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,my Man!!! Honey,I was sooo happy to read your letter and to know that you arenot angry on me! I was really afraid that you will be angry,I amreally happy you understand! :-)) I dream about being with you there,Iam absolutely sure that I won't be frozen there with you! Isend you my address and name,hope you get this letter :-))) Tatyana Viytyk Starobelsk,91000,30 Let Pobiedy 37/15UkraineI'll make the information more exact, asking service that I use to sent their terms. My sweet darling ,I need to go now,I hope you will get this letterand help me because it is really hard time for me,I am happy youunderstand and not angry on me :-))) I will wait hard for the newsfrom you,I miss you badly and hope to see a letter from you soon!:-))) Have a great time my sweet ,have awonderful day! My sweetest kisses for you,your Tanya

xxx,my honey!
> Darling xxx,where are you? I miss your letters so much,I haven't
> heard from you for several days already and I worry about you! I hope
> you haven't forgot me yet and still want to create something with
> me,because I am very infatuated for you and don't want to loose you
> now,when I have found you! I really want to continue relationships
> with you and build beautiful relations based on love and
> happiness,don't you want the same? Please write me soon,I worry about
> you so much and hope that everything is alright with you there and you
> are having a good time and will get this letter!
> I waited for your letter but didn't get news from you,I went at home
> and spent the whole evening thinking about you and dreaming how
> wonderful it would be to be with you in real someday,to meet you and
> look in your eyes to see all beautiful what I dreamed about...I miss
> you more and more with each day,with each minute,I know it sounds
> silly but it is so,I cannot do anything with myself,it is so sad that
> you are so far abroad from me,I wished you were in two blocks from me!
> My sweet darling xxx,I must go now,I have a lot of things to do
> today...I will wait impatiently for your letters and hope you will
> answer me soon,I really need you!!!
> With lots of tenderness and hope,
> your Tanya