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Lviv Ukraine

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Travel scenario

Hello Dear Friend Mario!
Maybe it is a beginning of great love story like Romeo
and Juliett?
Do you want to know me better!!I think yes!
To begin with I want to say that I am a person who
wants to find his true love,to build a family and all in all to be
happy. Some information about myself.So my name is Lilichka.In my ages I
have finished a school with intensive learning English and as i am
fond of learning languages I entered a university on the speciality of
trnslation. as for me it is too interesting to learn language of other
people and while learning it I study it's cultural life of this or
those country. And i think that all these characterizes me as a
curious person. You know I am fond of listening musik.I think that it
helps to relax and to fulfil my thoughts with something pleasant and
to raise my mood if it is bad. Oh,I forgot to tell you about my
family. We are three:Dad,brother,and of course me. My dad is
driver,my mom died,brother is a student. Our family is rather
friendly. If I need some help my parents always give me an advice that
as a result helps me and I am thanksful for it. I remember that when I
was older now my mom gave me some kind of advices but I didn't follow
them but after that I understood that she was right. And now I am
following them with pleasure and i am sure that she was right because
she was elder than me and she knew more. But the main my hobby is
cooking,I am doing it with a great pleasure. I always helped my mom
with cooking on all holidays,birthdays etc. I can't help smilling when
somebody of our guests say that everything is tasty and delicious.
This praise makes me happy. During my life I have met a lot of people
with different features,characters. I have a lot of friends who can
help me anytime I need,but I want something new because of it I
decided to find new friends with the help of Internet,but the main
thing that I am writting you a letter is that I want to find something
more than a friend. I am fond of travelling but To tell the truth my
travellings took place only around my not big country.I have never
been in other countries and that is why it is my dream. I think that
it is impossible to tell about the whole my life bur it will be
possible during our correspondence. And as you know a woman should be
misterous one. I think that I wrote you some information about me and
now I want you to answer some questions which worry me. are you ready
for serious relations?Do you want to have children? So me dear it is
hidh time to finish my letter. I will wait for you answer with
impatience. Sincerely.