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Hi loved. How at you an affair today? I hope, that at you all is good. And you feel well. Because I am happy only that with you all is good. I very much miss on you. Without you I as a fish without water. Only I choke. You are necessary for a life for me and only you. I want to breathe, breathe our love.
My love I want to inform you now. That we with mum have visited many agencies and tour operators. Well all that was necessary to arrive to you. It has borrowed couple of days. At what we with mum have lead a lot of time. I at all did not represent, that it will borrow so much time and bustle. It needs what to be made out much. As to us have told, it you go to not have a rest, on permits and so it is simple. You go to America. To Europe it is much easier to get than to America. Therefore it is necessary to learn and do much documents. To go to you, it is necessary to make the passport for travel abroad. It is given for 5 years. In it is not present what difficulties and problems. It can be made in any agency. As the visa is necessary. And to get to America, there are various visas. Dear to us with you now it is necessary to decide to me to do what visa. There are expensive visas. Such as the visa of the bride and something else. I precisely do not remember. And they are done very long and under the price they are more dear. There are working visas. It who wants to work abroad. But documents from the American firm what exactly in this firms I shall work are necessary. It too does not approach us. Is student's. And still any. To us have offered the visa of the tourist. That is for rest. With this visa I can leave to you without any problems. Also there is she not long. Also she is given for 3, 6 months. Depending on that on how many I want to go. As this visa can be prolonged on the termination and it will not be necessary to pay money. Only for services and all. I think, that it is the most suitable visa to us. And under the price she not so expensive, as the some people. Dear now I want to hear from you something. In fact I spoke you, that we shall solve together these problems. And I as am very glad, that my mum with the daddy support me. Dear tell to me that you think also what to do to me the visa. Nearly has not forgotten the ticket as it is possible to get in any agency or the airport. That the most important. To us as informed, that it is necessary to take advantage of agency which works through the state. Because it is a lot of in Russia of agencies which deceive the visitors. To us informed, that in any agency which works through the state, all is connected through embassy. And me it too will need to be visited, when I shall start to do all necessary documents.
So lovely it will borrow some time to arrive to you. It is necessary as to pass a rate of medical survey. Whether completely I am healthy. And I shall already prosecute this subjects. And as parents very much help me. Also have told that will help all than can. Though they very much experience for me. The most important that they to me have told, that YOU, my love XXX has helped me and cared of me when my parents will not be with us, with me beside. And I trust you. Weight I already adult person. But I at me to be present small not confidence. Nevertheless it is other country, other people, absolutely other culture. But I trust and I believe you. And very much I love you. Also I want to appear more soon in your embraces and in your reliable and strong hands.
My love I now finish the letter and I wait for your answer. I hope, that you with full се5рьезносью and Love will consider this letter. In fact we with you to not play in any games. Also do not give my God it will take place. I even to speak about it I do not want. My heart and soul, my trust to you. I give all to your hands. Also I hope, that my decision appears true. I feel, that I not simply love you, I trust and I believe you. I appreciate ours with you feelings and love. Our respect also I believe. Belief in ours with you the future. And I know, that our happiness and love will come with our meeting. In fact I very much want you will see. I love you and I shall finish these words.
With love and fidelity to you, yours XXX.