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Hello My Dear My Lovely Man Robert!!!!!
Thanks for that you have written to me. I am glad to receive your
letter Robert.
I am very happy to receive your kisses. They have warmed my heart and
have filled with love. Thanks Robert, for your sweet kisses.
I try to find a way to call to you. I very much hope that I can speak
with you soon. I too very much wish to hear your voice my dear Robert!!!
I always think of me with you Robert. It seems to me that our hearts
and our souls together. But I wish to know about that your friends,
your close people, your family speak about me. I wish to know that
they speak about me and about that I have fallen in love with you.
They not against me? What do you speak them about me? As they concern
to me. I spoke about you my mum and the grandmother. They are very
happy that I have found such good person. They see that I became very
happy and that I have fallen in love with you. They speak me that I
constantly transferred you hello and the best regards. I spoke them
that I wish to be with you. They not against. They speak that you very
good person and that you never will hurt me.
Robert, what do you think of us? I wish to feel you. I want that we were
together, I wish to feel your touches, your kisses, your embraces, to
see your eyes, to hear your breath, your voice. I want that the love
and passion warmed us when we make love. Do you want this Robert?
Would you like to feel my kisses, to make love with me?
I hope that you will answer my questions and will not forget to tell
to me about that your friends think about me.
Today I send you my photo which was made by my girlfriend. We with her
walked on the street. She says that you will love this photo. Tell to
me what your favorite photo from me?
I miss and I wait your letter. I hope that you will soon write to me.
Your gentle and soft Olesya!!!

Hello My Lovely Robert!!!!
I am very glad to receive your letter my dear Robert. I very much
waited your letter.
To my girlfriend of 28 years and her name is Katya. I think that I
well kiss. I was not on long.
I much thought of us before coming to write to you this letter. I have
come home after work and wished to go to write to you. But before I
have laid down on a bed and thought of the of my feeling to you and
about you. Then I have gone on a balcony. I looked at the sky. Then I
looked at people. I have seen the guy which went together with the
girl. They held hands each other. They were very cheerful. To me
became a little sadly from that I can not go together with you and
hold your hand. Robert do you want that we went on the street and held
hands of each other Robert?
Robert, it seems to me that I love you. I never have such strong
feelings earlier. When I wake up I think of you when I work I think of
you when I go to bed I think of you. I all time think of you. I think
that it is love. I do not have from you secrets. You my most close
person. I think that you became for me a part of family. After I have
learned you my life have changed. I became much more cheerful. You
have made my life happy. I am happy from that I know you. The love to
you warms my heart. I think that you that person for whom I searched
all life. You my prince. Robert, can I call you my prince?
I am so glad that I have found you. What do you think of me? What
feelings you have to me Robert? Do you love me? Tell me the truth. My
heart belongs to you now. I think only of you. Another man is not
necessary to me. I always thought that if I shall love that it will be
for ever. I think that it has happened. I will give you all my love
and all my heat if we shall be together. I only wish to know do you
love me or not.
Robert, I today send you my favorite photo. I hope that it is pleasant
to you. I want that you printed out this photo and that it always was
with you. If to you it will be sad look at my photo and know that I
love you and I think of you.
I MISS YOU VERY MUCH............
Yours and only yours Olesya!

Hello My Dear My Lovely My Robert!!!!!!
I very much miss you. I am so glad to receive your letter. Your
letters always warm my heart. They fill me with heat and love. I am so
happy that I have found you. I every day wait your letter.
That day under my shirt nothing was. Only my body. Robert, I very much
love you and I promise you that I shall make all that we were happy. I
promise you that we shall be very happy together. I never made
modeled. Anybody is not necessary to me except for you. Only with you
I wish to be. I know that with you I shall be happy. I am glad that
you have a son. I am assured that you very good father. I did not
think yet of that to have children. I think that we shall think of
this when we shall be together.
My mum, my grandmother, my girlfriends send you the best wishes and
tell you HELLO. They are very glad for us. They wish happiness for us.
I spoke them about you much. They have very good opinion about you.
I am very happy that I have found the happiness. You my happiness
Robert. You my light, you my sun. I am so glad that we have found out
each other. I never shall forget the first day when I have written to
you. Do you remember this day? We with you so are similar. I think
that the destiny has created us that we were together. I think that we
should be together. How you imagine our first meeting Robert? Did you
thought of this? I today thought of this. You will come to the airport
and will wait the plane on which I will arrive to you. I will see you
after I will leave the plane. You too will see me. We begin to go on a
meeting to each other. Then our steps will be more quickly and more
quickly. I shall run up to you and I shall embrace you. You will begin
to kiss me. I shall kiss you too. You will present me flowers. Do you
know that my favourite flowers is a lily. You will present me a
beautiful bouquet of lilies. After that we shall go to some quiet
restaurant. We shall sit and people will look at us. They will see
that as we smile. They will envy our happiness. Then we with you shall
go to our house. You will open to me a door and will tell " Now it is
your house too my dear Olesya ". I shall embrace and kiss you. Our
hearts will start to knock all more strongly and more strongly. We
shall go in a bedroom and you will tell to me " It is our bed my dear
Olesya ". And I shall answer you " Robert, I so strongly love you, I so
long waited to be with you. I want you Robert. " You will embrace me
and will begin to kiss my neck, my ear. I shall begin to remove from
you clothes. We shall be absolutely naked. We shall have night of love
and passion. We shall make love.
Our first day together will be such beautiful. I hope that you like as
I imagine our first day. I want that you have added something in my
dream. Do you love this dream? I assured that it will become a reality
I with impatience shall wait your letter my dear Robert!!!!!
I love you my prince Robert!!!!