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Moscow Russia

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My friend Nico. Again I have received a letter from you and I am
very glad! I hope, that all the things that I write to you are clear and you undestand all I want to
tell you. You know, for the small period of correspondence with you have become a very good friend of
mine and I feel that I can trust you. How do you think? I feel myself not very comfotable without your
letters and with them my day become better and brighter. I feel myself not alone. I know that you far
from me but I feel your support. You might think that it is too fast or even too stupid but believe me,
I am just saying the way I feel and think. I just would like you to feel the same and if you are so it
is just wonderfull!
You know, I really want to write you a usual letter with my own hand and then receive a letter from you
in the same way. But you know, usual mail is too long and moreover, it is very often when letters are
just gone I mean they are just stolen or something like that. Actually I never used Internet before, may
be just couple of times. But now I realise that it is so convinient and fast. I think it is imazing that
my letter comes to you from one end of the planet to enother in a minute, I think it is just great.
Also I am really regret that I have no phone. I really want to hear your voice. It is a real problem for
me. Sometimes it is even hard to find some of my friends or they can not find me as I have no phone.
You know, last days of my work during the whole work day I have very often thoughts about you. And you
know yesterday I had a very rude client, after he has gone I felt myself horrible and in a minute I just
remember about you and all the madness had gone. The thoughts about you filled in all my head.
I also wait for a moment when I will come to the internet cafe and start to read the new letter from
you. During these thoughts minutes and hours become longer. It might seem to you strange but it is the
way I feel.
Unfortunatelly my time in the internet cafe is getting to the end so I will finish my letter now. Write
me. I will wait impationatelly. Your friend Rayfa.