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Hello, my dear!
Thank you for your answering to me. I hope we'll become a good friends or maybe more then just friends.
Life - is a lottery. If we don't play and take chances, we can never be winners....So, lets try to build
tender and affectionate relations.
But first of all I'd like to tell you a little bit about me and my life.
My name is Olga, as you've already known. I live in Ukraine, in the
city of Primorsk (South of Ukraine).
I'm 29 years old, I was born on the 18 of March in 1978. I'm 170 cm in
high and my weight is 56 kg.
I'm shapely and good complexioned woman with brown eyes (but when
evening is coming up my eyes become a little bit green) color of my eyes can even depend on my mood.
My hair isn't very long, and I'm a blond.
I adore smiles and laugh, I like, when someone can make me laugh, because I'm very bright girl:)
I'm rather open, easy-going, family-oriented, faithful,passionate gentle and seductive woman.
I graduated National Medical University in the city of Zaporojjya, and now I'm working at the hospital as a nurse doctor.
I'm working in the children department. I like my job very much! It can't bring me a good money and fame,
but every day, when I see smiles on children's faces, I forget about all my problems and in these moments
I really can say, that I'm very happy.
In my free time I like to devote attention to my self and visit step-aerobics lessons or go to the gym.
I like music, and listen almost all kinds of it, especially I like pop, R&B and sometimes classical music.
I also like watching different movies (romantic comedies, scares and dramas)and sometimes I enjoy
watching cartoons:) I think, deep inside I have one little pease of a small girl:)
I like to read, especially magazines and different books of famous authors (novels, poems and scientific
literature). Books can develop our mind and viewpoint of life.
I've told you some information about myself.
I look forward to hearing back from you and getting to know you better.
Warm hugs to you!

Hello, sweetheart!
Once again it's night, once again it's time to put my fingers on the keyboard and I really hope, that
my fingers will find their way to build the most beautiful words to the most handsome man in my heart
at this moment...Once again it's just time to feel you close to me, once again it's time for a wonderful
feeling, that cross my mind and make me feel, that I'm the most luckiest person in the world.
Honey, your letters are a sweet nectar to my lips, air to my lungs and a ray of light to my heart.
Every letter, that I write to you - is the another step to you and I hope, that you'll also make these
steps to meet me.
I want to tell you more about my family and my life. I'm one child in the family. My mother and father
are still live together. My parents had a great and exciting love story in their youth. They met, when
they both studied at the same Medical University. In first day of spring they knock together near the
University, "my mother's" books, that she hold in her hand, fall down and "my future father" began help
her to gather them...when their eyes met, it was the Love at first blush! Their hearts flashed
with love, tender and passion. It seems like a fairy-tale, but it's a real story which gifted me a LIFE:)
I was so wondered, when my parents tell me this story. I think it's to beautiful, to be true...but deep
inside I wish such fairy-tale happen with me.
As you've already understood my parents are doctors and I also decided to tread in my parents steps.
We work in different hospitals, but I like to share my experience with mum and dad in the evening, when
I come home. They usually give me a good advise and recommendations.
I adore nature and always, when I have a weekend I try to spend these time out door. I also like to walk
down the street in the evening, when i come back home from work. I've never take a bus, I like to go along
the luminous signboards of shops, stores and other buildings. I like
to inhale smell of the city and its almost empty streets....
I look forward to hearing back from you soon and getting to know you better.
Dear, I like to learn more about you, you could tell me everything you want. And if you want you can ask
me whatever you wish, don't be shy:)Unfortunately I don't have own telephone.
Warm hugs and all tender kisses to you!
Sincere yours, Olga.