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Kazan Russia

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Greetings Carlos Kopper!!! I am very happy to receive from you the
letter. I looked forward it. Thanks you for your answer to my message.
I wish to tell to you a little about me, And I hope, that is pleasant
to you. Concerning you I have told, my name - Anna. I from Russia to
be exact, I from a remarkable city by name of Kazan. There was a
small, beautiful city with remarkable people. Still know, say, that it
is a friendly city. Certainly, there also bad people, but all the same
for me Kazan a native city, and I very much love it. I live with
mother, and with the father. We live three together. I have the best
girlfriend. Its name Ekaterina. We are familiar with me from small
age. We are friends from the first class. We the best girlfriends. We
never very seriously quarrel, we always understand, the friend the
friend, and we try to help anyhow each other if suddenly someone from
us has appeared in trouble. So remarkably to have the best girlfriend,
that with whom probably to divide secret. I have finished 11 classes.
At the school studied well, just as all little girls. Usually speak,
which girls boys try to study better, than. After school I operated at
university. At university I as am studied well. When I studied at
university - there was remarkable time. Now - though what to recollect
within those young, ardent years. I have finished university a gold
medal. To me taught on the bookkeeper. But now I do not work as trade.
As now it is very difficult to find work as trade if at you is not
present the acquaintance. Now, it, unfortunately, so actually in all
our country. And I work - I as the seller. This work is very pleasant
to me. I search for second half, the partner in a life. I search the
one who will care of me who will love me who will estimate, and to
respect me. I wish to find the kind, decent person, what will never
betray and will not change on me. And such now now it is very
difficult to find. Well, in general, I do not search for the prince on
a white horse, and I search for simply kind and decent person. And I
will hope, that this person will be you. You really interested me, and
I would like to learn about you more. I hope, that now you know about
me though and not everything, but all the same I interested you, and
we will start to study each other better. Certainly, in this letter on
me everything because in one letter, I think, is written not, hardly
probably to write all about itself, it borrows a lot of place, and it
will disturb you, therefore I will write about me directly in more
details in everyone we wash the letter which you knew about me. I
hope, that you will write already soon to me. Write to me, I with
impatience will wait from you the letter. With the best regards your
friend Anna.

Greetings!!! I am happy to receive from you the letter!!! You do not
represent, as I am happy, to see your letter!!! It very much was
pleasant to me which you have written me. In me fine mood!!! How in
you business? How your mood today? I hope, that in you all is good,
that you had remarkable time. All is good. On work all is fine. Mood
in me remarkable. As I to you also promised in my last letter to you,
I will tell to you more about work where precisely I work by which I
do, than I am occupied. I wish to marry as my mum, it as has found my
daddy abroad and they live many years and at all of them is excellent!
Forgive but I do not have photo of my parents if I to them go I them I
will necessarily make their photo and I will send to you! I am engaged
in trade the goods and this work is not pleasant to
me! As I to you also have told in my last letter, I work now as the
seller. I work as the seller in shop. I work five days within a week.
Free day in me - Saturday and on Sunday. I rise in the morning in 6:00
mornings. As soon as I rise, I wash, I clean a teeth, and I accept
souls. Souls help to clear up up to the end. Then I prepare me for a
breakfast, and I start to have breakfast. Approximately at 7:30 or at
7:40 I put on, and I go for work. This shop - it is close to my house.
Before work I go on foot, and it borrows approximately 15 minutes. So
at 8:00 I already on work. I work with 8:00 mornings. I work with 8:00
mornings and to 16:00 evenings. Having rummaged in me from 12:00 to.
In this break I have time to go down with my girlfriend to me home, to
have dinner. My girlfriend works together with me, only it works on
the cafe Internet to which I go. I write to you from the cafe Internet
because buildings are not present at me the computer. This very
expensive pleasure to have buildings the computer. It certainly is
expensive. But all the same it - not pity to me, actually is the best
way to get acquainted with someone, to find love. And it is much
cheaper, than to get acquainted through marriage agency. And through
marriage agency, that with someone to acquaint expenses very gently. I
have told to you my daily routine, and have told to All of you about
work. Now it would be interesting for learning to me about your daily
routine. Tell to me about your work as whom you work, and whether your
work to you is pleasant? I hope, that you will write already soon to
me. Write to me, I with impatience will wait from you the letter. With
the best regards, your friend Anna.

Greetings road!!! Whether it will be possible me you so that to
name??? Forgive for that that Did not write to you. Has passed so a
lot of time, I left in holiday and I did not have a possibility to
write to you! But now I have arrived and is again ready to build with
you our love!!!!!!!! The gratitude which you have again written me, my
mood, is much better, as I have received from you the letter. How are
you doing as your work, I hope it in All of you well. I very much was
absent under your letters and very much waited for it. I have already
started not to know, awfully, that you and you love me more and more.
Today I have left was not present Much more earlier from work whether
what to look you have written me the letter really. I have been
admired, when I a kind Road at me is not present while a photo of my
parents, I am possible for you them I will send tomorrow?? I very much
would like that you have looked at my parents! Believe I want just as
my parents have constructed the relations! I hope, that you understand
me, that I write, and I try to answer all your questions I think,
which you understand, which full purpose in my life it to find, that
only a thing, that the person about whom I can pass all difficulties
of a life, together meet pleasure, occurrence of children, to grow up
them, to surround with care, to represent their happy childhood, I so
dream from this!!! I think, that you will understand me, and your
vital purposes are similar to mine, and I in hope of soul, which as
soon as our hearts will meet. In the evening we with girlfriends
sometimes are included into cafe, and we have a supper together, in
cafe, we speak on various themes then we are absent on buildings. My
work on the one hand interesting, but difficult. In us not so the good
head, it constantly swears. In the evening I go to look mail in the
Internet cafe, but it sometimes does not work, therefore if I do not
write to you within one or two days, do not worry, I will necessarily
write to you as there will be a possibility. We should trust each
other because without trust it is impossible to live. I hope, that you
will write already soon to me. Write to me, I with impatience will
wait from you the letter. I love, I am absent, it is gentle also
violently whole you. Yours Anna.