Scammer Terekhova (or Terehova) Oksana

Terekhova (or Terehova)
Donetsk Ukraine

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As Oksana...

The first money letter:

Hi my adorable sweetie XXXX!
Thanks a lot for your video file, you are right that I
don't have brothers and sisters, but I have 2 cousins.
And as I told you, it is great that your roots come from Kiev and Odessa!!! I was surprised to hear it for the 1st time!
We must have much in common in mentality!
How are you today, after weekend?
by the way, I have to work every Saturday till afternoon :(.
But I am great!:)Because of you:)
On Saturday I went to the tourist agency and they told my visa will be approved and given!
But till the end of this week I will have to pay for it around 300$.
Otherwise I won't get it.
As I am a grown up woman, I am working and go to US as a tourist there is no problem of me getting visa.
So, luckily everything went ok! I am very-very glad and satisfied, and you? Though I don't have 300 $ right now. So I wanted to ask for your support in this question.
It is rather embarrassing, but we love each other and have to tell everything to each other, right?
Let me know what you think, honey.
As you know I also went to my mum and cleaned in the yard. The party was ok, we even sang karaoke!
Also I played with small puppets which were born by my dog.
The weather was fine, though today it got really colder and with cold wind. In the evening it might rain according to the forecast.
Also during weekend I have been thinking a lot about our acquaintance,
about you, about your letters and about us.
And I have understood, that I cannot live without your
letters any more, and certainly without you!
I think of you all time. And I cant help it:) I feel, that we were meant to love each other ! Probably, it is love! Do you trust in love?
And in love on the distance? And how do you explain things that happening with us? How can I feel what I feel if we have never met?
But I trust my sensations and I believe maybe in 6th sense,
I just feel that you are dear to my heart and nothing would change it,
even if our first meeting will show us that we are not what we expect,
but I am trying to not think about disappointment , I believe
that we would fall in love and would stay with each other
forever, at least I wish it a lot!!!!
This feeling has came to me so quickly and unexpectedly, that I cannot believe in it, it’s hard to realize that I have not invented you in my mind and that you really exist on
this planet! I wish I would be able to tell you while looking in your eyes "I love you" and it would be start for big changes in our lives.
I like you a lot!!With all my heart and soul! I am falling to you! And I can’t help it! I have never felt this way before! And consequently I felt emptiness in my soul without love.
But now my soul sings with happiness and I really feel that i am alive!!!! It’s very hard for me to explain with words! I hope, you understand me and feel the same way about me!
My life became similar to a fairy tale, and I want, that
this fairy tale do not come to an end! Of course I have been thinking how would we live together?
I wish to be with you a lot, I want to feel your breath, your touch,
for to realize that you are not just a dream but you are human from blood and flesh. Don’t you think so sweet? And I would like to ask you something very important for me!!
do you feel the same about me? please answer me honestly, I really need to know that!! because I am falling in love with you and I don’t want to be hurt again, I would not survive one
more disappointment. I don’t want to be deceived, I think trust is very important in relations!!! But the only thing that connect us it’s letters! And I am trying to express everything what I feel ,
I hope you understand what I wrote I want to be with you and our separate life became for me intolerable already:)
ok, I kiss you good bye, miss you a lot,
and will wait for your letter
I hope we will make correct choice
Kiss you

The Pick-up money letter:

Hello my dear sweetheart XXXX,
So today is the middle of the working week.
How is your cat? A but calmed down I hope?
Yesterday I managed to see my friend, she came to my flat and we chatted. She told that she and her boyfriend plan to go to the seaside to the Crimea, (it is the south of my country).
The want to go there in early May (during Labor holidays we have several days off), and they want to visit one of the most popular resorts – Faros it is called. I feel so happy that they want to go there. I just adore seaside, sun and beaches. Though I doubt that they will have opportunity to swim, because the weather is too cold for doing that in May. It is just a good idea to see the south of my country in blossom…I imagine how many flowers and trees are flourishing there! They have wonderful smell…I have never been to the seaside in spring.
Once, in the end of summer my mother and I visited the Azov Sea. We spent there 5 lovely days in the resort. And during last night a terrible storm began. The lamp posts were hit by it and we even didn’t have electricity! Though it is not a large sea, it was so stormy! The beach was covered with newly brought sand, and… it all was washed into the sea! People who ordered light beautiful and clean sand must have lost a lot of money.
It was so sad to look out of the window at the uncontrollable sea which was washing away the sand and everything on his way.
It was even trying to flood the sanatorium where my mother and I lived.
It was too close to the sea, so we prepared all the documents and money to be evacuated soon.
That night I couldn’t sleep, but I wasn’t afraid. I love water; it would not be scaring to be washed away to the sea. Don’t know why. You know, it is my dream to see the ocean and to swim there.
It would be so great! I can imagine how a gentle breeze will play with my long hair; it will touch my skin with its tender air…
I love walking along seashore, thinking about life and death, about happiness and sadness…
I love to take my player, listen to soft music on the seashore, or just listen how the wind is whispering his secrets to me. I adore watching at those fluffy clouds in the sky and imagine some shapes and pictures there. It is so funny: there is a bear, and that cloud seems like a big bug…
Great, isn’t it? I enjoy just lying in the sun, feeling its warm hugs to my body and face…
I am just a child of nature…
Honey, I am so hopeful about coming to you, like a child who sees the candy. Darling, I chose the bank (as you asked me in the video file) which is not far away and is suitable to pick up money from it is:
(380) (056) 319135
The money sum I need for visa and ticket as I have told you, my visa costs 300$, and the cheapest ticket I found (economy class) is around 1000$.
Whatever expenses I will need more, I will also pay from my mother's savings (she agreed to help me with some money she has). As during road I will also need some money, I would take from my mum. And you will help me for visa and ticket right? My mother and you are the closest people for me, who are willing to help their little girl to be happy with her beloved man - you! I am so happy that I have people like you and mu mum in life! Thanks God! Honey, I love you and am counting the days till my arrival!!!
I am just overwhelmed with emotions and want to explode!!!!

Your flower girl.

(I'm using an alias and speaking with her again, although the pictures are the same the girl writing the letters is different)
As Aiona...

Hi my sweet XXXX, only mine and no one else's!!!
my love, my prince, thank you so much for your wonderful letter,
sweety! i
need you so much in my life, honey...i don't know how i could live
without you
for so many years...this was not life, this was will
begin when
we are together, because life without love is nothing! honey, you
are in my
heart on forever now! honey, i really feel very excited too that we
have never met each other in reality, but we are so into each
other, baby!!! honey, you should go and search for a candy :)))
hope you will like it, but remember, i do not produce candies :)))
(this is in case you won't like a candy :)))) baby, i normal meal
for me would be eating rice or potato with meat, but this is not
a traditional Ukrainian meal, there are many meals like borsch,
okroshka, oliv'e, vareniki, pelmeni which are really Ukrainian ones!
but there are too many calories in them and i try not to eat it
and cook these dishes on holidays only, because on holidays it is
ok to be fat :))) honey, frankly speaking i would like to meet
with you for the first time somewhere where it will be warm and
where there will be a beach you know such places,
my love? :) oh, sweety, i see that you are a real gentleman, thank
you so much for understanding my difficult financial situation! ...
i really have, but as far as you will be taking care about
expenses for the trip, i am really grateful that you understand me
and care about me, then it for sure should not be a super expensive
vacation, because i already feel embarrassed that you will be paying
for me and i will also be working hard and i will return you the
money afterwards, that's for sure! because money don't fall from the
sky and i have to work hard to earn it and you work the same way very
hard, honey! baby, i will also be trying to find an opportunity us to
have a talk, because i would like to talk to you very much, sweety...
it will make us closer!
You know, sweety, since I met you, since we began to communicate and
when i have been falling in love with you step by step, I couldn't
think about anything else, but about us, about our future, family, our
relations, our feelings...I have been told millions of times that
french is a language of love. sweety, I have been studying it a bit at
the university and I have a small amount of knowledge of French. I
used to listen to the statement, that French is a language of lovers
and love, but never paid too much attention to it. But now, when I
have found a beautiful poem, I can say that it characterizes all my
feelings and expectations with you, my baby!!! I found this wonderful
pome and translated it especially for you, my dear honey!!!
Quel jour sommes-nous aujord'hui?
Nous sommes tous les jours, mon amour
Nous sommes toute la vie, mon ami
Nous nous aimons et nous vivons
Nous vivons et nous nous aimons
Et nous ne savons pas ce que c'est que le jour
Et nous ne savons pas ce que c'est que la vie
Et nous ne savons pas ce que c'est que l'amour!!!
baby, and here is my translation for you!!!
Don't ask me what day is today
Don't try to stop the moment
All days which are ahead are our days
All life which lies before is our life
Don't try to stop the moment
days pass and we pass with them
The running of the time won't stop the person
And what's life nobody knows for sure
And that love exists nobody will explain!!!
Honey, my translations is not that good, but I was trying by all
means...the poem sounds much more effective in French. I promise, when
we are together, I will read the poem for you, it touched my heart a
lot. You are my man only. I love you with all my heart and want to be with you for my whole life!!!
Your woman in love...