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Hi there my friend xxx!
I'm glad to receive a letter from you, and I am grateful that you want to continue our communication. I am very pleased that you like my photos.
Before I start write to you my message, I want to ask you, please read this letter very carefully, this is a very important for me, I want to know your opinion about all my words. Please, don't afraid tell my what in your heart and opinion about us. I always try to appreciate honesty in relationship and always tell only in my heart. I hate liars and persons, who put some masks to face. I am a woman for one man and if, someone will love me, then for me there will be no one man else. I am very happy to write to you on this glorious Thursday. On March 8, Ukraine celebrates international women's day. On this beautiful holiday, all men (not even acquaintances) congratulate on this day. I wish you a lot of different nice days. Walking down the street is very pleasant. After all, everyone will give at least a smile. Even despite this is not a simple time, everyone is smiling and congratulated. And I still better, since I know that I have you.
Now I try not to think too much about the war that we go. Since, when I begin to be interested in the situation, it becomes very bad for me. And so I decided not to check it myself. And I learn all the really important information from the people who surround me.
I'm not afraid of my work, I'm not ashamed of it. I like to dance, and I like good music. And I have a beautiful body.
I do not have complexes, and I think it's good.
Complexes make life boring. Just do not think that I'm corrupt. I am very vulnerable, tender and very true.In my free time I like to run in the mornings, and in the winter I go to the stadium to skate. In the mornings I always do gymnastics. I try to visit the pool almost free times in week. I very like to swim. During swimming, all muscle groups work, and this is very useful for well-being. Do you like to swim? I do not like to watch TV, because of the programs that are shown on it. But I am interested in watching good films. I also love to spend time reading fiction. But it seems to me that the most important thing is to spend this time together.
However, I do not like it when someone starts bubbling in the pool, making a jacuzzi from the pool I hope you understand what I'm talking about. It looks, of course, funny, only the smell is not very pleasant. I hope that you're not going to eat lunch. Sorry if I was spoil your appetite.
I just want to tell you, I really love life, and I rejoice at every moments. But I try to live with dignity, that I should not be ashamed of my actions. In fact, God sees everything. So I believe that I'm not doing anything wrong in my work and life. As you can see, my photos are not too frank. But with each following letter my photos will be more and more frank. As I told you earlier, I want to build only a trusting relationship and don't want to hide something from you. You always can ask me everything what important for you. As for me, you are very pleasant to me, it's very nice and grateful for me to communicate with you. I think I was not mistaken in chose you and I really want to continue our correspondence.
I want to tell you more about me. I am 26 years old. I am an orphan. I have no relatives. My height is 171 cm. I weigh 54 kg. I do not have children. But I love children and in the future I would like to have two children (a boy and a girl).
Written you about kids and remember my not easy childhood. I grew up in an orphanage (shelter for children who do not have parents). It was very difficult years, it was very difficult for me. I'm terribly recalling my life in a children's shelter. Poverty, hunger, constant insults and peer bullying. It hurts me to remember these years. And I do not want to talk about it right now. All this is very painful for me and please do not ask me about it, I promises, I will tell you about this part of my life later, when I will be ready for remember this such a painfully years. But what to do, it was part of my life. But there are also positive aspects, At the age of 18, when I reached adulthood, I left the orphanage and started an independent, adult life. After reaching the age of majority (18 years), the state gave me an apartment and now I live in Ukraine in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk.
In the orphanage I studied perfectly, this set me apart from the rest of the children, and it paid off and I was able to enter the for free. Now I am studying at the Department of general surgery. Next year I have to finish my studies at the National Medical University, and very soon I would be arriving at your country to practice (an internship in the specialty of a pediatric surgeon). My profession has now gained particular popularity, in fact, the load even at a student of medical universities is huge, I am a doctor and that means my knowledge and my hands provide great help to the victims because of the war. Even now I save human lives, and fortunately, Ukraine needs even more educated doctors and therefore I will have a great opportunity to increase my skills.
Any way, my birthday is March 22, 1996 (Aries) and I truly hope all be ready soon and we can celebrate this important day for me in capital of your country together. I got an opportunity to pass an internship in your country for excellent studies at the National Medical University. It is a government grant that helps develop the skills of young professionals, but right now I do not know exactly where I will be in your country despite the fact that all my documents are ready.
I know only one thing, first, within two weeks, I must to get practice and accreditation in the capital of your country. After two weeks of practice, I can go to another city. As I know I would choose this city by myself, or I can stay in the capital. For the duration of the practice I will be provided with accommodation in the hotel and meals, in addition I will receive a good salary.Of course I had a desire to find a friend in your country, and faith smiled at me - you appeared in my life. Any way I will tell you all details about my trip when I will know it. For now all my paperwork is ready, so I'll be in your country very soon. My internship will take 6 months, during this time I will be in your country. I think that's good idea, we can meet in reality and have some fun. I would like to know you in a more intimate atmosphere! We can talk for years, but never understand that this person is the ideal partner for you, until we try touch each other.
I do not force you to do this, because in the course of communication this will happen by itself. But you must to know, after the end of the internship, I must go back to Ukraine, in order to finish my studies. After finish my studies I want to sell an apartment and leave the country. My apartment is very small, but, no matter what, it is in my personal possession, and I'm very happy about it. Repair in the apartment I did according to my taste and desire. I got a very comfortable apartment. At least, this is my desire to have money for start new life outside of Ukraine.
In order to study at the university, I needed an additional income, so I worked as a dancer in a nightclub. I want to immediately explain that I danced only in the club and no more! I have no sex for money. I also despise these girls. I never agree with sex for money. Now I also need to do in a dance studio, but I really like it and I get great pleasure when I am dance. Because of my classes and work, I have very little free time, I rarely go home.I think that this letter was too big, and you are tired of reading it. So I will finish my letter. If possible, I want to ask you, when sending photos, you reduce and trim them, because I have a very slow Internet speed, and unfortunately I can not upload large photos. I'm using the Adsl Usb modem. This system does not work very well, and besides it is not cheap. I pay for the downloaded megabytes, and if you download a large number of megabytes, it will be expensive. So I ask, please, reduce the size of your photos.
As I already told you, my Internet speed is very low. Therefore, it is more convenient for me to write to you only e-mail. About such modern means of communication as Skype, facebook and various kinds of messengers so far I can only dream of. The usual e-mail for me is the most acceptable and convenient option.
Please write me what you think about all this, I really would like to know your opinion.
I hope you did not fall asleep while reading my letter. I hope my letter has lifted up your mood.
I'm looking forward to your new letter to me. See you.
P.S I send you new photos and I hope that you will like it. It is important for me to know what impression you make on my photos, and I also want to see more of your photos, and I hope that you will send new photos for me.
Comment #177054
Hello, my dearest xxx!
My sexy friend, very nice to hear from you again. I am very happy to write to you on this gorgeous Monday. How do you know that I do not have a phone now. I hope this is not a big problem.
How's life? I hope you are fine.
I have great news, all my travel documents are ready.
Tomorrow or the day after tomorrow I am going to Kiev for further stay in the place of my internship.
Literally as soon as I heard the news and immediately wrote to you about it. When I sit at my computer, I was hoping to see your letter, and now I'm very happy that you wrote to me. I feel that I miss you already.
Simply put, when I read your letter, my heart begins to beat in rhythm and frequent me on this nice.
I feel the warm emotions, and I am very pleased to continue to communicate with you. Because I feel that you are very good and kind person. I am very easy and pleasant to write for you!
Oksana’s birthday went well, but I was really bored, I was very sorry that you were not with me.
Now I have nobody. And it is very difficult. I'm young and I also have
a very large sexual appetite. Therefore, we have to settle for toys, dildos, and masturbating.
I'm a little embarrassed to write about this, but I hope that you are not scared of it.
I do not think I'm doing something unnatural. I just really want sex, and I need it. I think it's natural, and need not hesitate to do so. That is natural, it is not ugly.
Please tell me you want to see my new photos?
I see that our relations are developing very well, and we can learn about each other everything.
During self-isolation, people are forbidden to contact the outside world, go to cafes, go to school, or party. But the interesting question is how do people build love? How to find a partner for sex, sex is a great immune stimulant. And having sex increases health and reduces the risk of colds. I, like any other normal woman, consider sex as an important element of life, and I am a passionate girl. Sometimes in my sexual dreams I dream that I come to work in a doctor's suit, but I forget to wear anything under my robe and notice it only when I return home in the evening. My main feature is that I am loyal to a man who loves men, but do not think that I am too Orthodox, but I do not have any restrictions and complexes. Are you xxx a passionate man? How do you feel about sex? I have funny stories that happened to me and my friend, although they are not decent to tell to an educated public. But I don't have any secrets for you. While I'm writing you a letter my sexual fantasy is so played out at least open a page on Pornhub.. Oh, wait, what am I talking about? ))) xxx, Although wait, which section of Pornhub do You prefer?
I really hope to see your new letter soon!
A large number of hot kisses and hugs! With best regards.
Your kitten Maryna
Comment #177055
Hi, My Sweet Prince xxx!
It is very nice to see your new letter. I will be frank, I slept badly and I don't just get together with thoughts now. In addition, I have little time, but I will try to explain what happened to me. Maybe I myself guilty that it made it, but no matter how there it was, now without solving the problem I would simply have not been released from Ukraine. I hope I can find the right words to explain the essence of the problem with which I encountered. Before my departure, it remains a little time and there is every reason to think that if I do not find the output, we can never meet. I will start with your permission. I'm glad to write you this Thursday. Yesterday was my birthday. I thought only of you. I do not know what is happening to me, but only thoughts about you help me not to be sad.
We live in different countries, we share different languages, different laws, different traditions. But it seems to interfere with the lives prepared only Ukraine. I can not understand Ukraine Why, as always, they warn about everything at the last moment. The whole problem is that I have debts for utilities for the apartment - unpaid bills for water, gas, electricity, etc. As an orphan, I get a monthly scholarship, but this scholarship is enough only to buy minimal food per month. And because of the war that is going on, and the reduction of the time of work I could not earn enough money to fully pay for utilities. Our government is not even trying to help ordinary people cope with this situation. Although at the same time the basic laws apply, and citizens must fulfill financial obligations on time. Citizens who do not pay debts to government agencies are not allowed to go beyond Ukraine Until completely debt is paid. To date, my duty to municipal services is about 1015 euro. In my wallet was only 440 euro, And despite the fact that this money I copied for a long time I had to part with them. I had to give everything that I had for duty to have a chance to fly to you. But nevertheless, now I am still obliged to pay 575 euro. Otherwise, I just won't allow to get out of Ukraine. Unfortunately, this law was adopted in our country recently and this was not indicated not in one of the items when I filed documents for internship. This law was introduced due to the fact that many citizens left abroad and left huge unpaid bills. Municipal services had to wait long until the citizens gather their debt. So I was explained.
I have already tried to find money in Kiev, But I do not know anyone here. I tried to ask the money in advance under the internship program, but authorized agents told me that it was not possible. To their unfortunately, they can not retreat from the terms of the contract. I must solve the problem with the communal service itself. The saddest thing is that I have no opportunity to find any way out of this terrible situation. xxx, You are my only hope for salvation! I really hope for your understanding, trust and support. I dream 575 euro There was no obstacle for us. I do not want to lose the opportunity to fulfill all our fantasies. xxx, It is very difficult for me to pick up the words so that in full say, how I want to be with you. The faster I can solve my financial spending, the faster I will be with you. Now I have to ask you to help me, I have no one to count except you in this world. I really hope that you are able to help me stop being a hostage of my situation. I am very afraid to lose the opportunity to meet and all that arose between us. I understand that this is not an easy time, but only through mutual assistance can we overcome these global difficulties. In any test, real feelings and humanity are shown. We cannot remain aloof from this global problem. Sitting back is not for me and I hope that you are also used to acting. I am a doctor and ready to help people, while understanding that on the one hand, part of my health may be irretrievably lost. On the other hand, I understand that I can benefit a huge number of people and perhaps my efforts will help them save their lives. By helping me, you are helping humanity! I'm asking you to think of something, find a way out of the situation! You are a strong and brave man, my support and support, except for you, no one will help me... You are the only main and important person in my life! I believe that you can come up with something, I hope very much for you. You are my hero, you should be, I believe in you!
I am really very ashamed that you have to contact you for help, but I do not have another chance now. I want to believe that I'm the road to you and stand more than 1015 euro. For me personally, you have become my only family and the best friend. You are kind, gentle and caring person I sincerely believe that my man really thinks about me and will make everything to help me. If you want, I can write you a debt receipt that I will return to you all you will help me. I hope you will not leave me in this difficult situation. Do you remember what I told you? I will get my first salary within 2-3 days after arrival in capital of your country. I swear that I will return you all you can help me now, as soon as I get it. But first I need to fly out of Ukraine. I really hope that you will help me, I am sure that together we can find a way to solve our fate.
I know that we are created for each other, and money is just paper. No one can convince me that you can buy real love and feelings for money. But without your help, our dreams will remain only with dreams.
I really need you and I am very ashamed that I now look in your eyes as a beggar on the street. At least at this moment I feel like this. I do not have confidence in tomorrow, I do not know what will happen to me in this huge city and it scares me very much. I beg you next to me now and do not forget to write me. Now I need your attention more than ever before. I really want to take you by hands and walk around the world only with positive emotions. I really hope that your letter will scratch my depressive days here and will give a ray of light. Sorry I have to finish my letter, I need to free the computer, my time comes out. I send the most passionate and sweet kisses to you, my tiger! Have a good one!
Your loving and bored pussy Maryna!