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Greetings my new friend Bill!
I am very pleased to receive the letter from you.
I am pleased with that that In this world there is a person which wishes to acquaintance to me.
Now I understand, that people in your country really responsible!
I am timid, therefore I am not capable to begin acquaintance.
But I hope, that we can learn each other better.
But if I start, write to you, I shall write in this letter a little about me.
I also shall send one of my photos.
My natural color of hair darkly fair-haired and brown eyes.
My birthday On March, 30th, 1973, on a horoscope I Aries.
Till 1998 I lived with the parents in city Grozny, but in 1998 my parents were lost.
There can be you heard about this city, it is in the Chechen Republic, at us name it " a hot point".
I do not want to recollect this horror, my parents were shot by gangsters.
I managed to be rescued, now I has remained one.
After destruction of my parents,
the government of our country has allocated to me an apartment in the city of Chelyabinsk,
on farther from those places.
Now I live in a two-room apartment in the city of Chelyabinsk one.
I have no brothers sisters, I the only child in family.
I want to have own family. Now I shall write little bit more in detail about myself.
From 7 years I studied in high school of city Grozny. I studied very well.
After leaving school I have acted in the Chelyabinsk Pedagogical Institute on faculty of foreign language.
In 1991 I have finished institute.
Since that year I work the teacher the English language at school.
Certainly it is a tough job both in physical and in the psychological attitude, but I love the work.
My work with children is more difficult than work with adults.
My work is pleasant for me, and it is pleasant to me that I can make that that useful to children.
I the lonely woman, I was never married also I have no children.
Probably it will seem to you strange, but in Russia sex is necessary for men only,
they use the girl, and then throw out her as a unnecessary thing, I do not want it!
My girlfriend has suggested me to find acquaintance through the Internet.
And now I write to you about the Internet of cafe as I have no own computer.
It is very expensive also I cannot allow it to itself.
I would like that we have learned each other better.
I am going to close the letter, but I hope to receive your answer to me.
I would be very glad to receive your letter, I expect to receive it soon.
I hope that you have understood my English.
With the best regards.
Yours are new the friend from Russia Evgeniya.

Congratulations the my dear friend Bill!
I was valid pleased and happy to receive your letter again!!!
I did not understand earlier, that it is such - to receive letters, from what person you estimate also respect the attitude.
Though we never saw each other, but I am very grateful to you for your letters.
I am afraid to give to you love and to receive instead of it roughness.
I want to tell a little to you about the daily routine.
In the working days I am raised very much early, on 6.00 mornings.
It would be wonderful, if I could wake up close to you and to speak you "good morning". But it only dreams.
Then I do small gymnastics to behave in the form. After my exercises I enter into souls.
In the morning I do not like to eat very much, I drink tea with a lemon, and I eat a sandwich with sausage or cheese.
At 7.15 I go for work. For work I go by bus because I have no own automobile.
My work begins at 8.00. Duration of a lesson of 45 minutes. I always responsibly concern to work.
Though it - complex work which demands the big patience, but I very much like to study children, to allow it it that new.
Children with pleasure study the English language.
My work arrives to the end at 16.00 or 17.00.
The love - what is more, than you can give the person to study happiness of this life, but people it I present only as a Sex.
I think, what it is wrong, I hope, what you agree with me?
I want to have a floor only with the favourite person.
Today with my girlfriend we shall go to go on city, to make some purchases.
I start to understand, what our hearts are beaten in one rhythm, you feel it?
During a free time from work I sleep more. I can sometimes go down at cinema to look that or film.
I also have rest of a house, I read books, I continue to study the English language, and I watch TV.
I like to prepare for a meal. My favourite dish of a mashed potatoes with the hen.
I with pleasure would go for you, that tasty, which you love it.
I want to tell to you, that we should be sincere with each other.
I think, what you agree with me?
I would like it, we were together and could speak with each other.
On it I finish the letter, and I with impatience shall wait to receive news from you with impatience.
Your Evgeniya.

Greetings my friend Bill!
How you? How mood? I hope that at you all well.
I am very glad happy to receive the letter from you,
I want to tell to you that my heart starts to beat more often when I think of you.
I search for pure love and romanticism in attitudes.
I love when all beautifully, is gentle and it is very romantic.
I would like to feel support of my second half, care.
Understand I cannot find the person in Russia who would love me and respected.
You have stolen my heart. Your words it is similar to a beam of the sun.
From your letters I understand that you very sincere and kind person.
To a regret there are very few people is similar to you in our country.
I am sure, that our attitudes will begin from sincerity certainly from trust.
I want to see your pleasure and to divide her with you.
I would like to know that does you happy?
Let me chance know the loving woman.
I starting to be a pleased life,
and this pleasure am connected by that we have found each other.
You the remarkable person!
With such the man as you I would agree to lead all life.
Recently I was on funeral, the schoolmate, it has died of overdose of drugs,
it was the good friend, a difficult minute it always helped me.
I very much regret concerning it and on this I categorically against drugs.
I think of you very much frequently, I recollect all letters which you have written to me.
In your letters I see many heat and kindness.
I want to hope that I to you am not indifferent.
Please write to me, I like to read your letters,
and communication with you does me very happy.
I shall look forward to hearing from you.
Yours Evgeniya.

Greetings my friend Bill!
I am very pleased to receive your letter again. How your day was?
With each new letter we become more close to each other.
When I receive your letters, my life becomes more joyful and happier.
I would like to give you the home address:
The country: Russia
The postal index: 454091
City: Chelyabinsk
Street: TRUDA, 84
I would like to learn your home address,
suddenly happen so my computer will break also I shall want to send you the letter mail.
However it is not so convenient, as it seems to me.
Will be possible that letter to go very for a long time,
and there is a probability that it will not reach you.
I want to warn you that Russian mail works not so well.
I think what easier to write each other through the Internet.
I would like to hear your voice, I hope that you too would like to hear me.
But unfortunately I have no any phone, installation costs very dearly.
At an opportunity I shall call to you from telegraph.
Whether you probably interests there were at me men.
When I studied at university, I have got acquainted with the man, we for a long time met it.
But I have understood that it did not love me, and sex was necessary for it only.
After that I have thrown it, I think that the girl should give itself to that who her is really worthy.
You know for me a marriage, this - not only mutual residing together under one roof,
but also and mutual understanding.
I am not jealous, and I think that a jealousy - poor attribute oppress.
It is necessary to trust each other, it - my point of view.
With your letters I forget my past, and I start to think of the future.
Well, now I would like will finish e-mail.
I shall wait for your letter. Please write to me soon.
Sincerely yours Evgeniya.