Scammer Saray Osorio Mosquera osoriobar18

Osorio Mosquera
Bogota Colombia, Barranquilla Colombia, Mercadoma Spain
Barranquilla, Colombia

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Saray Osorio Mosquera is a mestiza, part african and part caucasian. She has 2 adolescent sons. She has a pleasant voice and attractive face with a plus sized body. She is lazy but manipulative. She will convincingly tell you that she loves you, how you are the only man that she really loves, and she will tell you all about how tough life is for her and her children is in Colombia. She will ask you for money because she is in an emergency situation. What you won't know is that she tells the same stories to multiple other men who will also send her the money. She will exaggerate the degree of the illness or claim that they are all out of food, no money for transportation, etc.
I did go to visit her, and she was extremely sexual with me. As I left to go back to the United States, she stood near the security checkpoint, blowing kisses to me over and over again. When I got back home, she was very difficult to reach. What I found out later on was that she went from the airport in the late morning and was with another man by the afternoon. She went on a trip with him screwing his brains out for the next two days.
After she disappeared another time, I found that she had been telling me that she loves me every day, sharing intimate photos, professing how much she loved me. She then went silent. She had gone to Spain with a Colombian guy named Antonio, who she admitted had no knowledge of me. I saw pictures of her on the plane with him wearing the headphones that I had sent to her because hers had broken, and she was wearing the necklace that I had sent to her in the photos with Antonio.
She is a scammer and she plays with men's hearts. When I talked with other guys, including one guy named Carlos, they admitted to me that they had been sending her money the same way that I had, for the same things (sick child, no food, etc). He had sent her money for an educational visa to the US. When she didn't receive the visa, she called Carlos and myself, crying about being so sad and that she had wanted to be with each of us, but neither of us knew that she was telling the same story to the other. We had no knowledge of each other.
I would speak with her mother Doyler sometimes. Her mother knew that her daughter was lying. She didn't care. Her young children knew that she was lying. It turns out that she wasn't a good mother. She would often leave her boys with family so that she could go on trips and satisfy her insatiable sex life with men and women . She will convince you that you are the only man for her, and she will make promises, she will pull back if you get too close, and she will only be interested if you have money and possibly a temporary relationship to get her children and her to a country other than Colombia.