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NickHello the man, not familiar for me!
> I understand, that you are very much surprised to see my letter now.
> But I ask, that you spent 10 minutes of time and read it. There is a
> probability that your and my life can change. First I wish to be
> presented to you. My name is Juliya and I ask to name me so. To me of
> 29 years, I live in Russia in the city of Kirov. I am single and never
> married. I am finished school also have gone to study in school of
> beauty. . My life goes smoothly and in regular intervals, but unique
> lack during my life at me is not present the man which could make me
> happy. For all my life I could not meet the man which is necessary for
> me, but very much I want.
> Once in the evening I watched TV and there spoke, that in Russia
> 15000000 women who live without the man and that birth rate of women
> in Russia in 1,5 times more, than men. It is sad, but it is the fact.
> Also on the TV have told, that now many women use "Marriage agencies"
> which help to find suitable the man in any point our globe. I have
> found such agency here in my city and have addressed to them for this
> help. They have told to me, that their help paid and costs 1500
> roubles. First I thought, that it is expensive for me, but then I have
> decided to not be greedy and have decided, that money not the most
> important for me during this life. During this life I want happiness,
> I want love, I want relations and happy family. Money cannot give to
> me of it and I have paid to them.
> They have suggested me to get acquainted with the man from other
> country. For me it was the big surprise and it is a little terrible,
> but nevertheless I have not refused. I have thought. Why to not try to
> get acquainted with the man from other country if I could not find my
> special man here in Russia. Probably my destiny. To be with the man
> from other country? I do not know.
> They to me gave yours e-mail the address also have told, that you also
> search the woman for your life. I have taken all data and have gone to
> the Internet of cafe as I can not use a computer well. I have asked
> the manager the Internet of cafe to create to me a letter box. I write
> now this letter to you and I hope, that you will answer me. Also here
> in my letter you should receive 2 my photos and at once can see my
> appearance. I think, that it is much more pleasant to receive the
> letter from the person and at once to see, how this person looks.
> Certainly appearance not the most important in the person as the
> private world of the person is much more interesting and it is most
> important, nevertheless my photos. Now you have learned a little about
> me and also can see, how I look also I ask to think. We can try to
> create serious relations or probably simply to be friends. If is not
> present, simply tell to me about it and I shall understand. And still
> I wished to speak to you. Very big request Also would like if you
> nevertheless are interested in me that write to me about yours e-mail
> where we with you could speak and a little good photos you have gone
> to me. Here like and all that I wished to speak with you and now I
> only needed to wait from you for the answer and I hope that you will
> write that to me if I was not pleasant to you or serious relations are
> not necessary to you let to me know.
> The lonely woman from Russia Juliya!
> P.S. e-mail whence I will speak mine with you!

Subject: I will wait That that you to answer washing on the letter and us, to become good friends!

> Hi my new friend Nick.
> I to receive yours electronic a box in agency of acquaintances. My
> friend at me to break my electronic box and I to make the new! It is
> my first experience of acquaintance through the Internet. Therefore I
> now typing this text, worry a little. I wish to tell more in detail
> about myself. My name is Juliya Pereskokova. I very much want will get
> acquainted. I liked your The first letter. It was very interesting to
> me to read your The first letter, and you became curious what person.
> I would like to find the person who would like to spend with me a life
> and with whom I would like to spend the life till the end of the days.
> I live in Russia, in city Kirov I like our city. It very big,
> beautiful. Especially here in well spring when all blossoms. The
> nature anew is born also I feel, that the new life begins. Therefore I
> wish to correspond with you. To me of 29 years. My day a birth 1979,
> 18th August. My sign on the zodiac - a Aquarius. I very much love
> romanticism, little bit sentimental, modest girl. At heart I very
> strong person, as though me did not beat a life on a shoulder, I
> always try to be strong. Many my friends envy me, but sometimes there
> come days when I so would like to love and be favourite. I never was
> married, I have no children. I do not smoke and I do not drink
> alcohol. I have higher education. I studied at university. I to work
> as the assistant to the Main doctor. Mine Trade the younger doctor.
> I like my work, I learn every day that that new, I communicate with
> people, there are new acquaintances. But nevertheless I would like to
> work on a speciality to which it has been trained at university. I
> cannot find work on a speciality because without the experience of the
> doctor anywhere do not take. And how it to receive? I do not know.
> Here if there were houses the computer that would be final easier, but
> it is not present. Therefore I visit the cafe Internet-. I hope to you
> I will like. Well all I stop to write the letter. I put an end, whole
> in both cheeks. I with impatience will look forward to hearing from
> you. Your friend from Russia Juliya Pereskokova.
> P.S: my new box:

Subject: I hope, that you write to me again! Yours faithfully Juliya!

> Hi my friend Nick!
> Was very glad to see your letter. It was very pleasant to receive
> again the letter from you. I hope, that you do not object to my
> questions which I now I shall set. Because that we continued between
> us the correspondence very important as far as the person can listen
> to you and turn to you attention. And so my first question, what I
> would like to know than you are engaged in general? Your work? Than
> particularly you are engaged? Your hobbies? What would you like to
> make in a life? Why I ask on such with a kind simple questions
> attention. Because when you will start answer them I can to understand
> about you vital representation as you behave and in the life.
> I wanted you to inform, that I use services of the translator. And
> please I very much ask to be patient to me because when you ask any
> question and I do not answer on it I ask you that you to me about it
> have asked more particularly.
> Tell to me about the work? Than you are engaged? How many you receive
> money from your work? In how many you rise for the work? How far to be
> your work from your house?
> Now I shall tell to you a little about the work. At once I shall tell,
> that it very much the tough job and demands the big attention in
> relation to other people. I work as the doctor. And main my duty is
> service of the personnel that my patients were under correct
> supervision of their attending physicians. My fellow workers also are
> considered with me and with my correct decisions when to me my work is
> necessary to do. It happens, that from my patients I should accept
> flowers as that their treatment has passed fruitfully and very
> successfully when they did not hope at all for such result. I watch
> that all was carried out in conformity with rules of the schedule from
> A up to Z. You understand Nick, that I on the work should be firm
> with the patients and the personnel but when you are houses simply
> would like tenderness of love and caress from loved the man.
> Frequently when I am I am free on the days off like to read fiction.
> At me not so big library of a house and I frequently take books from
> city library to fill the life the fine moments. I do not like to waste
> time simply and never I do any acts before I shall not think of it
> well. Very important value which I adhere " Be dear and respect
> opinions of others let even they do not deserve it ". Now you
> understand Nick why I have decided to write only to you? I respect
> opinion of other person and I think, that the criticism is a good
> thing which sets the person thinking that you do, and whether
> correctly you do it. I allow to you small representation about that
> what I there is actually that have a little understood, that I for the
> person. I hope, that you write to me and will tell to me more about
> myself directly. Thanks for your attention. On it I shall stop, and I
> shall write to you later. Yours faithfully in all sincerity,Juliya Pereskokova!

Subject: Your new friend Juliya will wait from you for letters!

> Hi
> How are you doing Nick? I hope, what at you all is good?
> I again and again receive your letter and I am joyful, that I can
> write to the person who is somewhere very far.Now at us the autumn
> comes. Not so to like me this season as in the street it is a lot of
> dirt and often there are rains.
> I shall tell to you about myself.
> My period of the childhood was very severe, but not rigid as my
> parents gave me a lot of attention. I was the only child in family and
> consequently to not have brothers and sisters. My education was not
> absolutely modern at that time, but my parents of me never beat and
> tried to give in all to me understanding of world around. My mother
> Belief until recently worked in a kindergarten where she worked as the
> cook and prepared for a meal for children. She was considered as the
> good expert of the class and was very much appreciated. Now my mother
> Belief works in security agency, until recently. And as work of the
> woman in Russia is not appreciated (at all female work here is not
> appreciated) pay very little. My father Alexander has died when to me
> there were 8 years. Has died on work when pulled out from fire the
> little girl, my father worked as the fireman. He has rescued this the
> girl from fire, but unfortunately itself could not escape. It was very
> hard to recollect it. When similar things occur to your close people
> it remains for all life. Probably therefore I have decided to go on
> such trade as the doctor to help people.
> You now know some details of my life and I want to tell to you about
> myself in more detail and than I like to be engaged. I very much like
> dialogue with people and consequently from everyone with you letters I
> try to take something good for myself. Understanding of the person
> very important for me. I like to dance and on a regular basis I see
> off gymnastics to watch for the figure. I do not like to use also a
> lot of cosmetics, I think, that the natural beauty is much better than
> use of any cosmetics. Sometimes with friends and fellow workers I can
> afford rest and we go in a wood and there we do shish kebabs or we
> collect mushrooms and berries. I certainly can dare to go in such days
> of rest on a disco, but I do not like music. I give in music the
> preference to such great musicians as Bethoven. I very much like its
> composition " the Lunar sonata " if you did not hear necessarily
> listen to it Nick. I in general like classical and tool music.
> This music gains, except for that is pleasant on hearing. In the
> childhood I even tried to write verses and at me rather not badly it
> turned out. Probably I shall send you some my products if it to you
> will be valid interestingly. I already spoke, that I do not like to
> waste time simply and therefore I occupy time from a decline and till
> a dawn. I very much like to prepare for such dish (you probably heard
> about it) as Russian pel'menis. This very tasty dish. I also can cook
> to you and the Ukrainian borshch, but some products that I was able to
> do it in domestic conditions are necessary for all these dishes. It is
> really very tasty when you prepare. My mother speaks, that I would be
> left by the quite good cook and I could earn good money somewhere at
> restaurant. But I have chosen for myself absolutely other trade. You
> know, we do not presume to buy phone or a computer and consequently I
> write to you from the Internet of cafe which it is a lot of at us in
> city. I also shall give my address on which I live with my mother.
> You can see it:
> My full name Juliya Pereskokova.
> street: Calinina 10
> Apartment 85
> city Kirov
> postal index 610048
> Country Russia
> Probably at me the address as my mother wants to change an apartment
> on cheaper for payment will exchange, but I in any case shall inform
> to you about it.
> You know Nick? I could call to you if knew your phone number. I
> shall try to receive the salary next week to try to talk to you. If I
> receive the salary I shall by all means inform to you about it and we
> can agree when to me to call to you. But I am usual can call only in
> the evening on time. On it I shall finish the letter and I shall wait
> tomorrow for your letter. Take care Nick!
> Your friend Juliya Pereskokova!
> "

Subject: Greetings as your business??

> Hi the my dear friend Nick!
> Me your amusing photo which you was pleasant to me has sent, and I am
> very grateful to you for this, sincere thanks.
> And again I receive from you the letter. And you know, I am glad to
> this letter from you Nick. Dialogue with you is interesting to me,
> I think, that it is very interesting to communicate with you.
> My day today has passed not absolutely well as it would be desirable,
> I had on work to see a unpleasant case. It happens in many countries
> and cities of our world, but I can tell it to you. Very pleasant nurse
> works for us at which houses of a problem with the husband. Their
> relations have developed after a marriage not so well and after she
> had to give birth to the child, their relations only were complicated
> also distances an appreciable crack in their relations. This the nurse
> call Natasha, and husband Vasily. This Vasily anywhere does not work
> also our dear employee Natasha very much suffers because of it. And
> today when Vasily has come on work in a state of intoxication, started
> to demand money that, he could calm the thirst one more bottle of an
> alcoholic drink. But our Natasha on all egos of the requirement to
> give him of money has refused. And this the man I do not have words
> such as I could name him Was threw on the wife and started to beat
> our kind and good Natasha. We the female collective of hospital had
> late time, therefore Natasha has received some serious traumas from
> the husband. And when there has arrived police to take away Vasily his
> wife Natasha has run out and has risen before a policeman that they
> could not take away his husband. I recollect it with a pain. I very
> much understand Natasha, she loved the husband and could do nothing
> with it. While her husband used her. I against such relations. I
> think, that it is very bad when the husband in a similar way uses the
> wife for the similar purposes. Natasha for its love is very a pity to
> me. She sincerely likes and does not notice bad things which her
> husband does. You understand Nick, that I only want to have the
> man which would give me only the love. I have more than anything from
> it it is not necessary. I would protect it so, that any trouble has
> not happened to him. Therefore I am not interested to have the man in
> Russia. I cannot rely on such the man and if I to not have any trust
> to the husband as I can trust such to the man? I would not want to
> love such the man. And consequently when I had long acquaintance to
> the guy. We met him 1,5 years, he started to use my trust in the bad
> purposes and I had to leave this person. My disappointment in the
> Russian men is very great, and consequently I have decided to get
> acquainted with you. I think, that it is good, that I have got
> acquainted with you Nick.I have received your address in agency of acquaintances.
> I know, that is possible sometime you ask me about arrival in your
> country. And you already know, that I cannot with afford it to arrive
> to you. I also know about many a case when women from Russia deceive
> men from other countries and consequently I shall never ask your
> money. That there were no questions on mistrust. I saw people which
> life is very rich, but they are not so happy and now I understand,
> that I the girl who earns to itself of money and let it a little, but
> I to know, that I can be pleased lives, help for a life the to mother.
> I understand necessity of money, but it not the main thing for me.
> There are vital values for me which at the cost much more surpass
> money. And I shall be glad to know, that you also concern to the that
> person who appreciates not money, namely feelings. I ask to forgive me
> if I something have offended in the letter, I sincerely did not want
> it to do. But on it I shall finish the letter to you Nick. Thanks
> that you have read this letter. You for me are more than the friend.
> Always yours faithfully for you Juliya Pereskokova!

Subject: I wait for your letter Nick, with hope!

> Hi my dear Nick!
> I again receive your letter and I very much like to receive your
> letters Nick. I do not have photo of mine mum on a computer and I do
> not have personal photo the chamber. You in 1000 miles from me and me
> it seems little bit strange when you somewhere there it is far, but
> nevertheless you continue to write to me letters Nick! I admit to you,
> that I sympathize you, and it is possible even more. You write to me
> already any time and I and at you never arose sensations? When you
> write or talk to the person, and at you feeling, that you know this
> person all life. As though you are already familiar with him, and that
> your life is somehow connected to you Nick. I for the sake of you have
> removed the structure on the Internet I correspond only with you you
> to me is very necessary and on it{this} I do not wish you to lose, I
> am true to you! I cannot explain it, but it is possible, what you can
> explain to me Nick? When you read your letters which you have written,
> I sometimes read several times really to understand, that you to me
> write. I sometimes have problems with reading your letter, as I use
> the program of the translator to understand your letters. But I try to
> understand completely that you have written to me. For very important
> your understanding Nick. Without understanding it is impossible any
> relations, you agree with me Nick? I think attitudes between the man
> and the woman should be equal in rights (50/50). I cannot simply
> allow, that the man treated me with contempt or smaller interest, you
> understand it Nick? I think that if choose to myself the woman whom
> you have decided to devote to yourself a life (not for entertainments)
> it is necessary not only to respect her, but also to like and properly
> concerns to her. And I know experience of mine girlfriend Natasha
> never I shall allow so to address with myself, you should understand
> it Nick. That if you have really decided to choose serious relations
> it should be not violence, over one person, and a mutual consent of
> two people which have decided to give the obligation that they will
> observe any conditions between the friend the friend, such as:
> respect, trust, love, sincerity. I could transfer this list for a long
> time, but it not so is important. It seems to me, that you in any
> sense trust me, and believe me, that it is not casual. Probably our
> meeting is destiny, but I do not know it. In the world so the person
> is a lot of things about which or does not know or simply does not
> understand it. And I now have question, you really want serious
> relations with me? It is very important for me to know as far as you
> sincere now, in the words with me. Because the further dialogue with
> me perhaps is not pleasant to you also you decide to write to me, that
> you do not want to see my letters. I now very much worry, and I very
> much would like to know your opinion concerning my letter that I could
> understand for myself so many things concerning me and you Nick. I
> wanted to send a photo of my city so you can see that place where I
> live and as I wanted to ask only you that you could send me a photo of
> your city and tell a little that place where do you live as I wanted
> to see only your house and your place of work and what you do and
> where go well I very much I hope that you to me tell all this? I now
> shall tell to you a small history from my childhood. In the childhood
> I tried to study the world, but have in most cases understood, that it
> is simply impossible. The life casual also is unpredictable. And in it
> meaning of the life. To be unpredictable. If you knew, what will be
> tomorrow, it would become boring to you to live, already today, unless
> not so Nick? And consequently looking at your letters at me the
> sensation is created, that you probably that person with whom I could
> be not only is happy, but also to give you a new life as well as I to
> you. But I do not know your letter beforehand and consequently I
> think, that for me it will be now important to know your opinion and
> consequently I wait from you for letters with hope, that you
> understand everything, that I write. If I have written to you that
> that not so do not judge me I very badly I use a computer and the more
> so the Internet!
> With all sincerity from the heart to yours Nick. Juliya Pereskokova.

Subject: Hello my dear Nick!!!

> Hi my dear Nick!
> I was very glad to receive your letter. I'm fine with health and mine
> I spoke mum about you. What you the person also that you to me write.
> I do not think, that I have acted badly, I wanted to express this act
> of feeling to you and as I concern to you. I wrote the last letter to
> you, that that person who really counts relations normal is really
> necessary for me. Such as 50/50. Because when there comes love I know,
> that this great feeling, and I also know, what not all people can love
> each other, understand, feel any sympathy for someone. I think, that
> love it something such, that heart forces to tremble, to excite your
> blood when you see the favourite person. When you start to worry and
> know from whom this excitement proceeds. I do not love such words as
> I love you . For me it is simple words. My purpose to search and find
> such person which words let also are not told by him in the person,
> and are written in the usual letter, it is sent by simple e-mail,
> really give such energy, that it is transferred and in the letter. I
> loved the person, but I loved him is not realized, as though in dream,
> instead of in reality. And when my dream has left from me, at me
> feelings to this person were gone also. You know, what I can love and
> you Nick? But the love is a long part of mutual relations between
> the man and the woman. And also as time treats, as well the love
> demands to itself the special approach. This feeling, instead of a
> thing. And to this it is necessary concerns with extra care. If you
> have lost such person Nick which you loved, and liked very
> strongly. I regret to you Nick and I express you the gratitude,
> that you really felt, that such love. I want to tell to you my history
> from my childhood. I was familiar with several families which were
> friends among themselves and lived in one house. At that time we were
> children and were friends together. Among us was many boys and girls
> and everyone differed in good or the bad side. Then, when these
> children have grown steel adults, all of us have together understood,
> that the world is not limited only to one dream which at us was in the
> childhood. Us such problems as cost of training in the supreme
> institutions began to worry how to find for themselves suitable and
> highly paid work. How to create family and to do for the life and a
> life of children all necessary. At once to you I shall tell, that
> someone has gone on a bad (bad) way. And subsequently we any more did
> not know about it anything. But I have such girlfriend as Elena and
> Natasha of which we are friends almost from the cradle. And even now
> we sometimes at leisure from work spend together time. I very much
> would like to notice, that you Nick, have understood all values of
> my words which I have written to you. Understand Nick, that now
> you for me very important person and I trust you. I never thought of
> making to the person bad. And I did not know, that such happiness (it
> is possible in my dreams). But I do not know as you to tell Nick,
> that you of very wide soul and the good person. And I shall be never
> capable you to offend even in ideas Nick. I wish you all best on
> light Nick. And it seems to me, that I test something to you. But
> let we shall name it not love, and very deep sympathy, it is good
> Nick? I wait for your letter with impatience and I hope for your
> sincerity Nick!
> Juliya Pereskokova which tests to you deep sympathy waits from you for letters Nick!
> With impatience.

Subject: Hello Dear Nick

> Hi my dear Nick!
> How with you, all is good? How do you feel today? I shall hope, that
> is good, because I very much like to receive your letters Nick.
> And I know, that you that person Nick which really knows me and
> likes to receive my letters.
> I want to send you a small verse which I only composed and now I want
> to send you it I have written down this verse in the Internet of cafe
> where I write to you letters I was very glad to write down it on a
> microphone so now I have decided that you can hear my voice I hope
> that you only like my voice and my verse tell as my pronunciation the
> English language I hope well and in general tell to me as to you my
> verse.
> Love a strange thing Nick. You so do not think. I do not know such
> person who would not want to love and be loved also. I believe in
> love, I believe, that such feeling as love is capable to destroy
> mountains, to break dams, to dry up the rivers. In any sense this very
> dangerous feeling because because of love, and very much frequently
> because of blind love the person loses the most important, essence. I
> am sorry. You very much like me Nick, and I deeply sympathize you,
> but my love needs time and for you while this time has not come. And
> consequently I ask you a pardon if I something have offended you
> Nick. I ask to understand me, because for me love this deep
> feeling. It is not simple words and consequently to love the person
> time is required. Time does us by adults, our acts intelligent.
> Together with time we grow old, but in the same also time and heals
> our wounds, including soul of a wound. I hate those people on the
> Internet which ask money. They have killed love of many people. Also
> have sold this love for money. I never shall ask you money. It will be
> sometime possible to exceed my wages our family charge (now I earn
> about 150-200 dollars) and I shall try you to visit and to not demand
> any your help, but I really do not know when it will take place. I do
> not want to speak about money more. Now the world is broken because of
> money and together with it really sincere and high feelings vanish.
> In due time when to me there were 16 years. It is awkward age at
> practically all children. To me the interesting case was recollected.
> I considered, that I shall forget this moment of the life, but I have
> now recollected it Nick! Showed on the TV such program in which
> the question was young pair. The husband the American, and his wife
> the Russian girl from Russia was. They have met on the Internet as
> well as we you Nick, and have soon got married. I can not
> recollect a name of this American, but on mine John, and his wife
> called Ekaterina. Ekaterina it was not familiar with laws of this
> country and John forbade to her to talk to somebody. Then John has
> moved her in other room. Girls of this country are independent and
> when the husband starts to beat the wife. The wife goes in police and
> the statement on divorce has the right to submit. John also has been
> married up to Ekaterina, but this fact has held back. And when John
> started to beat wife Ekaterina she did not know, that to her to do and
> suffered. I have drawn such conclusion, that the Russian girls are
> much more patient than girls from other countries. Ekaterina did not
> know what to do with this husband. And did not know where she can
> address. Appeared, that John suffered manic prosecution of change the
> wife and for it beat her. He completely isolated her from a society.
> The only thing that this girl wrote down everything could do that did
> John in relation Ekaterina. At divorce with first girl John has lost
> the property, and Ekaterina also has decided to submit on divorce. And
> then John has decided to go on murder. He has dug a corpse near to a
> garbage warehouse. But when began investigation the police has found
> notebook Ekaterina and have understood the reason of murder Ekaterina.
> At the end of this film John has incurred punishment as imprisonment
> for 29 years. And as with him the accomplice who helped him to the
> accomplice distances of 26 years of a prison mode was. But this
> accomplice has made a unique correct thing in this film. He has told
> about all on interrogation the truth. It is very deep film about
> feelings and in this film showed as well as the happy moments of a
> life of this pair, and bad. I shall finish the letter Nick, and I
> want to tell about much. When the girl of other country gets in other
> country. With culture unfamiliar to her, habits, people. She very for
> a long time comes to the senses. And it is required to her
> аклиматизация by this environment new to her. It is very deep step for
> the girl to leave the country for residing at other country. Here
> again also much depends from the man, which not looking that she
> Russian is obliged as future husband to help her in all. To train the
> culture and language. I speak you thanks Nick, that you have read
> this letter and have considered my letter with understanding. I shall
> wait for your letter. Your sincere Juliya waits for your letter
> Nick.

Subject: I miss on you Nick!

> Hi my dear my Nick!
> How are you doing, work and family. Whether all at you in the order
> Nick. Wanted to know, and to trust, that with you everything is
> all right. At us the Spring, but still weather good began.
> I very much wanted to ask you what you feel to me? For me your answer
> Nick though I for the present cannot tell to you why is very
> important. I would like to tell to you Nick as passes my working
> day. I shall tell about Monday. And so. I rise at 6.30, then I wash I
> bring the appearance to the order, on it leaves not so a lot of time
> as I do not use cosmetics. Then at 6.45 at me gymnastic till
> 7.107.10-7.20 souls and 7.25 easy breakfast. It in the basic coffee
> and sandwiches. My work begins at 8.00 and proceeds till 17.00. Now
> you see, that I very much try to find for you time though my work
> takes away from me so a lot of time. My dinner with 12.30-13.30. Also
> it happens, what exactly at this time I write to you Nick. After a
> dinner more often at us in hospital a rest-hour at patients till
> 16.00, then visiting of patients by their parents or friends. I spoke
> you, that now me have raised also I is appointed to the post of the
> doctor of the therapist. It is very difficult specialization and
> demands the big attention and takes away many forces from me. As it is
> necessary to leave directly on a place where there was an accident or
> home to the patient and it is necessary to find out on a place what
> exactly has taken place at the patient and in what there can be a
> reason. At us not so many good doctors and more often at us simply
> shortage of doctors. Therefore be not surprised if any time do not see
> in the box of the letter. I hope, that you have understood what at me
> difficult work and as much this work takes away from me time and
> forces. But I want to inform you, that at me soon and consequently I
> with you shall carry out holiday of more time.
> With this letter I wanted to send you my photo little bit hot and I
> hope that it only will be at you and nobody will see it promise me I
> ask you. It is my honour as my trust to you of 100 that is a photo
> you should see only and I ask you to make it for me my most dear
> person. Well it is a photo for you and only for you.
> Why I have asked you, about feelings between me and you Nick
> because I do not know as it to explain to you Nick, but I test the
> certain dependence that you to me are not indifferent also I very much
> I like to receive your letters. I really not only am pleasant like
> with you I very much wanted to talk to you in the person Nick. (it
> becomes sometime possible for me it is a reality). But we with you
> already know each other. I shall not tell to you, that I " love you
> Nick ", but I test to you very good feelings and I do not know as
> it to explain to you Nick. This such warm and as though native
> feeling of that As if we we with you already talked before and were already
> familiar. Both somehow we have again met and now for me this very big
> and beautiful feeling. You have told to me about yourself and I hope,
> that I also told to you about myself Nick much. But now business
> not in it. And I only wanted to know your opinion Nick about all
> it. I wait from you for the letter Nick. Because now the person
> whom call Juliya very much waits for your letters and hopes only on
> good in relations.

Subject: I love you Nick

> Hi my dear Nick!
> I again and again receive your letter Nick. And your letters
> charge me special energy. I feel deep attachment to you and your
> letters.
> Still any time back, I could not and think, that you Nick
> will begin for me so is important. And I really hope, that I for you
> also am very important. I very much like to communicate with you, and
> each your letter has filled me with harmony by a life. If still one
> month ago I did not feel similar paints of a life now when I so am
> familiar with you Nick, I am glad and enjoy a life. I never
> thought, that similar love, yes Nick, the love can be even under
> letters. I did not trust in it, but now when I made the analysis of
> the acts, the actions. I have understood Nick, that I " LOVE YOU
> Nick ". I do not know, how it is possible to explain it, but now I
> want to hear nothing any explanations. I want to receive your letters,
> I shall call to you, I only want to enjoy our time of happiness which
> is only at us with you Nick. And I know, that you Nick, also
> think and know, that it is love. It is very important for me, I
> already spoke, to like and be loved, but you Nick you force me to
> love you. And I cannot go against it, I cannot go against the feelings
> and consequently I go on a meeting to the feelings, on a meeting to
> you Nick.
> When in the last letters we spoke about each other, it was only any
> acquaintance and I tried to understand you as the person Nick. But
> now I understand, that I searched for you. And it is not important for
> me how old are you, and to me not important with whom you were before,
> and it is not important, whether you have children, I love you such
> what you is Nick, and from you more it is necessary nothing to me
> except for your love. I really appreciate our relations and is very
> cautious to not damage any your feelings Nick. I hope, that you
> understand completely and all sense of this letter, because for me
> Nick this very important letter. And I hope, that you understand
> it completely. Because in this letter I have enclosed the soul, love
> and trust that you have understood my fair and feelings are open and
> now I only want to tell to you, that which I to you test all those
> feelings to belong only to you Nick. It as music which flow whence
> from space and I cannot explain to you it Nick, but I know one
> precisely, that I love you Nick. You have enabled me to love and I
> thank you for it. Not all people in the world can love, but I know,
> that you also test to me the same great feeling Nick. Thanks for
> your attention Nick which you have given for me, for me is very
> important, that you read this letter and have understood all its
> sense. I shall say goodbye to you up to tomorrow Nick my love to
> write to you again. I wait for your letter tomorrow Nick. With
> love from your girl Juliya Pereskokova!

Subject: Know, that for me you the best and dear person in this world Nick!

> Hi my lovely Nick!
> The large thank for such perfect photo. It very much was pleasant to
> me. I shall leave it in the photoalbum. How you my love Nick? Whether
> you Ekaterina is interested all at you well? I hope, that your health
> is good also you disturbs nothing. My life passes from my work seeing
> your letter Nick. I shall try to write to you Nick every day to know,
> that at you all is good also I appreciate you Nick for your care and
> love to me. You know, that I really seriously and very seriously
> concern to you. I know, many examples of that the Russian girls and it
> is possible at all girls deceive other people taking from them money.
> I do not know, I shall never ask you money Nick. It seems to me for
> ours with you of relations Nick so it will be better. Nick why our
> love till now did not meet you earlier. Tell to me Nick, probably we
> would avoid so many mistakes in ours with you lives Nick. My mother
> speaks me, that probably I would find that person with which I could
> find the happiness. It is possible, that you are not glad to this
> Nick, but I would like, that you knew it Nick. You know Nick my good
> girlfriend have given me address one sites that I
> could look really at the opportunities trying to visit you Nick. It
> seems to me, that it will occupy long time for me Nick, therefore I
> shall try to visit you and to start to save money for my arrival to
> you. In due course we can know very well each other and then when I at
> last can save up money we already shall know that we can to expect
> from each other. And then I shall arrive to you Nick.I not to be able
> to drive car. Remember my words Nick, I never shall ask you money. I
> shall wait, so much how many you to me will tell. I am very happy,
> that I have found you here on the Internet and I shall be always
> grateful to destiny, that we have met you. I shall wait Nick, so much
> how many it is necessary. My love to you is boundless. You the good
> person Nick and for it I appreciate this high quality as the person.
> At my age I think it only love because when I see your letters and
> your outlooks on life Nick your adult approach by a life and problems
> of a life I understand, that such person as you are capable to give
> such girl as I love. It would be necessary nothing for me from the
> person which loved me. All my care has transformed him into a life in
> continuous happiness. This would be only ours with you a life Nick.
> Now I shall finish my letter to you Nick and I shall write to you my
> following letter tomorrow. Yours faithfully and love to you Nick yours
> Juliya Pereskokova!

Subject: It is devoted to my loved person, and only you Nick

> My love Nick, how you?
> So it is pleasant to receive your letters and so I like to write to
> you. It seems to me is surprising to be on the Internet, but you
> beside are not present Nick. You somewhere away I here. As life
> and as each day is unpredictable is surprising when we may write each
> other the letter. I always wait for your letter and am very rare when
> i come the same day in the Internet of cafe if I do not see your
> letter to me it becomes very sad though I know, that you for certain
> do not have time and you may not write to me so quickly. I began to
> save money to see you in the person and I hope when it really will
> take place it there will be a great holiday for two in love people
> which really want a meeting with the friend the friend.
> You have dream Nick? My dream is, that we could see each other and
> I know, that the destiny does not do a thing simply so. And I believe,
> that we really shortly might meet. When the person openheartedly and
> soul devotes the body and soul to other person, unless there may be
> something that was so highly in ours with you relations Nick? You
> agree with me Nick? I hope, that my following question will not
> cause you any negative phenomena in my address because I wanted to ask
> you Nick about some part of sexual relations. I do not think it
> criminal, but your opinion a little bit others will be possible as
> against me and to me it would like to know. I think, that we with you
> love consisting in letters develops in us with you Nick higher and
> moral feelings and consequently the question on the sexual relation
> seems to me accepted in the given situation. And consequently I hope,
> that you will understand me in it. I only wanted to ask you if erotic
> dreams dreamed you and you saw us with you together, you counted it
> normal? I understand, that anyone the man as against the woman demands
> that its need was satisfied (me it seems, that with a nature will not
> argue) and consequently I shall understand you Nick that you
> communicate with other women and even it is possible not only it. I
> shall never judge you for it, and I simply wanted to tell, that when
> we would shall be near to you I never has dared that, you did
> something similar with other women but when we now so far apart I
> always can understand it. Here in Russia I have not found such the man
> and consequently to me have prompted to find the man in other country
> and when I have found you Nick I think, that this big happiness
> for me lets to not be at all with you beside but to know, that you are
> also you need in me as well as I in you. And consequently when the
> woman does not have a near of the man it tries to leave in work and to
> think only of the family. Absolutely is not present, I did not begin
> to hate all men after my last experience with the young man who
> enjoyed my trust. I have simply understood, that it will be difficult
> for me to find such person who might not release me and which would
> trust me in all. Nick you are very important to me and important
> as never in my life and consequently I feeling necessity of our
> meeting shall try to do all that we Nick have met you. In my life
> anybody might not be yet so close as you Nick and when our meeting
> happen, and I know, that it necessarily happen, I shall be very glad
> to that we have met you also I I know, that our first meeting will be
> remembered to us with you Nick on all stayed life. I finish on it
> the letter to you Nick and I shall wait for your letter my love! I
> wish you successful day, yours Juliya!

Subject: Hi my dearest I wait your and Your latter!!! Your Juliya

> Hi my dearest love Kitten Nick!
> I am very glad to read again your answer and your letter. You write
> very beautiful letters and yours words bring me only each time all
> closer to you I cannot express that that I feel in relation to you I
> simply I love you I it was possible shall tell?
> And still I wanted to
> ask you I shall be possible to name you my favourite kitten?
> Well I wanted to speak only with you about us about our relations and
> to find out with you why it happened? I so was glad when we started
> and wrote every day letters and it only I so liked to write to you the
> letter much. And as it turned out that we met as you think I only I
> think that destiny and destiny it so much she always only conducts us
> to that that we could meet to speak with different people destiny
> reduces all in this life. She means during our life much and I think
> that you spoken with destiny and happens. How you think? I have
> trusted in destiny and the ambassador all these letters I so is glad
> that I liked you and you like me yours words it is such depth yours
> words you simply at me in soul and I am very glad that you are in my
> soul near to heart. I shall wait only for you always and I at all do
> not know as you to tell you for me simply an ideal the man. You that
> for the sake of which I would give a life and it is not simple words
> so I ask ponder upon my letter and understand who I and that I see in
> you as in the person and you only should represent as much you mean
> for me and as much you only imagine for me. I precisely do not know
> you can understand it whether or not? You can as to become attached to
> me whether or not. Also that for us with you waits in the future we do
> not know but only remember mine words that you for me which that
> person I always wait and believe what be fast we can together I
> believe in it and only I expect when all this can happen. As I want to
> speak you how many yours words mean for me so I ask only do not speak
> mere words if they only have no value to me important that if you
> speak by not a lot of word and their value for you. And if you and in
> the truth all this so feel for me then this that much that is
> necessary. And I wait tell to me the most important words which you
> wanted to speak me and till now did not speak.
> In this letter I wanted to speak you that at me now so many work and
> that my holiday soon and it only will be about in 2 weeks I so I do
> for mine clients much and my work I give myself to my work. Simply I
> know and saw such workers which do not give myself to work and only
> all spoils it spoils work and all that there occurs. I very much hope
> for you that all well and that you only do all as it is possible well.
> Which I only wanted to speak some more phrases for you you very good
> and kind person know it presently remained good and kind people very
> little. I am very glad that have found you and never I want to lose
> you.
> Well now I only want to finish my letter and to speak you that I very
> much I love you and I wait for your answer my kitten. I shall be here
> for you as soon as I can and I hope that I can read your answer.
> Always which that woman you are not indifferent also which waits
> always for the letter from you because I LOVE YOU. Yours Juliya Pereskokova!!!

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