Scammer Nagorova Kristina

Kazan Russia

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Comment #3684
Hello my dearest love man *****!!!
I again also am again glad to read your letter. You for me very dear
person and I each time pleased to receive your letter. You are very
expensive for me and I every day like to read your letter. Both my day
becomes brighter also happy at me there is a smile on the person when
I only read your letter and I am pleased with it you that person for
me which dear and about which I worry. My dear ***** Today at your
desire, I to go to the big shop and once again all to learn about a
cellular telephone. I to take big consultation about a cellular
telephone. The manager to me to tell now in shop to operate very good
guarantee coupon and if the cellular telephone at me breaks me to
replace on new or repairing. This cellular telephone in Russian, and
me will be easier to own and use it. To me it is very pleasant that
you wish to help me with purchase of a cellular telephone for me. If I
have a cellular telephone we can speak more often with each other, and
every day to send each other telephone messages. I very much wish to
speak on the phone with you often. The cellular telephone to cost 400
US dollar. I went today to bank and I was spoken by two systems
through which you Could send yours money it moneygram and western
union. So you could To see how to do and where to find it here their
sites which is in The Internet and So as soon as You can find and send all to me
it: So I will wait for yours The answer and when you nevertheless can
send me yours money. I wait Your answer and MTCN without which I
cannot receive yours money. And I will need to know yours a full name
and a surname, and the full address of a city of the sender. Here my
full address and a name and a surname which it to be necessary for you
at a parcel of money me:

My full name Kristina Nagorova.
street: Calinina 122
Apartment 85
city Kazan
postal index 420000
Country Russia.

As soon as money will be at me on the hands, the first call it will be
to you Fazlul. I very much wish to speak on the phone with you. Today
at me such difficult day was and there were very much not which
cultural patients I treated did all that only I could also they to me
only spoke that I am not able to treat that I the bad doctor that at
me not enough honey agarics in work as the doctor. But why people do
not understand that I do all that only I can but we do not have such
equipment to cure the certain illness and they blame in it me I not
guilty that at us the government will be allocated with few money
resources on maintenance of public health services of citizens but
people do not understand that not my fault they speak it that I the
bad doctor. I so am tired from it our state and our government
allocates very few means. At us only the good equipment in individual
clinic where treatment paid and in the state hospital pay a payment on
work to employees a little and the equipment to treat simply suffices
it my fault it only our government. I wanted you to ask as you at you
the government allocates enough means to provide clinics and
hospitals? What people at you as they concern to strangers. At us
people began as animals they have simply run wild and concern to each
other as animals because all this only from the government so it
awfully and Russia not so good country to live here again it is
necessary to adapt simply well to live on another impossible simply
people will knock down you. Very difficultly to fair people. All right
it is simple me so this patient that it today upset so responded about
me. And I only suffered that it named me so poorly and has decided to
share with you as you the close person for me and support for me. Well
now I very much upset and tired shall go home and to and you wanted to
speak only how many to me you are dear and how many much support for
me and I know that in the person you also never leave me and always
help me and speak to me by tender and gentle words. I know you that
person which for me and I shall always wait for you.
You and only your woman which waits for you for ever yours Kristina!!!!