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Dear Sir,
We want to inform you that Olya has been to our agency and asked us to
tell you that unfortunately, she can not contact you anymore as she is
having financial problems. As you know, Olya is using the services of
the translation agency, we help her to translate the letters from you
and translate and send her letters. Unfortunately, Olya can not make
the payment now. We are contacting you from her mail box that was
created for her for the correspondence with you. She is well informed
about all our actions.
Of course, if you wish to continue your correspondence with Olya, you
may make the payment for her. You can become the client of our
translation agency and help your lady with the payment in future.
Here is information about our agency:
The name of our agency is "Moonage Daydream" Our office is situated in
Donetsk, Ukraine. We aren't the marriage or dating agency, we do not
work in this area, so we don not have a web-site in the Internet, all
the information you need you can read here.
We offer our clients such services as translating from English into
Russian and from Russian to English. Also, we give our clients the
access to the Internet, we make printing and scanning, and also we
have a delivery service(this is a special offer for our clients)
You are absolutely free to ask us any questions, we will answer
them immediately. You can always contact us with the help of this
With respect,
Administration of translation agency "Moonage Daydream"

Hello, my dear!
I'm so happy that you are interested in me. Well, you know, I think
that we need to get to know each other better, much better. I
understand perfectly that this kind of the communication is not ideal,
but it gives people who live far from each other to get to know more
about their lives and interests and possibly to meet the second half.
I'm here because of this reason. You may ask me why I'm not looking
for my man here, in my country. You know, I was in serious
relationships, and I understood that local men are not for me. Of
course, there are good and bad people anywhere, but the peculiarity of man here is that they care for themselves and only then they thing
about their second half. As for me, I'm ready to try my best to make
the relationships work. I am ready to give all my love and attention
to my man and make his life happy. Of course, I'm waiting for the same from his side.
So, now more facts from me. I'm 24 years old and I live in Donetsk. I
have been living here for whole my life and I have never been abroad,
but I dream about it. Maybe with my man? :) I live with my father, my
mother died when I was a kid and I miss her very much even now. I was
too little to realize her death when I was a kid, but still it is like
a big hole in my soul. My father is the perfect example of the men
whom is very rare to meet here. He took all the responsibility in
taking care about me and I think he did a great job! :) He supports me
in everything and by the way, I told him that I'm looking for my man
abroad. He became upset, like any normal parent, but he told me: "I
want you to be happy, and if it is what you need, I will support you
and help you" I have a great Dad!
By the way, have you ever tries fishing in your life? My Dad is a mad
fisher and he also used to take me to the fishing when I was a child,
even now when we have time on the holidays we go fishing. Oh, I think
it is necessary to tell you where I work. I'm an dispatcher at the
fire-tower, I accept the calls from the people who have the fire in
their flats... Well, not very usual profession for the girl, but I
like it, I know that I help people, sometimes even saves the lives of
the people. I think my job is very important, how do you think? My
work could be rather tense but it is always compensated.
When I have free time I do a lot of different things, I like spending
my time with friends and my father, by the way, he is very easy-going
person and all my friends know him. Sometimes we even go somewhere
together. I like reading and listening to music. I like different
styles and don't limit myself with some certain kind of music. I also
like theatre, we always have some interesting plays in the city, I
really enjoy it. It is more pleasant than watching the TV for me,
because I can see real people and their emotions. What else... You can
just ask me about everything and I will tell you about it!
Ok, I don't want to make you falling asleep by my informative letter,
so I will be just waiting for yours,

Hello Peter!
It is so great that you answered my letter. Getting your letter is
really pleasant for me. I have told you something about me in my
previous letter, and I hope you liked it. I like getting to know you
better. I think all the relationships start from this: communication.
People talk, get to know new things about each other, open each
other's worlds and become closer. They trust each other and open the
soul for another person. I think it is very important for the serious
relationships to be friends. And to trust each other. Without trust
there is no love.
Peter, I will show the photos you have sent to my father and be sure,
he will invite you to come to us and to go fishing! :) He will like
So, what else can I tell you to make you understand what a person I
am? I can tell you about my childhood dream. I was dreaming to become
a singer. I think a lot of girls dream about it, you know. I thought
how wonderful it would be to go on stage and make the people happy
with my songs... Then I grew up and another things were interesting
for me. But sometimes I remember my childhood dream. for example when
me and my friends are going out to the place where people sing, it
seems to me that it is called "karaoke" I don't how it is in your
country, but i have the feeling that almost all people who sing in
karaoke here are usually drunk. It doesn't work for me, as I don't
drink (and don't smoke by the way), I just don't understand drinking.
I can have fun without it! :)
I think I have told you about that I like reading, well, I really do.
If you ask me "TV or Books" I think I will answer "books" Nowadays
there are a lot of things on the television that sane person won't
ever watch. It is my opinion, but of course there are good programs
too. I love the channel called "Animal Planet" as I really love
animals. You know, my friends and I collect the food and money to help
the organization that takes the homeless animals from streets and
finds the new owners for them. I think if we won't help this world,
nobody will.
By the way, me and my friend Kate decided to start studying English in
the free time. My English is really poor and it is a shame of me, I
know. But I'm ready to make the efforts to it. Now I get help in the
special office that makes different translations, they are also
working with the documents and other things. I was warned about the
agencies of this type, but I think that they are fair and they really
help me much. Anyway, I'm always opened for the new knowledges! :)
What man I look for? Definitely not the Superman! :) I don't belive
there are perfect people, but there are perfect couples. The people
who add something to each other. It is like a perfect dish consisted
of two ingredients. I want to meet a man with whom I will be able to
be silent and with whom I will be able to talk about everything. The
man who will bring me a cup of tea in the evening and for whom I will
cook a best dinner ever. I know that it is necessary to earn trust and
I'm ready for this.
What weather do you have there? It is rather cold. What is the season
that you enjoy the most? For me it is summer. But don't ask me why! :)
Ok, I will tell you this: because there are a lot of fresh fruits in
summer which I adore. Eating a big sweet apple in the morning is a
greatest pleasure for me. And I love everything with the apple
flavour. Oh, forgot to tell you: I like cooking. So, if everything
works between you and me, please, be ready to eat a lot of new dishes!
So, I will end this letter, but it doesn't mean that I will stop
thinking about you. :) Do you allow me to think about you?