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Hi dear xxx,
Thank you for your answer. I really enjoyed reading what you write to
me. You are indeed a very nice man. I am sure that you and I could
build something really serious. And to my regret, I have not traveled
to the places where you tell me. And I can't dance salsa, haha)) Well,
I liked your photo. And also, for me there is no problem with age.
Let's try to get to know each other better. It seems to me that we
should succeed)) You and I definitely have the same goals, haha)
Probably now, it will be good if I tell a little more about me? Haha))
I have no secrets. I am an ordinary girl from a small village not far
from Lugasnk. My village is called Yubileyny (Jubilee in English). It
is literally a few kilometers from the regional center. But of course,
that doesn't mean anything to you, haha. I have lived here all my life
and now I live alone. I am 34 years old. My height is 167 cm. 57 kg. I
was born on January 26, 1989. Usually, in my appearance, men notice
only one part of my face, haha. But I don't think looks matter. And
the most beautiful thing that can be in a person is his inner beauty.
Do you agree with this?? )))
I received an education in the specialty "public administration" at
Vladimir Dal State University, and my fate has developed in such a way
that now I work in the registry office. That is, basically I am
engaged in registering new marriages, making a solemn speech, and
after my painting in documents, people begin a "happy family life",
haha)) In fact, it's very nice to look at the happy faces of those who
create family. Newlyweds are always happy people. Also, at the
University - I studied English, and from there I know it. Of course, I
can make some mistakes, but I hope that you will forgive me)))
Of course War in my country does not bring anything good. But, I don't
give up. I dream of meeting my love. And I hope you want it too :)
Well, I guess I'll end this letter because I don't want you to get
tired of reading me. I hope that your letter will arrive as soon as
possible and we will continue this new acquaintance))
Sincerely yours
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Marfa Simakova, Moscow.
instagram @marfasimakova
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Hi Largo ive had this scammer contact me today. Ive put it on the site.