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Comment #858
Hello, dear John!
Thanks  for writing and your desire to communicate with  me and become
closer.  I looked your profile and something inside me told me that I should write you.
I should try to tell you a little more what I am looking for so we can
determine if we are  looking for the same things. I am searching  through the
Internet  for  one  man that I can love unconditionally and who can
love  me  unconditionally.  We will do everything together  and  be  happy
just  because we are together. Our love will exist on every level: physical,
emotional and spiritual. I have failed in  the  past  to  find this love,
 but I have not stopped believing it exists.   Now  I'm trying to find my
second half abroad because I believe  that love have no borders.  If this is also
what you are looking for, perhaps fate has brought us together and now
all  we must do- is to complete the journey together. I await your answer.
Please,  feel  free  to  discuss  or  ask  anything you are thinking or
feeling. A good relationship must be based on trust and being open and
honest. Do you feel the same way?
I'll  tell  you more about myself later. You may write to my personal
Comment #859
Hello,  Benny! I had already thought what I would be writing to you, because I  hoped you would answer my letter. I'm glad I
was right. I am really    glad to get your e-mail!Thank you honey for interest, i really appreciate it! I think we should
know each other better!And our correspondence will help us with that!!!!
So, let's start. My name is Marina. I was born on August 30th 1977, so
I am 32 years old now. So, I am older than you. What do you thin about
it? I am a Virgo by horoscope.
Do you belive in horoscopes? Do you believe that the stars can influence or    life and character? I believe in
horoscopes only when they tell something good:) I live in a small Ukrainian town Stakhanov, it is in Lugansk region. As
for my town there is nothing outstanding about it,   but nevertheless it is my home. Our town is very beautiful, we a lot
of parks here. It   is really nice, we have here a very good and modern cinema hall, cafes, some restaurants, University,
many shops, supermarkets, trade centers,I think there are even too much of them for our town. I love my town it is my
native land.
I live with my mother, my father passed away 7 years ago. I miss him very much. He was an ideal man, we were very close,
I will be always grateful for everything he did for me.
I graduated from the university in 2000. I have a diploma on sociology and management. I work in A Pension Fund as a
social worker and consultant I work a lot with people and I enjoy my job. I know many people abroad think that Ukrainians
are not socially protected and it is generally true, but still we have such governmental programs, that allow people   to
receive social protection that is guaranteed by the law, I am working in such an organization.
I have no kids and I have never been married, I had a relations they lasted for 6 years, but they ended tragically a more
than a year ago. It is very hard for me to talk about this, later if you are interested I will tell you it later. And
this is one of the reasons why I ant to have husband from abroad, cause nothing holds me here, only painful memories.
Speaking about age I have a strong believe, that it has no matter for two people, who want to be together. I think what
really matters is   the way people communicate to each other. If they openly discuss everything, spend a lot of time
together, show their love with kisses  and hugs, and not only at home, where nobody sees them, but Also in society, so if
beloved people act like that, they will be happy   together, no matter if they have age difference or maybe cultural
difference. I can say that generally I'm happy with my life and that's  why I'm always smiling. The only thing I miss is
my beloved man, as like every person in this world I want to love and to be loved. I also think this way we can learn a
lot about each other, sure if try to be
as honest and open as it possible. And actually I don't mind to meet person through the Internet, I mean, if we decided
to meet, I will be  very glad, meeting in reality is much better than writing letters.
Have you already met somebody through the Internet? I haven't. But I hope to find a man for serious relations.
I believe marriage is sacred and consists of 2 equal partners who are willing to work together to achieve great happiness
as a pair. I enjoy doing things with my life partner no matter what it may be, as long as we do it together. I am not
demanding of my partner and I realize everyone needs a certain amount of space to themselves.
I like music, movies, some TV.I am fond of Literature. I love walks   along the beach, rain storms, sunshine, starry
nights and so much  more. I am looking for that very special someone that wants to be loved and wants to love back. I
want to spend the rest of my days and nights with one man who cares for me as much as I care for him I  realize there will
be some difficulties arise between each other on  occasion. But I am very amendable to discussion and compromise. If this
sounds like things that interest you then please tell me what you feel and what you think about what I have said.
my letter is rather long, but I wanted to tell you about myself as much as possible. Tell me about  yourself, everything
you want and can tell me. be free to ask me anything you want. There are many more things to say but that will come later,
as we continue our communication. I hope this helps you see a bit of who I am. I am enclosing a few pictures for you.
My kiss to you. I am waiting for  your next letter !!! Have a nice day and don't forget to write me!