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hi Man!!!
can i to welcome you so?
I feel, that our friendship becomes similar to the Brooklyn bridge............:))
it impresses with the durability of a design, the grace, reliability, stability before rustling and accumulating on its piles waves. It impresses with firmness before a strong and powerful wind!
It was interesting and pleasant for me to read about Your to the country, thanks! In the answer I want to tell to you about myself more.
are you ready??:))
I live in small, but to very cosy room and when I come home in a hostel that I feel that is necessary for a full sincere pacification so a little and so much: loved and loving the man...
You understand Frank?
I sit now behind the monitor of a computer and I think: as it would be pleasant if we now were in a place and communicated face to face....
, I would think you laughed at my accent and to us was very comfortable! We could pass on what or to Park of rest, having joined hands.
Excuse I has simply fallen into a reverie.....
Simply recently I always go one.........
Now I speak you that is kept in my soul and is pleasant for me that I have you to tell it.
Well Frank, today at me on work was pleasant incident. Today at me from a working table the calculator casually fell and here during this moment I passed the colleague too accountant and has crushed the calculator a leg, it was very amusing we very for a long time laughed, but after that I had to go to the chief and to ask him the new calculator. The chief has asked me as has taken place that my calculator has broken also I has told him about all that has taken place, he grumbled a little, but then he has given me new!! I to you also have told one of my working days. Eight hour working day and I work for me five days in a week, but I can sometimes work and six days.
Tell to me more about Your to work. YOU like it? Let me to ask to YOU an immodest question, YOU have conviction of offence?
Excuse... I have simply taken a great interest in you and I want to know about you more.
After work I come home and I look after colors at me room flowers grow. I love indoor plants, but I have some of them because at me will not allow to contain a place in my room many colors. The most favourite it - Begoniya Melisa the AZALEA, from decorative grasses very much like me Basalik. My dream - to plant it is a lot of colors and beautiful plants in an internal court yard of a house that it could be enjoyed at any time!!
And You love flowers Frank?
I would like that the life of my close people has been decorated with colors which would bring them pleasure and emotions!
My honey!!
Certainly I have phone!!
I shall give you number of phone.
Let to make to me it a little bit later - during that moment when we learn each other and when I shall see better that we with you are necessary each other as air.
Well my sweet Frank?
My friend on it I want to finish the letter and to wish you, your relatives and friends to good mood!
Your friend Elen.

With greetings and desire I write You this letter Frank!!
How You today?
I'm fine and I wish You the same, I know that you are worthy only the finest from this life. I very much very much would want that at You all was good!!!!
I am grateful to the teachers and tutors for that that they have brought up me very kind girl. Sometimes I go to church, I think that from time to time the person needs to visit church. How you think Frank???
When I went to school at us the subject on which us was learned our religion, to observe Jesus's 10 precepts which each Christian should observe. It was not at all schools of our city, but at our school was such. I love volleyball, the big tennis, I very much like tennis I enjoy it but did not reach the big results and the big victories...
You felt pleasure of a victory??
When I have acted in college and I was engaged in institute swimming and even now I sometimes visit swimming-pool. More recently I went in swimming-pool and enjoyed when dive in warm, pleasant water gently enveloping a body; when saw calming sparks of water from movement of my hands and legs. It was pleasant for me to feel easy weariness in muscles of hands, hips, buttocks... After swimming-pool I take a shower where the pleasant rustle, water running on my body, calms me. So I sometimes spend a free time.
YOU love what kinds of sports, whether train what or from them?
To what music like to listen?
To me like: Nina Seimon, John Kolltrein, George Michael " Parision walkway " and Sting. I as love classical music: Beethoven, Bach and, especially, Vivaldi when I am thoughtful, and fast dancing music when at me good mood. Sometimes I would like to dance, but it happens seldom now.
I would like to carry out a free time together with mine the man, to divide all pleasures and difficulties of our life. I am confident, that I can become a good female support for the close person. I shall give him all tenderness and charm.
Frank, that you now read all on these lines - now I frankly express all ideas I open soul to you...
I believe and is convinced that if a meeting deeply feeling me the man, able to see in me softness feminity reliability and as to hear my words of gratitude I shall become very much very happy person!!!
I understand, that to correspond with the man which can change all my life, for me are necessary: will; patience and presence a free time not less than 40 minutes daily, I should distract from vanity, I should understand that mine the man somewhere beside then the man will feel mine that I wait him and I believe in him occurrence.
I began to think about You and to represent you to myself a little, I have about you very good opinion and representation...
Well my close friend to me is time to go home. I want to go in shop and to buy products, to prepare myself for a supper, certainly I would like to treat you with a supper.
What do you like to eat? I am able to prepare different dishes much...
+ 79034507458.
It's my phone number
sweety, you can call me in the near future and sometimes in the future.
Be not surprised if I sometimes shall not answer you. I am at home from 7 p.m. till 9 p.m. by Russian time. At 9 p.m. I lie down to sleep.
It will be pleasant for me to hear your voice! How it sounds!
Sensual..................? Mmmmmm!
So, my kitten, today try to call me.

Pleasant day Frank!!!
With impatience I wait the answer from You.

do you now that each your letter to me to become very warmly, pleasantly...?
It was interesting to me to hear about YOUR life, thanks. And it will be even more interesting if you tell more about you. I also would like to share now already with You that occurs in my life.
I had close friends in college and in the childhood, all of them have grown and have parted in different regions of the country!
So it happens.......
And now I have only one friend, her name's Rita. she's very good and kind the woman and I like and I respect her.
I want to tell to YOU Frank a little about my country. In Russia snow winters and temperature of air can achieve up to - 35 C on Celsius (it approximately - 95 F afaik), brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Here we can go for a drive on sledge and a ski, but I prefer a snowboard more.
When in a life I tried first time to use a snowboard I was dispersed from the big hill which skilled skiers and snowboarders as it seemed to me use that I go down with speed of 500 miles at one o'clock. LOL! But the most interesting trapped me at the end of descent when having turned to the right I have departed headfirst (as true swimer)....
But nevertheless not looking on it I have received weight of fine impressions and fine mood!! We have summer which pleases people with solar beams and alive vegetation. Here we have no ocean, but in the south of Russia there is Black sea and Caspian sea where people go to have a rest in the summer.
Russia - the big country with huge natural resources. Russia - the rich country, but small group of people supervise and use all riches. The standard of living of the population - low as the government does not care of the citizens, it only steals the general riches of the country in the property. But I like people which live in my country, I love our culture.
Frank tell to me more about Your to the country about people.
I heard that the government cares of the citizens. It is very interesting to me.
Today in the morning when I approached to office of my work I as always have met the seller of newspapers Alla at a corner of street where she has a newspaper tray.
We are familiar long time, I frequently buy newspapers at Alla for my boss. We gradually became good friends.
I have stopped and have told:
- hi! how are you?
she has answered that yesterday has met which man for a long time searched...
I was delighted for her and have wished good luck her! I have felt pleasure inside me for Alla.
After work I have gone to a department of statistics where I sit right now and I write to you the letter. I have no my own computer and the chief of this department the Internet after work allows me to use during 1 hour.
To me interestingly what is the time you were in searches on the Internet.
My honey!!
Certainly I have phone!!
I shall give you number of phone.
Let to make to me it a little bit later - during that moment when we learn each other and when I shall see better that we with you are necessary each other as air.
Well my sweet Frank?
On it I finish the letter. It is very pleasant for me that at me you have appeared my friend Frank!
I shall wait from you the answer...

Yours Elen.
P.S. Who has told, what the happiness is is inaccessible to us?.... Who has told, what is necessary to wait for something?... In fact our destiny... Though who that has given us it... But we have received and we have it:) And.... it is in our hands.... And even this minute there is a person who waits for you! Remember it Frank!:-)

Hi my friend Frank!!
how are you doing?
It becomes very interesting to me to correspond with You!
Frank I want to tell to you in this letter about my life. I do not know as you will present my life, but it was not absolutely usual in early years.
I was born in June, 19, 1979. To me have told that I was born in city Rostov-on-Don where I live till now. I remember well myself from 5 years of the life. I have grown in children's home, and I very much much am obliged to much to my tutors as I have no Parents and close people. In Administration of children's home managers assert that my parents were not from this city and they have simply lost me in crowd of people.......................
I do not believe in it certainly and searched for my parents till now but to find out this very important question I and could not till now.
I hope that I not so have frightened YOU of the childhood??:))

I well went to school and when to me 16 years the manager of the House of orphans were not rare praised me and spoke that will help me arrive in good university and I dreamed of it! And the representative of one firm - the sponsor has arrived to ours children's home and has arranged competition for selection of the future employee of firm, and I have won this competition!!! The firm rendered the sponsor's help for my receipt in college. I was very happy!!!!!
Frank you represent pleasure of that girl??
And in one year in the 17 years I arrived in college on faculty Accounting and Audit. There I studied English much. I am able to write and read in English.
Now I by a trade accountant. and seem to me that it a little boringly... Brrrrrrr:))
Last time I work in other firm " Agrosistema ". This firm is engaged in development of technology of automation of workplaces and productions in an agriculture and the industry. This firm also has helped me to be arranged to live in a hostel where I live now.
My Growth is equal to 170 centimeters (5.7), my weight of 58 kg (130). A breast of 92 sm (36 inch), the Waist of 67 sm (26 inch), Hips 101 (40 inch). Color of eyes green with a brown shade, hair brightly brown. Recently I have finished rates on the Driving licence and now I can operate car, but I have no it... (the woman behind a rudder in car similarly to the monkey with grenade) LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL!
YOU like cars?
I know that many men like cars more than the woman...
I love my city. In Rostov-on-Don 1 million inhabitants lives approximately. My city though and not the most beautiful, but nevertheless is beautiful places here. At us is beautiful city "Gorkiy" park with its variety of flora, the river "Don" where we frequently are in the summer and we receive sunburn. When I was the student of college we frequently left to the river with tent. Fishing, a shish kebab on a fire, songs under a guitar - unless it is not fine? YOU like to spend time further from city alone with the nature?
At leisure I do the pedestrian walks, I like to go by a bicycle, I like the wild nature, I love pets, my weakness are horses! I love many pets of cats of dogs, but I have no them.
Tell more about You and Your to family. What at you relations? You use alcohol?
My honey!!
Certainly I have phone!!
I shall give you number of phone.
Let to make to me it a little bit later - during that moment when we learn each other and when I shall see better that we with you are necessary each other as air.
Well my sweet Frank?
Well my friend to me is time to leave from the Internet of cafe to me tomorrow necessary on to come earlier for work.
With impatience I wait the answer from You Frank.

Your friend Elen..
P.S. Send me photo.