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Kazan Russia

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Visa scenario,

Hello Mario,

Thanks for your letter. I am glad, that you have not ignored my letter
on MF and have written to me. Let to answer you same. Hope both of us shall take pleasure from dialogue with each other. In any case let's hope only on good...
Let to tell to me a little about itself. My name is Olga. I live in
Russia a in city Kazan. To me of 26 years. I was born in this city and
always a life in it. It is very ancient and beautiful city.
My family will consist from 4 person. I have my mum, father and the
senior brother. But I live separately from my parents because I think,
that I am adult enough girl, and I have my own life.
I live one, separately from parents. I rent an apartment near to cent
of city. The real estate is very expensive here and I yet have not
bought own apartment.
But I very much frequently visit my parents, and we have excellent
relations with each other. Also I have the brother - his name Alexey.
he is more more senior than I within 4 years, and he lives with his
family in the other city.

I work as the manager on sales in one of firms of my city. I sell
climatic technics. In particular my specialization is sale of
conditioners. I love my work very much because I love dialogue with
people both active and dynamic work. I cannot sit on one place, I love
dynamics and movement. I am an optimist on life, and I know, that
everyone will well. Therefore I always in the excellent form and at me
almost always excellent mood.

Also I have many friends because I like to communicate, and I find
common language with many people and therefore I - get acquainted very
quickly with people. But despite of it I have two best friends! Their
names Irina and Sveta. They the best my friends with whom I can trust
and with which I can speak on any themes. We almost always spend a
free time together.

Probably you ask, whom I want to find in the Internet. In it big the
virtual world I want to find my second half, my love... As I cannot
find such person in the real world, therefore I have addressed to the
Internet. I hope, that I can find this person, and I can really
construct with him love and further family...
I was never married, however I had long relations with the man. I
loved him, but he has destroyed all. He has killed our love the
nonsense and the relation to his life. It is very sad history.
Probably I shall tell to you about it little bit later when we learn
each other better. I hope, that it has not frightened you:))))
I shall be fair, I have decided to make it when one of my girlfriends
has successfully married the foreigner. Now she lives in Australia and
we have sometimes the correspondence with each other.
I also seriously think of my moving to other country...

I hope, that I have not tired you with my history, and you liked it. I
shall be glad to know you more and to have the correspondence with
you. Tell to me more about you, about your work, your life, your

Take care