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Hi John!

I'm glad to hear from you.
I don't really know from where to start telling you about myself. I
went to a regular school in Kahovka, it is the name of the
town I was born in, studied for eleven years then I went to college to
Kherson,the regional city, studied for another two years and now I
work as accountant for the firm that sells printing materials. I live
in Kherson,I rent the apartment here and I work and live here. I'm
not sure if I explained right. We sell books and other printed stuff
like school textbooks or additional material for pupils and teachers,
different kind of maps and so on. Not very interesting, but it is OK
and I can read as many books as I want if I have time, of course. Our
chief is very angry when he sees us reading at work, so most of the
time we hide books under the table when he comes:))
By the way my birthday is April,5.  I am 29.
I live alone, I rent a  one room apartment. I don't have any
animals, because it is a big responsibility to keep them, but I would
love to have somebody, a small kitten or a dog. But I am very movable
and I don't want to be tied up to home. Do you have any animals?
I am fond of sewing and I sew almost all my clothes. I buy clothes
rare, usually I buy fabric and sew myself!
I have been alone for a while now, my past relationship finished due
to our difference in goals I think, so I decided to try something new.
I think, if you meet people every day when you walk on the street,
why not to take this chance. When I posted my photo, I thought maybe,
somewhere out  there is a man who will make me happy and whom I
can give all my love I have inside of my heart.
I'm looking for a man who would be able to discuss anything with me.
I don't want to have just a husband, I want him to be my best friend.
That we could solve any problem in case it occurs. That is more
important for me than to have lots of money. It is
nice to have money, but not everything. Sometimes money doesn't make
you happy if you are alone. I want to have a man to love me, to really
love me, to be crazy about me, to feel passion to me, to have strong
desire to me. Isn't that what any woman would want?
I like travelling and play sports, especially in summer time. I love
to see new places and meet new people. Probably because I'm very noisy
and communicative by nature.
I hope everything I wrote is ok for you.
I kiss you and I wish you a very nice day
  Can't wait to hear from you