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Hello Robert.
I was really glad to see when have included the computer,that you have answered my letter.I have decided to write to you
because you have seemed to me very much the interesting person and I think we can find much in common having continued our
dialogue.My new friend before that that we continued our dialogue I want to tell to you very important thing,that I live in
Russia,instead of in USA I hope has not upset you this truth because I start to build any relations with truths,in fact this
most important that relations have been constructed on mutual trust and the truth.My address on a site really showed,that
I live in the USA.I have put him.When I started to be registered on a site,I tried to put initially my country,but to me
have shown that the given site is intended only for people who live either in Canada,or in the USA.Only therefore to an
occasion,I have specified the wrong address.I do not wish anybody to deceive,I am true really very fair person,and it is
very pleasant to me to see,when I receive,too most in exchange.I very much want the man from other country.In Russia there
is no man to which I can trust with my heart.To me have broken my heart very awfully in the past.I wait special the man who
will divide love with me under ways of the God and will be devoted to me as I shall be to him.I was one during long time,
and I do not love it that way.The god has made me to wish the husband,and it - is exact,that I want.To me have filled in
heart with Love and only ladies it is to one to man in the future.I want,that my future husband loved me how I shall love
him to most my death.For me it is necessary unique the man with which I shall never feel like lonely.Games and I when I do
not play game therefore are not necessary to me that I know to what it results,it brings what pain to the person when he
learns about this.Many think that this all simply game,but they when not reflect on that that people have feelings,emotions
and so are easy for breaking this all,and our hearts receive a pain which remains in them still long time.I wish to find the
person of my dream with whom I shall feel the true woman which on the will be unique with which I shall really it is happy,
and I know that I can give him too most.I already had earlier dialogue with the person through the Internet but in what good
it was resulted by me have received pain and disappointment in this person,and now I cannot find which person I search,
therefore I continue my search.The life is interesting and who does not know as our destiny will turn,many speak that
ourselves we build our destiny,but from a part it is not correct,because we do not know when we we meet the person as our
relations will develop further,which that person I can be valid you search,and I that person which am necessary to you and
us nothing prevents to try to learn each other,suddenly it is our destiny which we shall start to build together.If you wish
to continue our dialogue I shall be simply happy,to learn more about you,I sincerely hope that you not that person who will
play with me and to bring a pain to my heart.I with impatience shall wait to receive news from you.With best regards Mariya!

Hello My Dear Man Robert!!!!!!!!
Robert your letters as beams of the sun warm my heart.I am glad when I receive them.
I want to learn from you about your work.Robert you love the work?You with pleasure go on it?At you it is a lot of colleagues?
At you good relations on work?I think what yes.You so good the man and I are sure that you do not have enemies which want to you angrily.
About my work.The trade of the tutor always remains in a shadow,a trade of teachers from the big letter - teachers.
And meanwhile tutors are not simply teachers.They should be both physicians,and actors,both artists,and composers,both poets,
and the god knows whom else.In fact business to which they have devoted all life education of children.Education of children - demands
not only knowledge,but also talent.And consequently it is very important,that work of tutors,their contribution to business
of development of young persons,the future members of our society,received a due estimation.I am engaged in the general development
of children from a year up to three.Certainly,there is a program of development,the plan of employment,but I done not held down with
rigid frameworks of plans.There is an open space for creativity.I frequently go in Sunday to the grandmother.I like to go to her.
She very good at me and I help it if she asks that or to make.But basically we talk to her much.
Robert I hope that you will be always sincerely with me,I sincerely and I shall tell to you all that you will ask.
I of nothing hide from you.I hope that you too will tell all to me.I would not want that we had secrets one from another.
I shall come to you,but I should be completely sure in you.Mum and my girlfriend Yulya transfer you the congratulations.
I send you a kiss,not many,but one and very gentle.I hope that you receive it when will open my letter.
Where your letter?I again miss without it!!!!Write to me faster!Yours Mariya!
P.S.My dear friend I send you a picture on which there is my family and my close people.To I regret in this picture there is no
I grandmothers.....These are pictures it has been taken at date of a birth of my mum.Opposite to me my close girlfriend sits.
To the right of me is mine the uncle and the aunt,to the left of me sits my mum and her native brother...
I Hope to you it will be pleasant to see this picture...

Hi my dear friend Robert.
Each time when I receive the letter from you on my person there is a smile and huge interest to your letter.I am sorry about you suddenly you that that
has confused in my previous letters but I really very direct and open person.I have got used to speak that that I think of the person but not trying him
to offend.I ask you to speak too most that that you think about me.Such quality I think that very first it goes sincerity of the relation of the person to
other person and for me it is big plus.So I understand as to me concern.I know that such words do not deceive me and really write to me fairly and openly
and I in turn try to do too most.I very much do not want to offend the a word you but I think that it is very important factor of correspondence.Some
people try exaggerate about itself much,the opportunities but when people meet the opposite party very strongly is upset and further simply lose contact
of dialogue.Simply vanishes desires to communicate and the person understands that already have deceived him.In the letters to you I write really that
about what I think and I do not try to you that that to tell lies or exaggerate.I try to explain to you my dear friend Robert that what I is actually.That
to you I was much more clear what person and that is interesting to me.I also want to see too most from you that I could understand what you actually the
person.It would be certainly much easier to do it at a meeting but time we while we are on such huge distance I think that we can do too most through our
letters.You agree with me?Dear Robert I want to tell to you,that i cannot write to you frequently too. If i could that i would like to read your letters in
the morning and in the evening.And i would write to you two times to day.But my work occupies a lot of my time.I want to tell to you my friend,that at us
in the country it is very difficult for women to take the first step.For example i am brought up so,that the woman should behave as it it is necessary to
the true woman.And it was always difficult for me to approach and get acquainted with that person which I liked.I always wait,that in relations the man
have taken the first step.But the Internet considerably simplifies it and i have solved,that at my age already for a long time it is time to have family.
Because usually in marriage leave in the age of much younger mine.And here i have decided to take the first step and itself have written to you.And i am
very glad, that you have answered my letter.Because i really wanted to get acquainted with you closer.And it is better to learn each other.And who knows,
you are possible that person whom i search and about with which i shall want to share the life.I want to ask you my friend,it was difficult for you to
take the first step in relations whether or not?It is very interesting to me.To me everything in general is interestingly,that is connected with you.My
dear Robert,on it i finish my letter because today i worked now to me much is necessary to have a rest.But you always in my ideas and in my dreams.I hope
that you will write to me?Because i wait your letters,write to me and there can be i shall raise your mood.I wish you successful days and good mood!
Your Mariya.

Hello My Lovely Man Robert!!!!!!!!!Robert,I am glad to receive your letter.I adore to read your letters.You so beautifully write also
your letters get directly in my heart.I am glad to your letter.
My Robert for my work I travel on public transport.Many people have own cars and go by them.But I even I have no the license for
management of the car.Therefore I should use public transport.Please not worry my trip borrows not so a lot of time.
Approximately all my trip to work borrows minutes 20.I spoke you,that my city not big sizes and I also spoke you his name....
The Name of my city Silicate.He is between republic Tatarstan and the Kirov area.I think,that you can find him on a map though
I cannot tell it precisely....You also ask me about yahoo mesenger....My loved I have no this program.Besides I at all do not know
as to use to her...For me it would be much better and it is more convenient to communicate by phone...
I ask that you have left to me your phone number and as soon as I shall have an opportunity I at once I shall be to call to you.
Robert,I want to talk to you about the last relations.You had many women?Why you were separated?In what there was a reason of it?
If not you want also it touches you strongly that you can not speak.I shall tell about myself.Robert I want to tell to you about guys
which at me were.I do not want to recollect it,but I shall recollect.I was familiar with several guys.Who that from them is a lot of
drink alcohol also could not be in earnest to me.Some simply left to other girls which were more accessible.I have fallen in love first
time when went to school.We went together to cinema,on dances,but then this guy has left with parents and for other city and I did not
see him more.At all I do not know that with him now.I love sincerity and I do not like when to me lie.When I studied in college that
I was familiar with the guy.I thought even that we shall get married but then he married other girl at which rich daddy was.
And I have understood that strongly was mistaken in him.But I want be with the man which me will like,which will be sincerely with me
and which will understand me.Robert,you very much like me and consequently I have decided to get acquainted with you.
After that I have got acquainted with you I feel happy.And you?You very much like me Robert,I want to learn more you,
it would be desirable to walk together with you to be in your embraces,to kiss.What you feel?I wait for your letter Yours Mariya!!!

Hello My Lovely Robert!!!!!!
I am glad to speak with you again.Thank for your letters.I am very glad that we understand one another and now we closely people.
My Robert I wish to tell to you on the account of your question about our meetings....I spoke you in one of my letters,that I never
travelled in other countries.But I think of an our meeting much.I really very much wish to meet you and to learn as it is possible
is better....I think,that at our meeting we can be defined and draw the certain conclusions completely already...Recently I wished
to go in tourist agency and to learn all necessary information,but now at me it is a lot of work and yet there is no time.
But I promise you,that I shall make it in the near future.As soon as I learn all I shall necessarily tell all of you,
what I have learned Ok?
Robert,all parents wish good luck happiness to children and I know that you know it.My mum very much is interested in our acquaintance.
She very much is interested in you.Mum is very glad that at me you eat.She speaks that now knows that at me the person which eats will
be cares about to me which loves me.My girlfriends too are glad for us.My grandmother very much wants will treat you pies.
She speaks that very much would want that you have tried her pies.Robert,what your familiar people speak about me?
What to me they about our acquaintance?Robert,what plans at you about us?What you think of our relations?
You very much like me also I want to learn you more and more.It seems to me that I know everything,all about you and that that does
not suffice.There are no your eyes,there is no your voice,there are no your warm and gentle hands.It would be desirable to hear your
voice to walk with you in park.Yes,between us the big distance and it divides us and prevents us to carry out much. We can communicate
only letters but I shall make all what we could to be closer and could make that that we shall want and of what we dream.
Robert,I hope that at you fine day was and with you all is good.I miss and I wait for your letter,yours Mariya!!!

Hello My Lovely Man And My Sun Robert !!!!!!!!I am very glad to receive your letters beams which warm my heart and lift my mood.
I very much love your letters.I ADORE THEM!!!!!
Robert I miss you.I last night looked at stars.I have left on a balcony and looked at them.I never looked at them long.
You heard about that that for each person in the sky the star burns?About that that when the person dies that a star falls.
I searched for the star and yours.I am sure that ours with you stars are together.Because I feel you,I belive to you and know that you
always sincerely with me and never me will deceive.I feel that we understand one another though I not in perfection own English,
but I can understand one another.We understand our ideas,our imaginations.We feel one another and even the distance can not an obstacle
to us.Robert,after I have lain on a bed I did not think that sleep at once and have not switched off light.But a bit later after I have
lain I have fallen asleep.Mum has seen that at me shine light and has gone to a room.She has told that at night I slept and smiled,on my
face there was a happiness.I know why.Because at night I saw dream in which we with you went on park.We held one another for hands,spoke,
communicated.Robert,you joked also I much laughed.We have not come nearly in a pool of water,but in time it have noticed and have bypassed.
In the sky stars shined and shined to us road.I felt like perfectly,especial when you have lifted me on hands.There there were steps
downwards,to a fountain,and you have lifted me and have attributed directly to it.And you have kissed me!!!I have felt your love.
Your tenderness,my heart has flashed fire and I would wake up what to kiss you on the present but you were not.It was dream and I have
overlooked about it.You see dreams of us?Tell to me them,I very much want to learn them more!!It would be fine if it was a reality.
And I hope that it happen.I want kiss you Robert!!!!!!!Yours and only your loving Mariya!!!