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Kirov Russia

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Here the emails received from thi beautifl girl after the first already reported by your site.
It was simple to understand this kind of scam.
Hopefully useful for somebody else.


Hello again XXXXX!!!

How are you? I hope, what at you all is good. I am fine also. Again it
is very pleasant for me to receive your letter and to answer to you
also. It seems to me little bit strange... We far apart, but write
letters each other. I never felt it... No. I was never married and
also there are no children.
I think XXXXXX, that it will be interesting to you to learn about me
more and I want to tell. I the only child in family and all life live
with my mum Elena and daddy Artem. I do not have brother or the sister
and therefore all attention and care parents allowed only to me. My
parents remarkable people and I am very grateful to them, that gave me
such remarkable education. I know, that I would not be such as now, if
not my parents.
XXXXXXI also spoke to you, that I could not find my special man in
my city and
I think, that it is interesting to you why. Yes was many guys who
looked after me, but many of them only wanted sex from me. I at once
understood it and refused them. Certainly I not against sex but only
when there will be a full understanding with man and love. Those guys
only wanted sex at once. Others guys simply wanted dialogue with me,
but it was not interesting to me with them. I could not understand
completely, that he wants to tell to me. I could not find
understanding. The reason XXXXX, that I write the letter to you now
and it is interesting to me to communicate with you. We shall look,
that will be with us in the future. To me 27 years and in the
future I already want to be with mine love man, to create my family
and to allow all mine love to my husband and children. I only do not
want to be mistaken also. If the husband that for all life. I hope,
that you can understand me.
Also at leisure I like to cook or to listen music. I do not
want to brag, but I am valid can prepare for many dishes. My mum and
the daddy very much like, when I prepare soup or a potato. My mum
speaks, that from me the good cook could turn out. A little about
music. In music I have no my favourite executor or style. I like music
of all directions. The most important that it was pleasant to me as
words in songs are combined with music. This main thing. I hope, that
you can understand XXXXx.
I also thought, that will be wonderful, if we can speak on phone with
you XXXXXX. You not against? I only do not know, how much it will
cost and also how to call. I have no phone of a house and I only can
call to you a public telephone booth. Also I never tried to call in
other country, but I think, that I can. I can speak in English, but it
is not ideal. I only hope, that we can understand each other XXXXXX.
If you really want, that we talked on phone please write to me your
full phone number and a code of your country also. I shall call to
you at once as soon as I shall receive the salary from work. Ok? I
shall finish my letter here and I shall wait your answer to me soon.
Take care XXXXX!

From friend Juliya!
Hello dear friend XXXXXX!

Again I have received your letter and I want to tell, that it is more
and more interesting to me to receive the letter from you. It is
interesting to me to communicate with you through our letters each
other. I also did not know, that such can be through E-mail.
XXXXXXI more and more completely want to tell to you as passes my
day and about me. I wake up in the morning, I accept shower, I have
breakfast and I hasten on my work. All the day long on work passes
monotonously and nothing interesting. Almost all is identical. After
work I like to take a walk usually slowly on streets my city. I do not
like to go on the bus up to a house. Only walk. Also sometimes I like
to meet with my friends. It so is wonderful. We discuss news, we share
advice. Friends mean much for me. It is wonderful, when there are
people with which you can to talk about all and on any themes. It is
wonderful, if you have many friends but only if it is valid friends,
instead of simply familiar. You agree with me? You have many real friends
Several days ago we have met you XXXXXXon the Internet and now
after my work I only hasten to see your letter and to write to you
also. Sometimes I also write to you in the morning before my work. I
also hope for understanding and do not worry, if I shall not write to
you 1 or 2 days. Sometimes I should be late on work and I simply have
no time to go in the Internet of cafe. With each your letter XXXXX
my mood rises and I feel inflow of forces to me. I cannot explain it
in words. You have opened something new in me XXXXXX.
Also at leisure XXXXXI like to clean an apartment. My mum not so
young and for her it is already difficult to clean all. If my mum
starts to wash utensils or to vacuum, I simply ask her to lie down on
a sofa and itself I do this work on the house. Also as I woman I do
not like when in the house of a thing are scattered, the utensils is
not washed up also a dust everywhere. I like when in an apartment all
lays on the place, everywhere cleanliness and in general is very cosy.
You agree with me XXXXXX?
Well I shall finish my letter here and I shall wait yours soon the
answer. Know XXXXXX, that it is very interesting and pleasant for me
to receive your letters. I wish all good!!!

Your friend Juliya!

Hello dear XXXXX!

I have again received your letter and it as always is very pleasant
for me. We are in the different countries, but I any more do not know
as, but have got used, that you write to me.
XXXXXI have always got used to speak the truth in relations with
man and I want to tell to you, that you like me. It is pleasant for me
to receive your letter, to read and write the answer. It is pleasant
for me to tell to you about itself and also to learn you more.
XXXXX as I have already understood from your letter we have a
little the general. You and I have not found during our life that
person who is necessary only for us. You like me. In you there is
something, that supplements my day when I read your letter. I do not
know. Probably you now cannot understand me completely and I also do
not know as completely to tell to you about it. I can not express in
Dear XXXXXXmy English is not ideal, but you understand my letters.
I see it. I also know, that relations are impossible without
understanding. You agree with me XXXXX? I also want to tell, that I
do not forgive a deceit. To me man it is not becomes already
interesting, if I learn, that he deceives me. I cannot build my family
with man which begins relations with a deceit. Bases for amicable
family-honesty, trust and understanding. I so think. In general
XXXXXXour meeting on the Internet it very much is not usual for me.
I only cannot understand. As I could meet YOU!? Certainly I am very
glad to this, but I do not understand.
I also think, that for us it would be wonderful to exchange ours
addresses. We could send probably each other something through mail
and it would be very pleasant to receive something from you XXXXXX.
my full name and the address:

My full name: Juliya Vedyakina
My the address: Lenin's Street. The house 43. An apartment 20
City: Kirov
The country: Russia
Zip code: 610000

Only I want to warn you. If you wished to send me a gift or a card
that you could send it only not through usual mail as there very often
there are thefts. You should use service of deliveries DHL. It is
their official site on which you could to see as easily to send me
something and it site DHL As soon as you send me, it will
come in 4-5 days. I hope you all understood and can send through this
system. After you send me a package, you should be informed me
tracking number on which only I can to receive your package so I hope
you could send me that through this system.
Now I want to ask you XXXXX! Answer me! You really want serious
relations with me? I want, but I do not know your opinion. In
relations it is very important to take into account opinion other
person. I do not want to force you if you do not want. Inform to me
about your opinion. Ok? I hope, that you can understand my letter
correctly and will not take offence at me.

With all my respect Juliya!