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1.Hello my new friend ***, me it is very pleasant, that you have
answered my letter. To admit to you it is fair, I for the first time
use such way of dialogue and for me new that with me the person who is
from me on very big distance corresponds. I am glad, that the Internet
enables to get acquainted on such huge distances. I do not know, that
to me to write in my first letter to you, but though it not the first
letter. The first letter was on a site. :) I worry a little, but
excitement will pass now. I do not know, that you search, but I can
guess. I search only for serious attitudes which should be friendly. I
do not have not enough friends, no, I have friends. But I wish to find
the friend on correspondence to which could talk about the life, about
your life. To spend time in dialogue and acquaintance. I think, that
is fine, when two unfamiliar persons get acquainted on such huge
distance. You concordant with me???? Forgive, I worry. I wish to learn
about you as much as possible, I for you now a pure leaf. But I hope,
that I shall tell to you about me all that you interests. I do not
know from what to begin, the name mine is known to you, but I shall
write to you it, my name Nadya.. This name very widespread in Russia.
I think, that you not for the first time hear this name. I from the
huge country of our planet, from Russia where there are so many
talented people, but their talent am not estimated. I was born in city
Yoshkar Ola, it is fine city!!! But the life washing has disposed so,
that I now live absolutely in other city, but about it I do not wish
to write in the first letter, the sad history of my biography should
not grieve mine acquaintance to you. I now work as the manager of
billiard club. And as whom you work??? As it is interesting to me. I
do not know what to tell about myself, to me years, the most part of a
life lived already is a lot of. Tell to me about itself Daniel. Write
to me questions which you interest that I could be guided to
correspond. My request to you *****, I ask you to answer my letters.
For me this all new and unexpected. It all is pleasant to me very
strongly. I am glad, that there was in the world such person who has
written to me!!!! I wait from you the answer!!! Your new friend from
Russia Nadya.
2.Hi my stranger ***. I hope, that soon we shall get acquainted
better and I shall not write to you this word. I shall write,
greetings my dear***!!!! ***, to me so it is pleasant, that you
have answered my letter, for me it is very pleasant. I hope, that you
have looked at my photo which I have sent you in the last letter. I
shall try to send in each letter to you a photo, I think, that it is
necessary. How you consider? We have an acquaintance while I so know
about you if it is fair a little, at me now it is so much ideas in a
head, it would be desirable to ask you so much, that at all I do not
know, with what and to begin. I would like to learn, how you live,
than are keen, that you really forces to be pleased in this life-me
your private world is interesting. It is assured, it very big. And in
the questionnaire your external parameters … It only the questionnaire
are described only. To me it will be very pleasant, if I can learn you
from within because appearance for me never played that big role that
only on it to judge the person. The questionnaire it for everything,
and the letter, it personally for me. I shall wait, to me it will be
very pleasant. I promised you to tell in the last letter a little
about myself, that I can tell to you, I the girl from a province, and
now I live in city. I was born in city Yoshkar Ola, and now I work and
I live in city Yoshkar ola. I have finished university, faculty of the
international attitudes. But I work not by a trade as by my trade here
it is very heavy to find work. I quite consider myself happy, I have a
work which to me now helps to live, I work now as the manager in game
club in one of game clubs of city. I do not like this work, but for it
not badly pay. I so have taken a great interest in the study and
career that has not noticed how all mine girlfriends have married and
have given birth to children, only I, I have remained one. I do not
know, but many of my girlfriends already divorce, they unfortunate in
marriage. In game club I see much how Russian men offend the wives,
carry away from the house last money and lose for them Forgive, for
that that I write to you all this in the first letters, I am simple so
is glad, that you have answered me and now I have a person to whom I
can tell and to whom I can talk. I have not allocated on your
questions, now I shall try to answer them. I think what to meet to us
still early, we need to learn still each other. But I hope that it
probably! I still wish to ask you to write my friend to me as it is
possible often, I shall try to write to you every day. I wish you to
ask, why you correspond with me? Than I so have interested you? I have
told about you to the girlfriend and it to me has advised to ask to
you this question. It to me has told, that the man can write very much
to many girls. I do not trust in it, I trust that can you and write
still to whom that, but in the further at acquaintance we shall reach
frankness. I stop to write, as I now need to run. I wait from you
answer***!!! Nadya.
3.I am glad to that you have answered my letter ***!!! Today I write
to you with huge pleasure that I have such frank friend who writes to
me. It is interesting to me to learn you. I am am excited now with a
question on why you send on this site? I know, that it for you
personally. But I ask to understand me correctly, I was resulted on a
site with loneliness. Girlfriends who work with me to me have advised
to go on this site for search of second half. All this has begun that
we sat on work, clients we conversation on what were not. Men like us
why men good so a little. I spoke that I have not found while the man
of my heart … They very much were surprised, in fact they considered,
that I the safe girl and at me am many admirers. I think, you can have
such question: and why I have not found the love on the native land,
in the city. If to be up to the end frank, and I think, that I can
already share with you such ideas I am afraid of our men. Because even
when we with my girlfriends meet to talk that new has occured in their
and my life all conversations are reduced how my girlfriends offend,
humiliate and even their husbands beat. I have told it that I, can be
and I look as the happy girl, but actually it is far not so. To All of
them for 19-21 years, they to me have told what now very simply to
find the man, for this purpose only it is necessary to address for the
help in the Internet of cafe. I was frightened and began to speak,
that to me not before now, I need to think of the future, about work,
especially, I have achieved much itself. But they have told, that it
is self-deception, that I simply do not know true happiness from, when
beside relatives the man. Here this history me also has led to that I
have found in the Internet you my friend Daniel. Now I can write to
you frankly all that I want. I have told about you to girls and they
are very glad to that you write to me frankly, instead of for games,
that your intentions serious and I at you not the next girl with which
correspond only for games. Now I understand the loneliness. I very
much get tired from work and I come home very tired. Only this
loneliness also has forced to address to me to the Internet. I lay
down to a bed and long I can not fall asleep that I understand that I
cannot live so that from loneliness to me is sick, not looking that at
me such fine work. I understand, that I should give all love to the
husband and the children who while are not present at me. Forgive
Daniel for frankness which I write to you, but only sincerity and
frankness we can achieve understanding and knowledge of . And what you
feel, when there is no near to you of the close person? Tell more
about the work. I stop to write. It is very pleasant to me to write to
you. I wait for your letters from a photo!!! Nadya.

4.Hi *****, I am very glad, that you continue to write to me, here has
already imperceptibly passed time as soon as we have started to
correspond. For this time we have learned each other a little and now
I can write to you about myself more. But only to me to write there is
nothing much. I grew on education at the grandmother. All my childhood
connected with it. My parents were lost. I do not like to recollect
it. My grandmother to me told, that I fine had parents. That my father
was the teacher, and mum worked as the bookkeeper. We had a fine
family, we lived safely. Till one moment, the most terrible moment ….
Can to me a little and has carried, that I was very small and could
not understand all horror …. But the grandmother, it has given me all
my education, it the heroine for me!!!! You so have strongly become
interested in me, that now I start to trust you as the close person, I
can share with you the small secrets about myself. The patience has
sufficed you to read my ideas concerning me and my life. My work does
a print long in my life, in fact as you remember, I work in intense
conditions, in conditions of noise, drunkenness and wild passion
much.. I very often think of why I have gone to work here, I have
finished university, at me a fine trade, and I have chosen this work.
I recollect words of the grandmother when it spoke me after leaving
school, that a life unpredictable, it gives us difficulty, but can and
give and pleasure. It is necessary to trust only in it. It is
necessary to overcome all difficulties and to not lose courage, if
happen complexities. All can be overcome. It has explained to me, that
in a life can happen so, that I can work there where even did not
think to work. The life with me has disposed so. I have wanted to
study in foreign languages, but I work here. Now I regret about it as
my state does not appreciate my formation a little. I understand it
and from it to me is heavier to work here. Me to have to give them all
tenderness and care to my subordinated girls, but I not joyful from
the life, forgive that I write such confession. I wish now you to ask,
you studied as what trade? Whether your work Is pleasant to you? You
ready to change the life to the best? It is interesting to me to learn
it. I wish to tell to you about my grandmother, it the fine person,
but unfortunately now is not present it, it very strongly does not
suffice me. It has brought up me, as I consider, perfectly. I look at
girls of my age and them it is a pity to me. They go unfortunate,
their persons spoiled that in due time when they should store
themselves for favourite, they walked on discos and bars. I and now
see much 18 - 20 years girls near to men who get drunk beer and abuse
them to abuse in a hall.. I try to watch myself. My grandmother always
spoke me, that in a life it is necessary to wait for the happiness and
when it will come. That to go to it towards. And now, till now I did
not have a man which would be only for me. But each time when I read
from you letter *****, I understand, that my grandmother was the
rights that the happiness sooner or later will reach me. I have
written today such big letter that has not noticed, that I need to run
now, I have very much taken a great interest!!! I wait from you *****
the answer. Yours Nadya.
5.Each your letter does to me pleasantly more increasing and more!!!
Here and now I very joyful, that at me from you am the answer, that
you fairly to me write and read my letters ***** so it is pleasant,
that you write to me frankly and try to learn me. And me not so simply
to learn. I the latent person, I am afraid to trust in people. Not all
people good, and not everyone understands and accepts the person how
it would want. So I was spoken by the grandmother. I very much love
it. I recollect it always, to me is sick that now it is not present at
me. It has died in the past to year. Forgive, that I it write all of
you, but you to me so write, you have opened to me, I do not know,
that to me allows force to write to you ***** but when I write to you
the letter, I feel, that I talk to you as with the person close to me
who will always listen and will always keep up correspondence. Write
to me the home address the country city. It to me of that I wish to
write to you the letter. Our correspondence should not be only through
the Internet how you consider? I think, that it will be fine. I wished
to tell today to you an interesting case but so has taken a great
interest in the beginning of the letter, that just now it have
recollected. Yesterday in game club send to play group of men. They
were unusually dressed, but I did not pay to them attention. But
suddenly I have heard, that one of men have called by name, its name
was as yours, it called ******. I have shuddered With unexpectedness,
I have thought in the first second, that it you, the shiver has run on
my back. I do not want, that you saw me on such work …. But then I
have come to the senses. It has occured that I have reflected on you
****, that today I shall go to the Internet of cafe to write to you
the letter. For me it was so unexpectedly. Strange, I never reacted so
to man's names, but now, now I have heard your name. To me it became
pleasant from an idea, that you. Here such interesting event with me
has occured. I then long looked at these men and thought, how it was
healthy, if you were there, we could talk to you about much. I always
wish so many to write to you Daniel but when I come to the Internet of
cafe all events at me mix up in a head, all this occurs that I very
strongly worry that I think that you have now written to me. I so have
taken a great interest, that have not answered your questions. Yes I
have really taken a great interest in you how we can will meet??? I
very joyful that at me am such fine the man!!!! I so have taken a
great interest in the letter so has taken a great interest that has
not noticed how has passed hour for which I have paid in the Internet
of cafe. I am very glad, that you so write to me. I have written to
you more, but my time has ended. If I shall write to you today more I
cannot write to you tomorrow, and tomorrow I shall wait very strongly
for your letter. Yours Nadya.
6.****so it is pleasant to know, that someone waits for my letter. To
me it is very pleasant!!! I now too began to concern to your letters
with huge interest. All this of that I never tested such interest to
correspondence. I think, how it is fine, that people can use the
Internet for such fine purposes. I now only have understood, how there
were right my girlfriends when have asked that I have started to
correspond through the Internet. Now I have started to understand
really, that I have spent a lot of time for arranging the career, to
be learnt and receive formation. I need to be given more time for the
private life. *****, I write to you because that I have nobody all
this to tell. Now you unique the man in my life with which I so close
communicate. It is unusual to me, I feel a little frightened. You the
man with whom I write the first. There were men who achieved my
attention, but it was only at university, I was keen study, and to me
there was no attention up to their attention. In game club many men
try to give me of attention, but unless it is men????? They are drunk
and rough, impudent people who have wife and children, but they go to
game club and lose for last money on which could buy to children of a
sweet. At me many men were lost, I tried to convince them to go home,
but they in the answer were rude to me. I have received from the heads
of a curse in my address, but it is a pity to me. It is a pity to me
to look at all this …. ****, you the question why I work here but
where me to work as not here, my trade here unnecessary, I by a trade
the translator of foreign languages and to whom they here necessary
interests??? I last night considered photos from university. I
considered a photo from the first rate and from the last, in a
graduation class. What I was happy, what fine. I have decided to send
these photos to you , you to me will tell, how I have left on
these a photo. I trusted in the light future, in the future which to
me the grandmother told. I have finished university, and my
grandmother has left me, has left me one in this heavy and terrible
world where anybody any more will not regret me, anybody to me will
not tell, that me, that I madly love and the most safe. I so lived
very long. I lived one, lived to go through only all troubles which
surrounded me. I have got a job. My life gradually was adjusted. All
became little bit better. But my girlfriends on work to me have told,
that I for full happiness do not have not enough man. I have listened
to them, and now I write to you. I so much write that it is
pleasant to me to write to you, but this everything much, that to me
speaks now heart. I think you have felt that I write to you too many
my feelings. But I to anybody so did not utter the life with anybody
did not share the disappointments. That case about which I wrote to
you in the last letter, it is not simple so me has excited. Now I
feel, that I do not have not enough your attention. Yes, your
attention, let we also are on huge distance, but it to us does not
prevent to correspond with each other so that to me it was pleasant.
Yes, very much it is pleasant to me, that at us so it turns out to
correspond. Daniel, me so it is pleasant, that you read all this, that
you continue to write to me. I ask you to understand me correctly. As
I feel myself now, now I ready to write to you much, but my time on
the sly comes to an end. I have written to you much more. You ask me
why, I shall answer you. All because for me you became very close the
man, with which I ready to correspond and correspond. When I write all
this to you, I represent, as you sit and read my letter. I represent,
as I do not write all this, and I tell all this. From it I would not
like to leave about the Internet of cafe, I would like to write simply
to you and to write. But now the manager me has asked to finish the
Internet of cafe. At me remains to a few time, I still need to attach
photos to the letter. ******, I wait for your letters. I very much
wait from you the letter. I shall write to you necessarily tomorrow.
Up to tomorrow, I hope, that tomorrow I shall see your letter from a
photo. I need to finish, while, a kiss!!!! Nadya.
7.Hello my dear ****!!!! I am again happy to read your letter. As it
is simply pleasant to read it. And in fact more recently I at all did
not know you, I did not know from what to me to begin correspondence
with you. To admit to you it is fair, I was afraid correspondence with
you a little. I was not afraid of you *****, I was afraid of how you
apprehend me as you will start to write to me. I was afraid, that you
will simply not write to me. I am not able to talk to unfamiliar men.
I tried to avoid all conversations while to me have not told, that I
need to build the life. You the first and unique the man with whom I
so correspond. I studied at university, at faculty of the
international attitudes, I wrote to you about it. The basic rate of
studying went on English, I perfectly know it. I know other languages
a little badly, no, I know them, but at me badly it turns out to talk
on them. I think, that to you from it will not affect our
correspondence. The small part of my life is now connected with you at
me, small, but while the most light after death of my grandmother. I
did not feel so much pleasure, how many I feel now. I now write all
this, as I do not have forces more to hold it. I did not wish to write
to you about it as I was afraid, I had a fear of that you will tell,
that between us such distance, and I have such feelings. It is unusual
to me to write about it but if we were a number, I could not tell to
you about it. I have not dared to make it, to tell to you that so
strongly pulls me now in the Internet of cafe. Yesterday on work I
have told about you to my girlfriend, it has listened to me, it has
supported me. I to it have told much, I am surprised, that you in such
short term have forced me to become interested in you. I do not know
from what it could occur, can that at me so long was not a number of
the person on which I could rely to whom could tell all the troubles
which could support me. I see every evening on work so many quarrels
and conflicts, but then I think that you at me not such, that you
close and careful the man. Forgive me , that I so am opened
today by all this have written. Simply yesterday's conversation with
the girlfriend has given me force to write to you. Yesterday the
girlfriend has made a photo which I today shall send you necessarily.
I think, that I have told today everything, but I would not like to
leave from a computer. I hope secretly that you now to me write too
the letter that as soon as I shall leave about the Internet of cafe
from you the letter will necessarily come. I ask you Daniel, write to
me often, I understand, that for you it is heavy, but I do not have
not enough letters from you. At me it is impossible to write every
day, on it there are many reasons. But I try to write to you often.
Now my time comes to an end, but I write until the last second. I
today shall send three photos. I wait from you tomorrow the answer, I
shall necessarily come tomorrow. I very much wait unique mine *****
your photos. Your unique Nadya.
8.My far ***** as has much changed since that moment as I have started
to write to you. Has occured events So much, there was very much much
for me. I have started to notice changes. How you, than are engaged? I
now start to understand only one. I have written to you much in the
last letter. Everything, that I have written now me very much excites.
I too have early opened to you my sympathies to you how you consider
Daniel? I am afraid, that you not correctly will understand me and
will cease to write to me, I was afraid to go today to write to you
the letter, it was terrible to me to know, that you write. I weigh
evening yesterday has thought over how me to be as you will understand
my letter. I do not know, but I feel your attention to me on such big
distance. It is unusual, but it so. Has passed already a lot of time
as I did not tell about myself and the problems. I was listened only
by the grandmother, it gave me advice, it was my support in my life. I
lived only for the sake of it, I tried for the sake of it, and now,
for that time as I live without the grandmother, I began to be afraid
very terribly of the future. I did not know, that it will give me. I
did not wait from it for anything fine, but here the destiny has
presented me you . You the finest the man, let I do not know
other men, but I and should not know. The destiny has presented me
you. I do not know, that think now, I am afraid to tell to you about
it, but it seems to me, that I have fallen in love with you. I did not
test such desire never more soon to learn from you news as you, that
has occured for that time, that I did not write to you. I now am
afraid of this feeling. I am afraid that I and did not trust that here
so it is possible to fall in love. I was afraid to write to you about
it, I did not wish to write, but my girlfriend, it influences me. It
has a husband, it all searched to me for the guy, but I spoke, that it
is not necessary so to try. It me yesterday has again forced to tell
it about how I concern to you . You do not represent how many
forces now to me it is necessary to write all this. I very strongly
worry. It is terrible to me to write to the first about what at me to
you feelings. I have crossed through myself, I have made a step which
to me sleepless nights cost some. I told fortune, I used various
guessings. I simply did not know, than to me to borrow in evenings, in
a head I had only your letters. I now am afraid only of one, I am
afraid, that you will not answer me. I have learned, that on the
Internet there are men who play with girls, they correspond with them.
They do so that they fell in love with them, and then ask naked
photos. My heart prompts me, that you not such, that you the best. I
so have much written, that have not answered the letter, I wish to
construct the life. To get the husband and children. That all was
fine. And you approach me on this nominee, ms is very clever. And
fairly to admit I in you has fallen in love. I am afraid to tell now
to you, but I should tell about it. I shall not sustain if you will
not answer me this letter. I shall think that you used me. Write to me
your answer, your sincere answer*****. How you concern to me? To me
it is now sad, now to me it is terrible. I look forward to hearing
from you. I wish to ask you *****, it shall be possible to address I
to you on you? It is necessary no bility for me is. I wait for your
answers. Today I have written not such big letter, I look forward to
hearing from you, on which so depends much. It is terrible to me to
send the letter, but the life proceeds. It is not necessary to stand
on a place as my grandmother spoke, it is necessary to move forward
though slowly, but it is necessary to go. I write nonsense of that I
can not collect the thoughts. I wait the answer. Yours Nadya.
9.My unique *****, I have met today you again in the Internet of cafe.
This will be met by me waited very strongly. Yes, waited. I wish to
tell much to you today. Today. Has passed very much much. I have
changed. Now I am very strong to depend on you. From you. As it has
occured I do not know, but me hard, very hard here. Only you ****** to
me help to transfer all troubles which now occur to me. Now I began to
pay less attention to work. At me the sight that occurs there has
changed. I have you, it is not necessary to me of anybody any more. I
so wish to throw everything, to change the life, to change everything,
that me surrounds. These ideas at me have arisen yesterday when I have
told to the girls who work with me about you. They to me have opened
eyes. They have told, that if at me such strong attachment to you I
should change for the sake of it. To change. Favourite mine, I wish to
talk to you about much through Yahoo messenger. I could achieve that
to me will allow to communicate with you. I want it very strongly.
Favourite mine, I tell to me when we can talk in it. Now I so do not
have not enough one, there is no that I cannot feel you near to
myself. Near to itself. To me it is heavy. I recently understand, that
I so would like to lead with you of more time. To lead, that you were
a number with me. For some instant I shall feel, that you beside with
me, that you write to me right now. I feel, that you would like to
solve with me much. I feel with each minute. As I want, that you were
a number. I wish to feel you. I think, that chat will give me these
sensations. Your letters to me already a little. I want greater, I
want more your attention, your presence by a number with me. That you
were a number with me. I wish to feel confidence of that everything,
that you write to me in letters, all this real. I want, that we had a
kiss, I want, that we have lead together romantic evening. I wish to
lead with you passionate night. I would like, that all was as in love
attitudes. In the presents, in such, which written to love novels. The
first touch of your lips. First your gentle touch …. So it is heavy to
me to write about it. This all gets me to that to me simply would be
desirable to throw all and to leave to you. It would be desirable to
begin the life with you ******. Very strong your love inclination to
you ****** drives mad me. On a photo where my girlfriend, I so want
that there was you ******!!!! I dream of it. Very strongly I dream. I
love you *******, I love. I love … …. You understand *****, I went
yesterday to travel agency and learned how many all costs. You
represent completely to issue a trip to you there are 900 dollars and
is made out for 10 days. 900 dollars cost the visa, the insurance and
tickets. Understand me I very much I wish to arrive to you. But I do
not have such greater money. Yes greater I never held such sum of
money. I earn in a month about 86 dollars. It is not enough. If you
can help me my I favourite that necessarily to you I shall arrive. As
I love you madly, and fairly to admit you the best and I wish to marry
you. What you on the account of this all think????????????? To me it
is sad, that my time has left, I so wish to live with you for ever.
Write to me. I wish to meet you. Yours Nadya.
10.My unique ****, I have come to write to you the letter. I love you.
I understand, how to me it is heavy without you, without your
attention and your care. I think much of that, as though I lived now
if we were a number with each other. These ideas me push that I wish
to leave to you. To leave all and to present minutes which we shall
lead together. All this at me only betrays force to suffer all this.
Today at me very important day. I have solved all for myself. I
understand, that it not so is simple to arrive to you. But everything,
that me expects me, all this will not stop me there is nothing.
Everything, that I can, I shall make for you mine****!!!! My
girlfriend is glad to me. Yesterday it came to me on a visit, we with
it have perfectly spent time. I to it told about you. I so have taken
a great interest to stories that so happy with you, that has not
noticed how has passed already so a lot of time. I am not surprised,
that I can so many to tell about you. I so strongly love you, that all
time which now goes, it me pushes all on feeling you near to itself.
Near to itself. I every night when I go to bed represent that as will
be fine when you will be a number with me. I shall lay down on a bed,
I close eyes and I represent about that. That you will come now from a
bath and we shall lead fine night. What it will be our first night? I
do not know as me it to present, each time I see it on a
miscellaneous. All this strongly raises me. Ideas, that I can arrive
itself to you me awakes early in the morning. I think of how me more
soon to arrive to you. I went to bank and learned as it is possible
for you to translate and they have prompted me about WESTERN UNION.
But when at me wings of love to you, me nothing is terrible. I ready
to overcome all. I have understood only one. That if to me to begin
official registration of papers now in a week or Two I can arrive to
you. I represent it and to me it becomes fine. I find forces on
accepting all difficulties. Favourite mine, I so write now about it
that very strongly excited by it much. I raised that I shall arrive to
you. You perfectly understand me. I never was in other country. I so
would like to make this step. I so think of what your country differs
from mine much. Tell to me to what me to prepare. For me this whole
travel. I want as it is possible to make more soon it, I shall not
regret neither, nor time. To me it is now bad that you are not present
a beside. I perfectly understand, that now all in my hands. I think,
that these days that divide now us, will pass very quickly. In bank to
me have told that I will need to be given you my data for that that
you could translate through Western Union. Here my data: the Name:
Nadegda. Surname: Egoshina. The country: Russia. City: Yoshkar Ola.
Plus when you will make translation, you will need to be sent me
completely your data and a confidential code of translation MTCN. Here
such I the clear head have learned all! Or you can send me a copy of
the form of translation. This all have informed me in bank. Tell that
you are going to do? You can send me of money tomorrow that I have
started all to do already. As I have told that as I shall begin to cry
money at me all for a trip will be ready in 10 days. Or for check of
translation you can send me 300 dollars. How you think? Write to me
urgently. Favourite mine, today, as well as every day which to me to
have to spend without you, at me very heavy. I should solve the
problem with work. I should go to very good agency. I shall write to
you about everything as soon as I shall solve these questions.
Favourite mine ******, wish my of good luck. It now to me very
necessary. Each your letter gives me force on making all as it is
possible more soon. I so love you!!!!!! I wait for your meeting
tomorrow in the Internet of cafe. Yours Nadya.
11.My favourite ******. All of you have truly written also all correctly,
300 dollars it for that what to pay the initial sum of travel agency.
And then you will send me 600 dollars. To pay the rests of money. And
I even cannot present that I soon shall appear at you. But if you can
send tomorrow to me completely the sum of 900 dollars it on will be
much easier. But it is necessary for me to receive money tomorrow for
that that all was cheaper. To me so it is pleasant only from one idea.
My postal index: 424000. But the postal index to put not necessarily.
I love you and I wait when we shall appear with you together. I wait
from you for the answer! Your future wife Nadya.