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hi Francesco!!!

Thanks for the answer to my message, I did not think, that the answer will arrive so quickly
I am very glad, that you do not ignore my letter. I have already lost hope to find my soul
mate, and I have decided it to make by means of the Internet. To me advised, that I got
acquainted with the man from your country, because men in your country decent and kind.
It is very good. I have been very surprised, that so it is a lot of profiles of men which
search for the woman! It is the truth, what in your country so many lonely men?! It so is
sad... In Italy many lonely men who do not have happiness in private life. I saw your sincer
e profile. You have very much interested me. Therefore I have written to you.
I live in Russia. I hope, what it does not confuse you?
I did not think, that you will answer me. I did not wait for your letter.
I wish to tell to you about myself directly. I one of usual Russian women.
Fairly to tell I yet to whom did not write about itself! In English language.
It is new to me. I have been dumbfounded having received your letter!
For me it was very pleasant. And now I as the schoolgirl worry.
I sit behind the computer and I do not know that to you to write about myself!
I hope to you all it will be clear in my letter if you that do not understand that ask
me again! Ok? I now live in the city of Joshkar - Ola. It is not far from Moscow.
I understand, that you are surprised, that on a profile at me is written Sankt - Petersburg.
In this city there lives my father. I lived at it some time. Therefore has written,
when it was registered the city of Sankt - Petersburg. I hope you it does not confuse.
My growth 5,6 and weight of 120 pounds. I the brunette with brown eyes. I like to go to the
cinema, in theatres. To see performances. I like to read books. Novels.
I like to go on a skating rink, to play tennis. I do not drink some alcohol and I do not smoke. I live separately from the parents.
My parents have divorced 13 years ago. My mum and the daddy live with the new families.
We very seldom see. After all they the families and at them have not enough time to visit me
. My formation - the ecologist. But I cannot find in our city work on the speciality.
Therefore the secretary in a civil engineering firm and sometimes model.
I work to contain myself and to pay for apartment in which I live. My apartment not big,
but cosy enough. I have a higher education I is happy It is intellectual.
My main vital principles - it is kindness, honesty and decency. I do not suffer lie
and false people. In people I respect honesty, compassion to poor people, love and respect
to the partner. It is good, that I can tell to you about myself.
My main dream - is a finding of the favourite person, family creation.
The love of the person which will understand me which will help me is necessary to me,
to support me. And I from its part will try to make everything that I became the favourite
and best woman in the world for my husband. Also for me it is very important in the man
attentiveness and responsiveness. I am ready to divide with the beloved of its idea and
dream. Initially I did not know you will answer me or not.
I do not know and now the answer and you on my letter or not?...
But I have dared to write to you.
I have wanted to find the happiness itself. It it doesn't matter if,
you do not want to answer me. I will not take offence at you.
I have simply decided it to learn! I than do not risk, if I try. After all so?
I know this life from many parties, I mature enough and know as do the person happy.
The life is too short to use it to think and dream.
I sincerely hope that our correspondence will lead us to family creation.
I do not wish you to frighten initially. That I wish to marry you somewhat quicker.
It not so. You are interesting to me. And for me the marriage is not necessary on the first
place. On the first place for me costs - sincere harmony with that person who is prepared
me by destiny. Whether I do not know there will be between us a strong feeling of love and
respect. The life will show to us, we only can direct our life on this or that way.
I too have to you some questions: you are ready to concern with the woman from Russia?
Or the woman who lives abroad is not interesting to you?
Whether my dreams coincide with your dreams? Please answer me sincerely my questions.
Eventually we correspond, instead of we talk confidentially!
Please, if you are not serious in search of relations tell to me about it.
I hope you will not get tired to read my letter! I with impatience will wait from you
the letter.Svetana