,
When in love all world gifts give each other.
All know, that the gift for loved at date of Sacred Valentine should
symbolize that you feel to this person.
On this I want to present you the heart!!! We far apart and I cannot
present you what or a gift.
But I can give you my love, my tenderness and all heat that is at me in
heart to you!!!!
Valentinov Den - a holiday thin and gentle. Not only for women, not
only for men. For everyone who likes, for everyone
who is in love...
Let it will bring to you happiness and pleasure. Let the love
accompanies with you not only this day, and all life...
Like and be loved !!!
Dear mine I am valid as very much I want to be with you, but now in me
a problem, I have no such quantity of money,
I shall try to ask it parents and tomorrow I shall come to the Internet
of cafe and I shall speak, how much I have money.
With love your Olga.