Scammer Sannikova Svetlana

Surgut Russia

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here is her last email, sent april 22, 2008
she asks for money because she has to show it when she enters my country she (or her travel agency) sais! too bad she does not need this money!

Hello My Darling,
It is so good to hear from you again finally. I will now create a Gmail account. I did not do it before because we were about to meet each other and I decided not to do that because it made no sense. We kept on talking on the phone and we were supposed to meet soon but it did not happen and yet, I keep trying to find some solution but I do not think I will be able to come up with so much money, Darling and without your help I won't be able to do that. My Sweetest, you are most welcome over here and you know that but my vacation is not over yet. I will be off work till the end of May and we still have a chance to spend the whole month together. We just have to do something about the whole thing. You are talking about coming and visiting me and I am absolutely ok with that Sweetheart. But do you think it makes sense to do that??? I have got all of my papers arranged and it did cost quite a lot and these papers are still valid Sweetheart. We simply have to prove that I have got enough funds to cover my expenses while my stay in your country. I do not have to spend this money on anything. I simply have to show that Sweetheart. That's it. I will keep on trying to find at least a part of this money but don't you think it would be more reasonable to show the money you want to spend on your coming over here. Why do we have to pay twice for our meeting??? Plus, it is not a matter of one day for you to arrange your coming to you and it will cost quite a lot, Darling. Perhaps, we better find a way to do what they want us to do and I will return that money to you. Don't you think it will be more reasonable??? I have got everything issued. We have been waiting for so long and now to throw it all away??? I spent all of my savings on our meeting and you did spend quite a lot as well and I do not want to throw it away Darling. It is not reasonable, Sweetheart!!! My parents definitely cannot help me but I hope I will be able to get at least some loan but I know it is not going to be much. But at least it will be something, Darling. Please talk to me. Let me know when we can talk on the phone. We need to do something because I want to meet you now, Sweetheart!!! And I know you do too. Let's do something about it together.

I hope you write back soon. Please write back soon. I keep checking my post every day.

I need you so much!!!