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letter 1

i want to correspondence with you. Nice profile ))) Hello how are you ?? I'm a amazing woman ....looking for a good honor man.Are you here ??

letter 2

Hello, it is very pleasant for me to receive your answer. I am glad to our acquaintance!You already know that to me 30 years and now in my life the period when I need in care, love and attention. I shall be happy if we shall learn each other better and to plan our future together. I think that I shall not feel like lonely because in my life you have appeared. I so am happy that you have answered my letter and now I want find out well you and probably in the future we shall good friends or the spouse.Now I want to speak you more about myself.Mine growth169 cm and my weight 58kg.Mine birthday on August, 11I have been never married. (I have no children).I work as the children's doctor in hospital. I have perfectly finished university and I have the 5gradues medical formation.I studied English and a few German language from school and I can easily speak and understand you.I am pleasant like music Mozart, Chaikovskii, Bethoven.The best classical product “ Moon sonata ” (Bethoven).Also I like to listen Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Britney Spirs.At leisure I go in fitnes and to pool.My hobby: to prepare, study geography, travel.I shall be glad if you can speak me about yourself. Also it will be interesting to me to hear about your city, about your culture and traditions. Probably you to have plans for the future. Tell to me. I with impatience shall wait your new letter.Air kiss for my friend.Tatyana from Russia p.s: I cant write to you on May, 8,9,10 because in Russia holidays. Excuse that I could not write to you earlier because with May, 1 in Russia holidays and I haven't access to internet.

letter 3

Hello Ripling!!! I was very glad to receive your answer, and I hope that our relations I shall develop in the best party It is pleasant for me, that you to tell about yourself are more In this letter I would like to tell more about me, about a lifeAnd about family! Certainly I think, it will be interesting to you find out it.I am very open woman... In my life, my feelings, mineMood.In me, as well as in anyone the woman to be secret which I can open, only my Beloved.I am whimsical a woman. I can be quiet, also impatient, mobile, lazy, but the most important the careful woman!I don't like to quarrel, I do not love conflicts, hence, I always prevail of it quickly, and I can always find with the person good conversation! To me to seem, that people always to understand me when we to talk, and to find the important advice. Certainly my girlfriends should speak about it more....About my problems or a pain, I can speak only to my close people!Certainly I have, as all normal people, defects and forces. But I would like to find such the man which will consider my defects as mine forces. I do not think that external beauty in very important for the person. I think most important these are hearts of the person, his sincerity for dialogue. I very much do not love a deceit because it always to bring many pain. I have the best the girlfriend, but now she has the husband, and they live very far fromMe and we seldom see her. Now my best girlfriend - the sister, I can inform it about any problems. In the childhood, we frequently to quarrel, it frequently happens between sisters. But now we is very close together!Now she already has family, the husband, and the remarkable son. Sometimes I feel is very lonely myself because every year in my life to pass, but I still have no my family, my second half of heart! I very much like children. With children, you cannot feel like lonely! Their love, and support can alwaysTo bring happiness!!!!Some people to think only of themselves... They to buy the expensive houses, expensive ñar... But in the end a life it to not bring him happiness! They I understand, that did a mistake.... But it is impossible to return time back! I wanted to ask you about the future! You would like to have a joint life with the Russian woman? Why you have not generated the relations earlier? You would like to have family soon? You love more east or western countries? I hope to you it will be simple to answer my letter!!!Now I with the big impatience shall wait your answer and new photos!!!!! With the best regards Tatyana

letter 4

Hello my dear Ripling, it was very pleasant for me to receive the letter from you. I hope, that you have the same feeling when you receive mine the letter. You seem to me very interesting the man, I would like to know you better and to proceed to write to you. I believe, that you will be my friend, I want that you were more than the friend... I WANT... I think, that you understandI and was easy for speaking me with you on different themes. I think, that it is very important for relations that the relation to grow. I to search for long relations and it should not be come to an end on our correspondence. Trust - also very important, any relations cannot be strong without it. Thanks for fair with me and I also always shall be fair with you. I think, that we should try to tell each other so much, how many we can. If we to understand, that are created the friend for the friend, I shall be - pleased meetings with you. I think, that in my letter I should tell to you more about me directly and also to tell to you about my city and my hobby. You already know that I live in Russia, city Yoshkar-Ola. It is very beautiful big city. I love it. My city is located approximately 800 km from Moscow. If you are interested, I can send you photos my city in this letter. Now in Yohkar-Ola there comes warm spring. t +17 C Day and night +10C. I have many interests. I like go on walk, to go in gymnastics, swimming, reading. I love cook go to shop! I do not go on a disco because at me other prospects in a life and now I want to meet the man with which I want to create the future, instead of cheerfully to spend. I think that in 30 years late to go on a disco. You also can speak me more about your hobbies and about your work. It will be interesting to me to receive a photo of your city and also I pleased I shall see your photos. I am very happy, that I have got acquainted with you and now I wish find out better you, maybe in the future we will be together, and I shall ask to the god, that at us all has turned out. We to live only one to live and I think, if the God to enable us be together it is necessary to use this chance! I think distance not a problem for us. Really we have been given birth in the different countries but if we shall plan a meeting it will give us chance of the new future. I already adult girl also want to see the world. I think I can live in other country. Certainly I shall require care and attention and if you can give it to me then I think that at us all will turn out. I would like to know you better from inside, because you seem very interesting to me, so I have a question for you: What qualities do you appreciate in people the most? In my opinion, honesty, faithfulness, kindness, sincere and understanding are very important in people. I also think that in every relationship trust plays the main role. That's why I think that 100 trust should be between man and woman, they should be able to say every single thing to each other, share all their joys and sorrows. If they have a problem they should try to find a solvation together. What do you think? What is your opinion? I work much and to not have an opportunity long time to be in internet-cafe to communicate with you in a chat, but I try to speak about myself more and with pleasure to answer you questions when I have a free time. You know, I think that age is very important in the relationships. I think that the man should be older than the woman. As for me I prefer my future husband to be older than I am. Older men know how to treat the girl right, they know what the girl wants. It's much more interesting to talk to them. And there is one more thing. I am looking for the serious relationships and guys of my age they normally want just to have fun, they dont have any serious intentions, they do not think about future. I do not like it. I am notagainst fun, of course, every person needs rest, but not all the time. You probably understand me. What do you think am I right? Well, I finish my letter now. I send you photos of me and my city. Also I to send you a photo of my house. Parents to live in the separate house in settlement Medvedevo. It is near to my house. Approximately 40 min to go on foot. You can write down details my post box and you easily could send me the parcel post. In the following letter I can give to you my home address but if you want to send me a card or a gift to you it will be better to send on POST branch. Klinshova TatyanaUFPS republic Mary ElBranch Mail of Russia424000 city of Yoshkar - OlaStreet Soviet 140User's box 60 Ok, I am finishing my letter now and I wish you to have a great day!!! Remember that there is a girl in this world who is thinking about you and smiling for you. I will be looking forward to your letter!!!! Yours faithfully Tatyana

letter 5

Hello My dear Ripling!!! How are you doing today? Are you thinking about me? As for me I am thinking about you much and I am very glad that you are in my life. I at once want to tell to you, that my mobile telephone is broken and it is not known when I can take away from repair! But I think that it not the problem to call to you because I can take phone from my girlfriend or call to you from a pay phone.... This best decision! Because then we could speak alone! But before our phone conversation I want to finf out you better. I have not enough time every day to write to you, but I always to pay for 1 hour of my arrival in internet-cafe and behind this time I want to state you all my ideas. Honey, I was thinking so much about you. Every day I feel that we are getting to know each other more and more and I am very happy that you've appeared in my life. I can feel how our relationship is growing and I like it a lot, dear. My prince, I think that in any relationship both of the partners should understand one thing, that this is impossible to change each other and both should try to accept each other as they are. I think that many arguments exist because one think that the other is not doing the right thing. I mean in his or her understanding this is not right, but partners in many cases do not even try to understand that this is the way the other person is. When the relationship just starts and people feel great affection to each other they do not pay attention on developing friendship between them also, they just too much into feelings. And this's not right also I think. In my personal opinion, they should try to learn as much about each other as they can and accept each other as they are from the very beginning, but not living in the dream of future change of one another. What do you think about it? You know, I am thinking about you most of the time. You are very dear to my heart and I am very happy that you appeared in my life. I know that I have told you this many times, but I hope that you are not tired of reading my words because all of it comes from the bottom of my heart. I want that you to send me your new photos and I am very happy when I can look at you. I shall do a photo in a framework and to place about the bed to look at you before dream. I already spoke you that I to live one. My parents also to live in my city, but they to have own house. Now the daddy does repair in my small apartment. I think that in 1 month my apartment can pleasant I will change also can receive visitors. You would like to arrive to me in the summer? Certainly now early to speak about our meeting, but it only a question. When I have told to parents that have got acquainted with you they have wanted will get acquainted. I think that the distance which between our cities will not prevent us to meet. I have read a very interesting book in this weekend, that was written by Deil Karnegi and I decided to share what I have found out there with you. Karnegi talks about happy marriage and this is what he advices: 1) Partners should not carp at each other.2) They should not try to change each other.3) Do not critisize.4) To tell that they love each other more often.5) To show the attention.6) Take care of one another.7) Have a good book about sexual life. So this is what Karnegi advices and in his opinion, it will make the marriage happy. He is a very famous psycologist and I think that he is right. In my opinion, may couples separate because they do not show much attention, they forget it in a daily life. I think that this is very important. What do you think about it my beloved? But understand me correctly, that in the letter it is very difficult to transfer all feelings and in Internet it is impossible to explain very much much. If we should make the important decision, means we we shall speak on a theme of the future together more. Ok. My soul is opened before you and if you wish to discuss questions, speak me about it! Maybe our future now only in our hands and I shall be happy to meet you in the future! In May at me it is a lot of work, but I think that I can take holiday in June. Ok, my dear, I am finishing my letter now and I will be looking forward to your fast reply! I miss you!!! For ever your Tatyana

letter 6

Hello my sweetheart Ripling, it is very pleasant for me to receive your letter. I'm fine, but I miss on you. Today +6C. I with impatience wait summer when the temperature will be +20C. It is very warm. I was at home. I badly felt myself, because áîëåòü a head. In this weekend the rain was. I had bad state of health. I to take a little DVD film and have remained at home. I liked film " Once in Las Vegas ". This film about attitudes between the man and the woman. I think that is necessary for us studies that in future to create strong happy family much. Now in my life to go such period when I very much need in Love, Care and attention. Excuse please that I could not write to you in weekend but if I am not treated then could be ill now. Now to me I was better also with pleasure I write to you the letter. In this weekend Russia has won in the Eurovision and I looked it on TV. Today I save a song which sang Dima Bilan and I want that you also have listened to it if you have passed the Eurovision. Russia the first! I am very glad. I with impatience shall wait your letter. With love Tatyana

letter 7

Hello my Dearest Ripling, today last day spring. Already tomorrow on June, 1. In Russia we to celebrate " day of protection of children ". Tomorrow I cannot answer you. On Monday I shall necessarily come to read your letter. I do not understand that happened with mine e-mail but I cannot send the letter some times. I talked to the manager internet-cafe and it has told that viruses attacked mine mail box. From this day I shall write to you the letter from it mail box. Please write down the name mail box and the following letter pls write here. I am glad when you to allow to me the attention and care. I am happy when I read your letter and I feel love which is in your heart. I want to feel your love every day.Yesterday I for a long time worked and is very tired. Yesterday to our hospital came the government of our city. We needed to be prepared for this meeting because dear people to come in hospital of times to one year. Before a holiday they have presented our hospital 20 TV, also have changed new furniture. On 4 and 5 floor of hospital at us have replaced all beds for patients. Before the furniture was 1979. Sick children were very glad because many soft toys have now appeared in hospital. In a room of rest it is possible to see comfort now. All female personnel was presented with bouquets of colors. It is always very pleasant.I have come home very much tired but happy and at all have not noticed as have fallen asleep. Fine dream about us with you dreamed me. I have closed eyes and have presented that I to fly to you by the plane. There was a night and I looked at stars. I saw the brightest star and flied to it. It was you loved. When began a dawn I has seen air station and has not risen nearly from an armchair of the plane for pleasure that in some minutes I shall see you. I ran to you to jump in your embraces and this moment to me was remembered very much. Then we very for a long time stood and looked against each other. I looked at you. You looked at me. We did not want to go anywhere because it was good us. It was dream but if it will be good to think and make the important decision it is a reality. I already spoke you that all necessary documents it not a problem for me and soon they will ready. We need to plan better only our meeting and to use the best efforts for this purpose. I think that you will agree with me. Really small problem that I cannot collect all money for travel. But I think that it important for both of us and as soon as at you an opportunity you will help at once to me. I shall trust very seriously that I to be at the airport in your embraces. I shall pray to the God that it has given us a unique opportunity will meet and to create happy family. I love you and with impatience I shall wait your answer.Always yours Tatyana

letter 8

Hallo my dearest Ripling, it is very pleasant for me to receive your letter. Excuse that I cannot write to you yesterday, but I have arrived to city only early in the morning and at once to go for work. I am very tired in the evening and at once to go to have home rest. I have lead fine weekend at my grandmother. Before our meeting I want more time to give to my family and also to listen to advice concerning our future. The grandma is very glad that we have got acquainted. She speaks that to us is necessary to communicate more to find out each other better. Also she has told, that is necessary to dare to take the first step. You know, when the man long time does not dare to kiss the girl, it seems that it does not love her. But if to close eyes and to try to make it then its possible to feel at once loves you the person whether or not. If the man receives a slap in the face then the girl only wants with it friendly relations. But I love you and very much I want to receive millions kisses from you every day. I shall be very glad to receive your air kisses now and when we shall present together to you ardent and passionate kisses. My family very much wants that we tried will meet in June and then when repair in my apartment we will be made shall invite you.Also I already spoke you that in Russia exists tradition and it is impossible to break her. The man the first should acquaint the woman with the family and with the life. When it does it the girl sees that waits for her in the future and accepts a choice. Only then the girl goes to the parents and tells about the prince. Now to us very much early to speak with you about wedding and a joint life. But I think that the meeting is necessary now to understand that we want in the future. In the silent evenings we can be together in your room and talk about the future. I shall be very glad it is pleasant to you. I very much want that your family and your friends thought well of me. I do not want that you thought that I am not pleasant like in Russia therefore I search for the man in Europe. I don't apply for a good life and I do not want that you thought that I like smart houses and a life with rich the man. My dream to live in a silent quiet place on seacoast. If you are afraid that my plans others then before planning our future we could will meet not once and some times that you have understood that I to search only for kind heart.You should know that my heart belongs to you.I with impatience shall wait your letter.With love yours Tatyana

letter 9

Hello my Sweetheart Ripling, now I want to speak about our relations. We have got acquainted with you in internet and to make a step forward to learn each other. I am very glad that you spoke me about yourself and wanted to know about me. I already spoke you, but I shall repeat again to make a result. I the simple Russian woman who wants to meet the man for serious relations. The riches are not important for me. For me it is more important respect and attention. I lonely and my last relations with the man were 3 years ago. Now in my life there is no another the man. I have no children. But in mine heart fine feelings which I want to present you. I well prepare. I am able to do much in the house. I want to work and earn money to contain family. Look closely at my photos and tell to me. You think that I am similar to girls whom houses sit and do nothing? I do not like many hours to sit in manicure a cabinet but as the usual girl I always to watch the appearance. I do not like to buy smart firm things from "Armani" or " Dolce Gabana ". But I like to go at leisure on shops. Now in my apartment have switched off hot water for 3 weeks and the boiler of a heater of water to cost 200 euro. to me it is necessary to wash every day a head, but I shall not buy the boiler for to warm water and I shall better heat each time water on a gas cooker. Because I very much want to meet you. I to save each rouble everyone euro once to buy tickets aboard the plane and to arrive to you. I do utmost to prove to you the love. What do you do now? Please think and write to me, that you think of me. If you really think of our future write to me the letter. If you do not want that we were together, and to see in me the friend on correspondence please tell to me sincerely. To me very important your opinion now. I shall wait your letter. With love yours Tatyana

letter 10

Good evening my Love Ripling!How has passed your day today? I hope all well, and your mood at height! My Love how you to carry out this weekend? My love, I hope you could have a rest completely from work, and receive new forces for a week! My Love, I always think of you! It is a pity that this weekend again lonely for us with you! But I always to trust, that once we together!!!!!!!! My Love, I could have a rest well in weekend. and I completely could have a rest from vanity of city! We again went in village to my aunt! I to go by the bus. Trip approximately 45 minutes. Now at us the season of holiday, and all people to go in village for work in a garden. There was a crowd of people in the busNow we to have many work in a garden to raise a plant! My aunt one to not consult, and consequently I always to allow a hand the help! Also in village I can have a rest completely from stress city.We to warm up a sauna, and we well could be heated there. My love, at us it is cold. And the summer again to leave. Today only + 4 evening. In a sauna I can well be heated! I very much like a sauna. I can strengthen my health more! My Love, I very much wait when we together!!!! For me it is important to hear when you to speak about our meeting!!! My love, now you should care of yourself! I want that we to continue to plan our meeting. It is the first travel for me abroad. And consequently it is a lot of that I should do. Therefore I do not want to be loaded you all complexities of travel! I want to use the best efforts that we were together, but please send the help as soon as you to have an opportunity! I always think of you! Today my day to pass easy. In the morning I prepared for a breakfast. I ate salads, with cheese. Then I to warm water. Now at us to disconnect hot water. Every summer, in June, in a quarter to repair the boiler. I to speak very inconveniently when we to not have hot water. My Love, we should heat always a bucket with water on kitchen! In a lunch break I read books about a romantic meeting. And then I have fallen asleep for 40 minutes. I have allowed to be lazy a little. Because weather bad and a rain always.My love when I slept I dreamt about you. It is magnificent, and when I to rise I all to remember. It is very romantic. Mine to feel, that dream in a reality! In the evening I shall go on a visit to my girlfriend. She to have birthday, and I to invite me for a holiday! I shall be very glad to see her and I think we to have much people are familiar! My Love, now I shall finish my letter and to hurry up on the bus!I am sweet to kiss you!Always yours Tatyana

letter 11

Hello my Sweetheart Ripling, today on June, 12. It is a holiday Day Russia. At me it is only a few minutes to write to you because internet-cafe it is closed. At me the days off till Tuesday. Then I shall take my holiday. Weather in Russia is warmer every day. Today fine weather. I very much miss on you and with impatience I wait day when I can see you. I shall write to you tomorrow more and I shall answer your letter. With love yours Tatyana

letter 12

Good evening my love Ripling!!!How to pass your day??? I hope that well and my letter to bring all many pleasure and many smile. My love I to want to speak that to me always is surprisingly good to receive from you your new letter. I understand more and more and more that I very much to love you and that to me very much to want to meet you in real the life and to build with you the big love. My love I to want to speak that it is very pleasant for me to read your lines and I to understand that you me very muchTo love and that you me to want to see in real a life and me it to bring many pleasure.My love today to have it is a lot of rest and I to think of you much. I today to rise from a bed only at 12 o'clock and I was good to have a rest. My love I to want to speak that I yesterday in Russia to be a holiday and we together with my aunt Elena and my girlfriend to go to walk. Aunt Elena is the sister of my father. She lives in our city. I did not see her some weeks and with pleasure to go on a concert which was in park. June, 12 it is Day of Independence Russia. We to speak about all and as we with you to build the big love and as we much to want to meet with you in real a life. They to listen and speak me much that they very much to be pleased for us with you. They only to wish all most good us. My love I very much to love you and I very much to wait when we to meet you in a real life.My love yesterday we to walk on park and I to see with my aunt Elena and my girlfriend Polina as many pairs to go to walk and as they to participate in many competition both as him it is cheerful and as they to like each other and to become to me not much alone. I for a long time to represent as we with you to meet and as we you many time to carry out only together. We could as well as participate they in many competitions. I to present as we with you could win many prizes. But I very much to be upset because to understand that between us about 2000 kilometer. But I to think that not the handicap for people which to love it each other. I to think that you with me agree to support also you me in it????Yesterday my aunt Elena has told that I can expect for its help. She promised to help me with travel to you. Also she has told that can give me of a few money for travel. She also has told that I should not ask you money. If you to want to help me, please send money addressed to my aunt and she will help me to pay other part of travel. I shall not ask you money. If you to want to help me please write down the data at the end of the letter. And always send me copies of the form if to send the help addressed to my aunt Elena.My love I to want to speak that I today to rise and to me to go aunt Elena and we with it to go to walk and I much to speak about you. My love we with it tomorrow to be going to go to my grandmother and there to spend time. But already I shall arrive to revivals back and I think that I can write to Monday to you the letter. All is very a pity to me that we with you not together till now and that we with you could write only each other only the letter! I very much want to meet you in real a life. I to think that you too it very much to want. But I precisely to know that it very soon to vary and we with you to be together and all is good.My love I to want to speak that today weather to us to be going for a surprise and today to be in the afternoon very strong downpour and a thunder-storm. To me it was very lonely without you and very much to not suffice me you. I to think that if you could be about many that to us to not be so terribly.I very much to love you and I very much to wait when we to meet you in real a life.Always your love Tatyana The addressee, bank of the addressee:OSB Mari El ¹ 8614/020 City Yoshkar-OlaBic 048860630Correspondent account 30101810300000000630INN 7707083893The settlement account 30232810337020100000(Note) In the column " purpose of payment " to specify:For transfer on the account¹ 40887978637021115012/54Rakushina Elena Also my aunt has given me an additional paper where it is written REGUISITES54a) Reseiver's correspondent: 1) SWIFT - DEUTDEFF DEUTSCHE BANK AG FRANKFURT AM MAIN Account ¹ 9498726/10 2) SWIFT-CHASDEFX J.P.MORGAN AG FRANKFURT AM MAIN Account ¹ 6231603371 3) SWIFT-DRESDEFF DRESDNER BANK AG FRANKFURT AM MAIN Account ¹ 499081223370088856a) Intermediary Institution SWIFT-SABRRUMM SBERBANK (HEAD OFFICE-ALL BRANCHES AND OFFICES IN RUSSIA) MOSCOW57A) Account With Institution SWIFT-SABRRUMMNA1 SBERBANK (VOLGO-VYATSKY HEAD OFFICE) NIZHNIY NOVGOROD MARI EL BRANCH 8614

letter 13

Hello my love Ripling, today at me the happiest day because I see your letter. I shall necessarily answer you your letters, but all over again I want to tell, that I very much very much miss on you and is always happy to receive letters from you. When today I have come in internet-cafe and I have seen your letter was happy. Please understand my lovely, that I cannot live without you for a long time. For me the biggest dream to meet you in a real life. Please understand that I cannot live without you as each person cannot live without air. You can live without air? Please understand that I feel and write to me.I shall be very happy if you can meet me at the airport but that I could pay completely my travel I I shall to require your help. If you can help me please send money addressed to my aunt Elena. you to have its full data and as soon as you to make it please send a copy of the form in the letter.Also I with pleasure want to send you a photo of my girlfriend and my aunt.Write to me in the following letter what additional information from bank you to require.I with impatience shall wait your letter.With love yours Tatyana