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Ivano-Frankivsk Ukraine

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Last letter,when i asked her to give details as i would apply to get passport/visa for her she went all dog & revelved nothing!!!!

Sweetie,hi my Darling! How are you there? missing me? the same way as i do? i just miss you like crazy and you are always in my head and you know, i think that it is an obsession, cause i can't concentrate at anything else, but just you, you and again you! well, and of course our coming meeting!:)

Well, honey, I have such nice news for you!Today I was at the agency and asked about my trip.They have told me about international passport and tourist visa and some another documents.The process of arranging passport would take one week and visa only two.I must pay for passport 257USD and 304USD for visa.Well,I said that I want to go there as fast as possible.And they answered me that it will be as soon as I'll pay for it. honey, i just would like to ask you right away if it would be possible for you to help me with the documents, cause you see, i am just a usual student and i don't have the funds like this to pay for my trip to you, that's why i hope for your support. believe me, honey, i feel quite uncomfortable asking you about it, but i hope you can understand me and my situation. Please, let em know what do you think about it and what your answer would be, ok? i am just trembling asking you about it, but i understand that i have no other way out and that it is only you who can help me. Just let me know your opinion. Or may be if you can't help me, then you would come here to my country to meet me? what do you think about it?

You see, honey, I'm agitating a lot about my trip.I have never been abroad,that's why I'm afraid a little.I want to meet you and to look into your eyes,to kiss you and to realize that it is not a dream.I was looking for the perfect man for a long time.And I'm glad that I have finally found him.To tell the truth,I want to see you most of all in the world.I think that your expectancies are as serious as mine.You are really dear for me.I love you most of all in the world.

Your beloved Criss!!!

My honey Erwin!I was waiting for your letter with great impatience and I think you understand why.I didn't sleep last night.I thought about you,about your reply,about what are you thinking about me and our relations and whether you want their continuation the same way as i do.I'm so happy that you don't forget to say warm words in your every letter to me.It plays very important role in our relations.Dear,I was so excited to receive your letter.For some time I couldn't decide to open it.You ask me why?Because I was afraid that you became indifferent to me after such emotional letters.And I was so happy to read those words in your reply.I was almost crying.I feel like a million dollars.You can't even imagine what it means to me.I'm really glad that you are the same serious about me.So,my love,I want to tell you that you made a right choice!!!:)I think you won't regret it.I'll do my best.It is interesting for me to imagine how i would be feeling when i meet you for the first time?

As I had already told you I had never been abroad.And I need some documents.Tomorrow I'll go to a travel agency and will ask them about all details and documents that I need.After my visit I'll tell you what I need for this trip.I think everything will be all right.I can't wait for our meeting.Since this time I'll count every minute to it.It is such a pleasure that I have you, my sweetie.I send you thousands of my kisses.I'm crazy about you.I miss you so much!!!Yours Criss.

This next letter was interesting as she told me she was away etc,but managed to go online that week to check her messages on!! Plus there were no holidays!!

Honey, i am so sorry for my late reply and for not writing to you for so long, but there were holidays in my country and i left for my granny for that period of time, as i was helping her in the garden, as it takes much time and strengths to lend some trees and also fruits and vegetables! honey, i was missing you like crazy and thinking of you all the time!!! I am so much happy that now i have a possibility to write to you, cause there wasn't an Internet cafe at my granny's village! sweetheart, being apart from you, without our communication i understood even more properly how much you mean to me and how precious our relations are!! I was really missing you very much!!! I was thinking of you every second and dreaming about the moment when i can finally come and see your letter in my mail box! Honey, tell me were you missing me the same way as i was missing you, or even more??:))) Tell me what you have been doing without me? how were your days? what's new with you in your life? Oh, too many questions, i guess, although you know that i am a curious girl that is why no wonder!:) And i also wonder how was the visit to your friend and if there are any news about it?

Honey, thank you so much for the compliments concerning my english! it is great to hear that although i think that your english is ok! it is not hard for me to understand you at all!

Sweetheart, as for the horoscope!!! Well, it is true in many ways and it is great that you have found! i have read plenty of the information like this and i have noticed that many things are true!!!

Honey, such as i am back right now, i will have the possibility to get to know more about my coming to you and about the documents which i will need to have arranged and how much time it would take, so wait for the news from me, honey!!!

Love you and kiss you many many times!!!!!!

Yours, Kristina

P.S: Happy to hear that you like my pics!:)))