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From: Dina Kopchikova
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To: Gilles
Subject: Best regards from Dina.
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Greetings the friend, the friend? Probably future beloved? I do not
know it.

Well, you have responded to my offer and I at all do not know as to
react to it. To tell about itself? Or you in turn dare to write to me
the first letter in more detail. I shall set some questions and I
shall try to understand you. It is a little philosophy, okey? I the
usual girl who nothing is allocated in crowd and for whom. Therefore I
ask you personally. What intentions at you?
I in turn would like to tell a little about why also I here am. My
life was those, that I loved and it is the truth (the god I very much
sees loved) the man which was for me all. It to my regret was not the
history with the happy end, we have left and as from many histories
which you or know or do not know, I would not like to speak about that
banality which have occured between us. But knowing I can assume your
reaction, that you search all over again for the friend. The woman and
the man as friends. It is practically impossible, because conducts to
affinity of both floors. But anyhow I assume it. I not so speak
usually much as it can seem to you, but now I am simply compelled to
understand you as much as possible that it did not complicate the
further relations. Relations? Possible relations which be possible
can. So my name is Dina. And I ask to name me so. This really Russian
name as I was born in Russia. To me now 28 years. I was born on June,
20th, 1979. When your birthday? I shall tell, that I and now am in
Russia and I live in city Kirov. You probably think, that it is any
draw or a joke. No, absolutely is not present. I have really decided
to get acquainted with the person from other country. Well here, I
also have told little bit truths about myself. At you now probably it
is a lot of ideas in a head, but I shall tell to you, that I have
written this letter absolutely sincerely. And I do not consider, that
people are happy only that know where there is their other half, and
in what country. You do not know me and I only give you small
representation about myself. But if you only have thought, what
exactly with this person I can be happy never would think of my words.
I simply try to get acquainted with the person who is very far. And
all. It is difficult for understanding? I hope, that you have no bad
opinion on me as I personally to you bad did not do anything.
Therefore I should say goodbye now to you and wish you good day. Yours
faithfully about you Dina.

p.s. I ask you to write to me letters on this e-mail as my old e-mail has
ceased to work. Write to me on [email protected]

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Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 03:20:12 +0400
From: Dina Kopchikova
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Reply-To: Dina Kopchikova
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To: Gilles
Subject: Hello, my dear Gilles!
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Hello, my dear Gilles!

There is no such word in my dictionary which could describe feeling
which I test to you. That pleasure with which words flow through this
letter. That tenderness as though filters and coils under my words.
No, is not present and there is no such word. Ideas and language
cannot transfer that it is impossible to transfer words. Feelings this
that border where words lose sense and remains only love. I do not
think, that such wonderful feeling can be tested by all people. I even
consider what to have similar feeling it is talent which comes not
through physical pleasure. You agree with me Gilles?? I cannot name
it love, but definitely you like me Gilles. I certainly shall
understand you in any case, even if I do not like you (and I certainly
suppose it) because feelings was very rare can mutual. And furthermore
we with you from the different countries. Probably in your country it
is very fine to live, yes? I shall not tell that in Russia the life is
awful, but nevertheless our people need to learn much from the western
countries and it could improve a condition of economy in Russia at the
given stage. To me problems of my country but when I collide with a
society it are required to which only money, instead of the rights of
the Russian citizens it very much ruins our culture and honesty of our
people are very important. I do not wish to speak much about it, and I
am afraid that you can incorrectly understand me, but all the same I
only had desire to tell about my country.
How a life in your country? It so is interesting to know your culture
Gilles, but I am afraid, that your culture is much stronger also a
nationality has much more values than, in our country. But
nevertheless I would like to talk and about us. That you and I
Gilles people who is far apart. You should understand, that if our
feelings will be serious we should meet sometime. Though I shall
personally not insist, if certainly your desire only to write letters
each other. I would shall set to you some questions on which I wished
to receive the answer, it is good Gilles?
1) whether I Like you?
2) As you describe the feeling to me if I like you?
3) You tested similar feelings to someone?
4) You would like to love again?
If you will not answer these questions I in any case can understand
you Gilles and know your relation to me. But I shall say goodbye on
it and I hope, that I again shall soon receive your letter. The my
dear friend Gilles all the best to you and with impatience I wait
for your letter. Your reliable friend Dina!!

p.s. I send you audio a file from me which to me the manager in the
Internet of cafe has helped to write down. I hope, that my voice is
pleasant to you.