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Hello again xxx.:)

I was waiting for your reply. :) Now I'm really happy to read it. You
are looking like definitely my kind of person and you seem like
someone I should get to know more. And my woman's intuition didn't let
me down yet.;)

I have never been married and don't have children. Perhaps because I
always was looking for love of all my life.

I am 34, 170 cm tall, my Birthday is on the 15th of October. I live in
Ukraine, Dnipr city, yes like the river. And it happened so that my
city is just between two main dangerous zones in Ukraine right now.:(
Yes honey now all world knows what a brave nation Ukrainians are, and
where Ukraine is! Now all Ukraine is in fire and in ruins. So many
people suffer. My country was a blossoming, peaceful and calm part of
the world before Putin came here. Now it's the center of cry, pain and
death.;( Also it was hard enough to find a good man before the war,
now it will be impossible for sure as so many of them will die on the
war right now.;((( We don't have very active war actions here in my
city still but I can hear some bombs and shootings already not far
away from my house.;( And they are approaching every day and become

Yes honey I know that you are a little bit older than me. But I'm not
looking for a man of my age. I would like to find a mature man with
some life experience and in my opinion only older man can have such
qualities! What age do you feel you are? I belive that age is only the
number in passport and all the rest is only inner feeling.:) Will you
agree with me here?:) Hope so! Also history knows many cases when
couples had big age difference but it didn't stop them to have
wonderful and long relations full of love!

I was going to be a professional dancer, when I was a teenager... I am
currently working as seller in a candy shop. I had rather many jobs
before and even worked as a fashion designer according to my
education. But my life was ruined because of this awful war here, as
life of many other people as well of course.

What king of candy is your favourite by the way? Sometimes I think
that I'm also like a candy as I have not only a lovely cover outside
but also something tasty inside. Some men want to look only at my
lovely cover and don't want to discover what's inside. Would you like
to open it and make sure?

I would like to become that girl you are looking for. I know that I
will give my man all my attention, love and care. I will be wonderful
hostess for his house, passionate lover in bed and also carrying
mother of his children if he wants me to do this.:) In return I would
like my man to be carrying and loving, respect me and take care about
everything together with me.
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