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Hello !!! What is your name? How are you there? Hope everything is all
right and you are doing fine as well. I am glad to hear from you again
and I hope to find out more about you with each letter, about your
life there, about your usual days and what you like to do. I think
that your life there where are you different then the life here. So I
am always interested in hearing from you. I also hope that our
correspondence will be honest and sincere. You know that I am
open-hearted and honest person. I do not like lie or dishonesty and I
cannot take when somebody use me or play with my feelings. You also
can be sure that I will always be honest and sincere with you. As you
know I am a beginner in using this stuff and I am curious what will
happen and what to wait from it. I was never even able to imagine that
I will write to someone from another country. I wrote that my
relationship ended more than a year ago and I have not dated anyone
since then. If you interested I can write you more about it. I felt in
love with my ex and I thought that I was happy with him. Everything
was fine in the beginning and I made plans for our future together.
But then I found out that he cheated on me with another women and it
was even not one time. It broke my heart so bad and I am still sad
when I remember that time. But life is going on and I want to believe
in love again. I am not young already and I want to settle down with
the right person, to love and to be loved and to find the man who will
be able to spend the rest of the life with me. But being busy I do not
have time for dates here and I am also afraid to be hurt again. So I
decided to try this and I hope this experience will be good for me. I
have never been out of my country and I also have never thought about
movement from my country. But who knows, everything can happen. I
think if I find the right man I will be able to go to him and be with
him anywhere. So what about your situation? Can you tell me about your
life? But if you do not want I will understand. You know that I live
in small town or you can call it village that is very far from big
cities like Moscow or other cities you have heard. Progress here is
stopped some time ago. Can you imagine that most of the people do not
have computers or phones? I am not an exception. Sure I even do not
talk about mobile phones because some of the people even do not have
television. But there are couple of computers in our central Library
and they allow people to use it. They also installed pay Internet
service and it allow me to write you. I guess you even cannot put
yourself in my place but we got used to our way of living. I graduated
college in Tumen town 5 year ago and since then have been working as
teacher in school here in Medvedevo. If you do not know I am the
teacher of Russian language. My job is not paid very well but I like
it because I work with the children and I like children very much. I
also studied English in college but it was quite long time ago. I will
try to be better in it but I want to sorry for mistakes I can make in
letters, ok. My work takes a lot of time and I do not have a lot of
free time but when I have it I try to find the opportunity and go on
the nature. I wrote that we have wonderful nature here with lots of
woods, lakes and rivers and I like go camping or fishing or just
picnic with my friends. I also can say that I am into sport. I like
skating, skiing, swimming, aerobics and I go to fitness hall two times
a week to keep my shape toned. When I do not have opportunity for
active rest I can read some book, to watch movie or just listen to
music. I like easy listening music but I can listen to any. I am
rather romantic person and I like to watch or read romantic stories
and comedies. You see that I wrote you a lot already. I do not want
you to be tired after reading my letter so I think I will try to send
you other photo with this letter and will be finishing it here. If you
have questions you can always ask me and I will answer them. So I am
letting you go and will wait for your next letter. I am waiting to
hearing from you soon. Your friend Natalya.

Hello Rick and how are you? As for me I am doing fine these days. I
find our writing each other very exciting and I am happy to have new
friend like you. Age difference does not bother me at all. I still do
not know what will happen from our correspondence but we will continue
knowing each other better and will see. Am I right? So what else I
have not written about myself? I remember that I have not wrote you
about my family yet. I am the only child in the family and I do not
have brothers or sisters. I have mom and dad and they were very good
parents for me and I love them very much. But I have not being living
with them for long time already because after graduating the college I
had to go to work here where I am now and they stayed in Tumen town.
But when I have free time I try to visit and spend some time with them
and they also visit me here rather often so we try to see each other
when we have opportunity. But I am not alone here and I live together
with my best friend who is like a sister for me. Her name is Mariya
and we rent the apartment together. We met each other in college and
come to this town together after graduating and since then were
together all the time like sisters. She is also very close to my
family because her parents are not alive and she does not have any
family left and me and my family take her like our relative. So it is
breif story about my family. What about you? Tell me more about
yourself? Do you have friends and what you like to do together? As for
me I do not like to be alone and like to spend time with friends. I
wrote that I like different activities and I like to go camping with
friends or just go to watch the movie. But I cannot say that I have a
lot of friends. I think that any person can have only few real and
close friends who will help you and support you in any situation. Do
you agree with me? What else you want to know about me? My favorite
color is blue like sea or sky. I also like cooking and I can say that
it is my hobby. What is yours? I guess you have already understood
that I am rather romantic person and I like all romantic things music,
flowers, kisses or just holding the hands. I can say that I believe in
God and I was raised as Christian. I think that the main faith must be
inside of the people in their hearts and minds and not just in
attending the curch because there are a lot of people who do
everything only for themself and make a lot of bad things and than
just go to the church to pray for forgiveness of the sins. I think it
is not right and they should have faith all the time and not only when
they are in the church. What do you think about it? Do you have faith
and what is it?All right I asked you a lot of questions in this letter
already and I think I should better stop here. If you are not
comfortable with some questions you can just skip it, ok. I will let
you go now and will wait for your next letter. I also want to sorry
for some delays in answering and writing letters. You know that I have
to go to the Library to read and to write letters and it takes some
time but I will try to write you as often as possible. Sorry, I am not
able to send you the photo with this letter but I will try to send you
some next time and hope to hear from you soon. Sincere, your friend

Hello my friend Rick!!! Thank you for the nice photos. I like them. I
am happy to hear from you and I am really glad that I have met you. My
life here were so usual and empty before. You know that my work takes
most of the time and I work 6 days a week and not less than 8 hours
each day. And it was very hard for me to relax or have some rest but
now everything has changed. Your letters and you words full my life
with a lot of new impressions and new energy so I do not feel lonely
and tired and it is your desert. Thoughts about you almost completely
have occupied my mind and I always think about how and when I can go
to the Library to write you and read your wonderful words. A lot of
questions are in my mind all the time. How are you there and what are
you doing at this moment? These things are so unusual for me and I
have never thought that our connection will go such way. Anyway enough
about me. Better let me know how are you? I hope life treats you well
there and everything is all right. Me and Mariya are doing fine and
she asked to say great hello to you. Remeber I wrote you about her in
my last letter. She is my best friend and like sister for me and
yesterday I told her about you and about our way of communicating. I
hope you are all right with it because I did not want to hide anything
from her. She was very surprised and curious but she told me to be a
little cautious because she worries about me. She just do not want my
heart be broken again and I understand her. I tried to calm her and
told her that you are good person and do not have desire to hurt me. I
really hope so and we will be able to show her that I am right. Do you
agree with me? You also can be sure Rick that I will never do anything
to hurt you because I am sicnere woman and as I wrote already I do not
like lie and playing with feelings. I am really happy that we were
able to meet each other in spite of this great distance we have
between us and I am curious to know more and more about you with every
your letter and then time will show us what we will have. Anyway only
the God knows what the future holds for us but I think that everything
should be all right. I think I should finish the letter with these
hopes and I will better go because it is rather late already. Library
is half an hour walk from my home and I want to get home till
darkness. I am sending you the photo of me and my friend Mariya so you
know whom I was talking about and who is my best friend and sister.
Now I am leaving the Library but I can't wait to hear from you again
and hope everything will be all right for you there. Truly yours