Scammer Terehova Kristina

Nizhniy Novgorod Russia

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Hello my love Stephen!

I have waited your letter my sun!

At last I can feel like quite happy, I can luxuriate in your light and heat of your words, to

be warmed by your love. I can present the love, give all saved up ideas and hot emotions.

Yes I for a long time hid the emotions, but it is justified - I simply lose gift of speech at

reading your letters, as between us such distance.

It would be desirable to see your letters daily, hourly, every minute. And it would be

desirable even more, that you were with me beside. To go with you under a hand along the

street, to feel your presence, are not afraid that on light. It would be desirable to

talk to you, to smile, kiss you, to stick. With you so it is good me, so easy and confidently.

I catch your love, I see her in your words, I feel her between your lines. I do not want

to miss on you, I simply want to be with you beside.

I am obliged to the life to you. Without you its sense is dissolved. I do not have you

beside, but you are in my head, in my heart. You know itself about it, the truth?

You - that for the sake of what I live, you speed up an idea, you allow a life, you fill

all with sense. It seems to me, has passed so a lot of time while I have understood it.

But now all at us ahead. I love you!!!

Be with me. I give you light. I know, you hear me!

You are, you live, you exist.

Now we necessarily shall together, in fact we have found each other. Thanks you, for your patience.

You are necessary for me as air and water. I know, that you very much from me are far, I

cannot reach you a hand, I can not, embrace you, cannot feel, your smell which I present

also which reduces me from mind, but I know one, that every day I rise with your name, I

live with it during all day, I lie down to sleep, and again I remember you. Pretty my and

native, in fact every day, only the idea on you forces me to rise. My sun, I LIKE, VERY MUCH you I LOVE!!

Loved, I madly miss on you. Yet there was no also an instant that I did not think of us!

So it is hard for me. And so it is cold without you. But though you are far, the main thing,

that you are. Such kind, tender and loved. And the most important mine! Only mine!

I never was afraid of the future, and now I am afraid. I am afraid, that in mine tomorrow there will be no you.

And the one who is far, that is for some reason expensive,

More strongly feeling of heavy tests

When from love there are only splinters.

Yes the dream, than weight of justifications is better

To me it is terrible. On distance so our happiness the friend up to the friend is easy to

lose, break, to not inform. But you with me always. In the afternoon - in my ideas, at night - in my dreams.

Native mine! I so love you! You do not imagine, on how many you are expensive and important

for me. Only your love helps to live, breathe and trust in you! To me to sustain. Only you and your love.

It would be desirable to stretch a hand, to touch you, but it only your image. We are

divided with hundreds kilometers. I can look only at him, and me of it so a little.

It would be desirable to be closer, as far as physical borders only allow, to kiss you, to

embrace, be dissolved in you. What it - as not love? There is no, apparently, a word "Love" cannot

express and the 100-th share of a condition of my soul. My condition in general does not

have name, it is similar to illness, but I would not like to be treated for it at all.

You want, I can get for you a star, I can become a drop of dew on your lips, a breeze in

your hair, and want, I simply always shall with you.

You now probably sleep, and I - was not present, at us day Even at night I cannot sleep,

because too strongly you I love and again I speak you about it

On it I shall finish the letter and with the big impatience I shall wait your letter.

Always only yours Kristina.