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The mail-adress is not her own. A man have stolen my mail on RBRide and puted me to his site

This is in 2 times not a fine thing - 1.) Wrong email-adress
2.) Fishing men from other sites to his site
Behind her mail-adress is an marriage agency. I wrote her on RBride and get than the followinf mail

> Dear Jean,
Thank you for your interest to me ! I am a bit embarrassed and I realy do
> not know where to start!...But I think it is the only beginning of our
> correspondence and we will learn how to do
> it in our next letters (if you do not disappointed in everything I will
> you now!) It is difficult to write about myself to an unknown person, but
> I'll try to be objective and brief. I'll begin with telling the story of
> previous life.
It`s difficult to tell about yourself not looking into the eyes of your
> interlocutor and not feeling him. I haven`t got used to the communication
> through the Internet yet.
So it turned to be a very difficult task- to tell about myself. I try to
> imagine what to tell about but my thoughts confuse, and I start thinking
> about more habitual things, than imagining myself and describing myself.
> ll try to start the description of myself from my appearance - all my
> friends, and during the last time, even unfamiliar people say that I am a
> very pretty woman. So I can say it without any complexes, false modesty
> flattery. When I look at myself in the mirror, I think that I look like
> the other people: 2 eyes, 2 ears, a mouth and a nose. May be the hair is
bit longer, but in general I am an ordinary girl of the Slavic appearance
> with chestnut-colored hair, long eyelashes and green eyes. My figure is
> ordinary with the standards : 90-60-90 and my height is 167 sm. I can`t
> that men pay no attention to me but I haven`t found my only one beloved
> for the time being yet.
My name is Tatiana, I was born on the 2nd of May of the 1972y. I am
> according to my Birth sign (horoscope). So according to my Birth sign I am
> merry, hardworking, attentive, careful, easy-going, enchanting, I easily
> quickly forget the offences, but I don`t forgive the betrayal. I can`t be
> called the "spineless person", I always have my own opinion but I would
> always listen to the other person`s opinion, in spite of anything. I am
> ready to forgive everything or almost everything to my beloved person. I
> live alone with my daughter of 12 years old, though I often communicate
> my parents.
>> If I
wrote that I
like "
good honest and kind people", it would be just a
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Fw: from Tanya
Von: Yuriy Gorbov (
Gesendet: Montag, 18. Februar 2008 10:40:04
An: .de
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> standard phrase. I can love only concrete person whom I can forgive the
> of kindness and well up-bringing. I even think that "financial stability"
> is a small matter in comparison with the opportunity to hug and forgive
> anybody, though may be I say so now, because I haven`t hugged and forgiven
> anybody for ages already.
I can`t say that I like some certain kinds of activity, but I dislike
> inactivity and laziness. I like the rain when it rains, I like to read to
> the accompaniment of the rain. I like to go for a walk when the rain
> I like to travel if I have an opportunity. Jean, I like the frost in
> and I
> like the nature, covered with the snow. In summer I like hot weather and
> swimming in the sea. It seems to me that there are no uninteresting people
> and things, but it`s more difficult to understand them. So to sum up all
> above-mentioned, I want to say that I just like the life as it is, with
> its joy and problems. It`s impossible to live without problems, otherwise
> would get used to the pleasures and joy and stop be happy with them.
It seems to me that I am not an original in this situation, I am just one
> many "Russian brides". So if I write that the man of my dream is tall,
> business-like, it will be just funny. I think that man must be a bit more
> handsome than a monkey(smile, I am joking, of course!)(don't be offended
> !!!), and I am ready in advance not to pay attention to his drawbacks.
> difficult for me to determine what I am looking for concretely, but on the
> other hand, I am adult enough to realize that it`s the most normal start
> point with which all the happy searches start. I hope that my heart will
> help me in my search. But as I am a woman, so I have the right to have my
> small whims: I would not refuse if my possible life-partner loved the life
> so as I love it and I would tell him in person how I love it.
Have you been married ? Do you have any children ?
> What do you do for living ? Have you ever been to Russia ?
Please, send me more your recent photos.
Jean, I know that not everyone can afford himself to bring a Russian
> because of money(for tickets, lawyers and etc.) and morally. And what
> you? Can you afford yourself to bring a Russian wife? Are you ready to go
> through this complicated immigration process ? Will you be able to wait me
> for a few months after out first meeting ? :-(
You might be a very interesting and clever man. I would like our
> correspondence to go on.
> I would like to know why such a man as you are, is looking for a wife
> through the Internet? What features of character should your wife have
> besides being pretty and attractive? LOL ;-)
I hope to hear from you soon, and may be something could work out between
> you and me ? Who knows?....
> Kiss you!
> Bye for now!
> Sincerely,
Windows Live Hotmail: E-Mail drucken Page 2 of 3 18.02.2008
> Tanya
P.S. You can see my photos on this web-site:
> My number is 195.
P.P.S. I know English very little myself, but this letter was
> written with the help of a translator. I hope I have not made you feel
> disappointed with this fact. Jean, I would be very greatful to you if you
> assisted
> me in covering the expenses on our corresponding.