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Norilsk Russia

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I have been cheated by a scammer who has been very able to get my confidence with 30 more letters well written in a good english with a lot of consideration about the family, the women behaviour, the difference of meeting between people of different origin, culture and customs, all accompanied with photos of a stunning girl.
The request of money didn't come directly, as our first encounter should have taken place in Moscow, where she said could have paid in advance the air ticket, to be reimbursed at our first meeting. I considered such way a honest solution and I did'nt checked further on the reliability of the girl.
For my delay in obtaining visa and her restricted period to get leave from the office she proposed to come to my place, asking only for the price of the air ticket, to come together with a tourist group from her place. I have sent to the St.Petersburg bank with all the coordinates of the recipient the amount requested of 720 euros and after few more days of letters she disappeared both on internet and on the cellurar phone where it was always difficult to talk with her.
As I have the number of the account which received my money in St.Petersburg Bank, do you think that I could start with a plaint to the police? But to which Police and accusing whom? As the girl's name if obviously a fake as I have found, unfortunately when it was too late, name and surname of the girl in Google with a scammer story identical to mine.
What I could do now? She gave me this number of passport 41 10 185867 that I suppose fake too.

Hello, Enzo, honey bunny! How was your Monday?
Thank you very much for your letter!
We'll meet in Moscow or St-Petersburg? Wow, great!
Enzo, I send you my information:
Maria Reznichenko
Birthday: 05.05.1979
Passport number: 41 00 185867
Airport of departure: Airport "Alykel" Norilsk.
May,15, right?
My Monday is very busy and tiresome.
I have been in the city with business trip.
Actually, my business trip was just courier job -
my boss asked to deliver some working papers to
other branch of our firm.
It was not any intellectual job - I worked like a carrier mule.
Oh, my poor, poor legs.
But your letter waited for me in my mail-box. :)
Enzo, my friends gave me today a couple of new music disks and I plan to
spend this evening listening good music.
What kind of music do you like?
I can write you about my own preferences.
On the one hand, I think if person love music - he love any good music.
It will not depend on kind of music.
But it's theory. In real life, each person have own favorite kind and style of music.
(also, there are people who are indifferent to music at all.
But I do not understand such people).
A little story of my past life, of my youth, first of all:
When I was little girlie, schoolgirl - my parents have thought up a refined
medieval torture for me - he decided I should go to music-school. :)
Can you imagine such callousness and cruelty? :)
Little girl, who think only about little boys and toys should visit
music-school a couple of times per a week and learn to play piano. Wow...Ugh...
Of course my parents wanted the best for me, but I was totally indifferent
to music in my youth and hated all musical instruments - from the piano up
to a drum - any musical instrument were only a version of torture of
medieval inquisition for me. ha ha ha :)
Therefore, all years spent in musical school - was spent in vain.
At moment I have no idea even how to open piano. :)
And I know how to play only dead march by one finger:
But my dad was a big fan of all these old rock groups.
Old but gold.
And I was forced to listen all this prehistoric rock each day,
together with my dad.
Step by step, day by day - I turned into fan of rock music too.
Therefore today - all my friends tell me I'm a very strange girl in my
musical predilections - The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple,
Kinks, Slade, Queen and so on. As you can see - my music is old
British rock and beat.
My friends listen hip-hop, r'n'b, rap. But I'm totally indifferent
to all this modern kinds of music.
I'm fan of John Lennon for example.
My music - rock of 60th and 70th.
"All you need is love! Love is all you need!".

My other question: What kind of TV channels you like to watch?
I have only 14-15 TV channels in my village.
It's not so wide choice for our present days and for civilizations in other countries.
But it's more than enough for me.
Because I watch only three main Russian channels (TV-news, some good movies)
also National Geographic channel.
I hate different soap-operas. My friends watch these stupid endless soap-operas
for housewives each evening and discuss it every day. Yuke...
I have a couple of favorite serials too - something like "Friends",
"Desperate housewives", "Sex in the city", "Lost".
But I prefer to keep my boob-tube switched off, or to watch something
interesting and cognitive only, or TV-news.
I send you my hot hot kiss and I look forward to your answer!
Maria mailto:[email protected]