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HELLO Philip
I am glad that we correspond now through e-mail.
That it would be desirable for you to tell about itself. If I start to tell
about all that probably there will be no also one book. To me of 30 years.
On August, 12th to me to be executed 31 year. It probably already completely
not small age and consequently I have decided to find the half through
Before I never used these in the way of acquaintance. I now will not
tell about my past. I never was married and I do not have children. Though I
simply adore children both very much I love and certainly I wish to have
the. Therefore if suddenly you do not accept that that I wish to have
children. That I will be glad if you about it at once write. In my life
certainly there were men but on the present I probably did not love and have
not met the half. Can be because my love lives far from me?
What to you still to tell about itself? I love the nature I like to meet
the schoolmates. I love dialogue and to me to like to prepare and to like
very much to be engaged in gardening. I to you tell about myself only
probably the good. I wish to tell and the lacks. I probably not so
harmonious. My growth of 173 centimeters and my weight now 59. One time my
weight was 67 kgs. I so have awfully recovered as in anything one time was
not engaged. But now I constantly go and I go in for sports. It probably my
minus. I even one time was afraid in this occasion a little.
My friends speak that I very versatile person. I like to go in for
sports. Very much I love animal especially horses. I often go to our horse
circle. Where I go for a drive sometimes I clean and I feed horses. This
mine probably a hobby. In the childhood was engaged in boxing. To you it
probably will seem to little bit strange. But I would be engaged for myself
what to be able to protect itself. Then has certainly thrown as has
understood that it not female employment. Still went to pool, was engaged in
dances. I love extreme sports. Jumped with a parachute dived with an
aqualung. It is all I has tried when went on the south. It was couple of
years back. It very much was pleasant to me.
Well here so has much told about itself. Probably you will get tired to
read. I hope that I was pleasant to you on a photo. And certainly I with
impatience will look forward to hearing from you.
Mine name SVETLANA. On Russian it to be translated as light.

Hi Phil
It is pleasant to me to see your letter and I am glad to your answer. By the
way about a photo I smelt flowers when went on the south on the black sea.
I am serious I am adjusted also I hope that you also are serious in the
intentions. I wish to meet the man. Which will be for me my defender. My
husband and my family. I think that if we wish to learn each other it is
necessary to tell more about myself is better and to ask.
You probably would like to learn more about my family. I live with mum and
with the father. You will laugh probably that I such adult and till now I
live with parents. But it so. My father works as the driver by the car. To
it now 58 years. And my mother of 54 years. My mum works as the cook the
confectioner. She as well as the father will soon retire. At us in our
country the woman retires at the age of 55 years. And the man retires at the
age of 60 years. Well it I have distracted. It probably is not so
interesting to you.
And so I live with parents. I not all time a vein with them. Some time when
I studied at institute I lived in a hostel. Has decided to be a little
independent. Still I have elder sister. She has already married and it has 2
children. They are my two favorite nephews. He/she is the boy to which 7
years and which girl 4 years. I very much love them. And when I have a free
time I often them visit. And in the summer sister often leaves them with me
and I with them am found. Here such at us the big and amicable family.
I to you have told it about the family. And it is final to me interestingly
more to know about yours.
My dreams of marriage. It to have a good kind family. It that would be
the loving husband both healthy and beautiful children. The main thing that
always would be mutual understanding. What less to be littered and swear. My
father Muslim. And I half Muslim. And in this religion the head of family is
the man. And the woman is a neck which supports the man. At us still joke.
That the neck where wants there and twists. Well and if to speak seriously.
I would consider that the main thing that in a family there was a kindness
and that would understand each other. We people are given us languages what
we always were able to agree. And as you consider. The age is not of great
importance for me. I consider that all age are obedient to love. The love
has no borders and time. You agree with me?
I hope that you understand my English. I learnt it at school and at
institute. But I think that I know it not so well. And I apologise in
advance that if my English seems to you awful. But I all time practice also
I hope that will be fast it better. I will send the photos. It is a photo
with my nephew and with the niece.

Hello my love Philip
I so am happy that I write to you. I all this time dreamt of you. About
That as it will remarkably see you. At us there has come spring. But for the
present it is a lot of snow and pool circle. But already very soon
leaves will start to be dismissed and all will be green. The spring it is time to love. Very much to like me this period. When all wakes up after
And it is final except greens around that emerges that people throw in
The winter and all it to become it is visible. But nevertheless there is in
a springtime that that such remarkable. Even air to become absolutely
At us speak that the spring is love. Especially to like me the holiday
When Easter. This year it will be in the end of April. When all already
starts to turn green and all would leave on what to clean dust which has
accumulated for a winter. Still very much to like me the holiday it on
1st and on May, 9th. Usually at us at this time all try to leave on the
nature. And to mark it already on fresh air. All fry shish kebabs. Well I that that
have distracted a little and have started to tell to you about holidays.
Probably it is not so interesting to you.
That I sent a photo to you in a sauna it is a photo of my friends. By
The way about honey and salt. Honey mixes up with salt and it is rubbed on a
skin causes effect of allocation of sweat and the hammered time still it
improves a skin and weakens an organism but it is necessary to do it at
a heat. And then all is washed off together with a dirt and then and there
is an effect of cleaning and a skin rejuvenation. In general it is very
useful and very much weakens.
I often look films both Russian and foreign.
You asked me about music. To like me first of all the classics. And
on To mood.
You like to receive gifts or more to you to like them to give. To me
Most of all to like them to give. To me to become so it is pleasant.
Write me the letter I with impatience I will wait for your answer.