Scammer "Aryana" Aryana

Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic)

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Pictures are stolen from a lady Anna Boerdokova.

Hello my new friend X! 15 maart 2023 9:12

Ahoy X!
I'm really looking forward to your letter!
I hope everything is going well and you're in a good mood, right?
As promised, I`ll text you a more detailed letter this day and I`m
looking forward to telling you as much about myself as possible.
I am writing you an email from my work computer because my home
computer is broken and I took it in for repair. My computer is old and
the handyman told me there are many problems to solve, although he
will try to repair it.
I`m practically at work all the time so it won`t be a problem for us
to communicate and I can email you on my work computer without any
problems. I got your email address on one of the dating sites, but I
can`t remember what it was called, as it was a month ago, and I
couldn`t bring myself to write to you. A month ago, I was on a lot of
different dating sites to find my beloved, but I only came across men
who were only trying to get sex, nude photos, money or simple games.
It wasn`t my goal so I was shocked to meet these people on the
A few days ago, I still met on the Internet again and decided to
call you. Hopefully it`s not a mistake and nothing to get frustrated
with. Are you single and free? Whether you have a lover or not, there
is no reason for me to interfere. you can`t answer me That`s the most
important thing for me.
And now I`m ready to tell you a little about my personality...
First my name is Aryana. I am 32 years old and I am living in a city
called Bishkek. That is a city in Kyrgyzstan (Kyrgyz Republic). You
can find a large amount of information about my city on the Net. My
date of birth is August 25 (zodiac sign Virgo), 1990.
I have never been married in my life, therefore I have no children.
My past relationship ended 2 years ago because the guy I fell in love
with cheated on me and another girl. We had been dating for eight
years and were getting married, but he got fired 2.5 years ago.
Alcoholism, heavy drug use and cheating on me with another lady. He
chased me for three months, gave me flowers and begged for
forgiveness. But it`s hard for me to betray. It`s okay now, it`s my
second year as a single lady, and now I`m craving new relationships.
I`m looking for someone from another country because I don`t want to
live in Kyrgyzstan anymore , I want to leave here forever.
I have my apartment in the city center. My profession is Dentistry
and Maxillofacial Surgery. I work in a private clinic in the city
where I live. I am a senior doctor and have done three internships and
further studies in different countries. The training aims to introduce
new techniques and developments in the field of dentistry. I went to
the US 3 years ago and worked in a large clinic in Manhattan (New
York) and did an internship for 4 months. I love New York, especially
Central Park. France is the cradle of romance and love, Israel the
cradle of religion.
My height is 170 cm. and weighs 56 kg. I do not smoke and rarely
drink alcohol. I stick to a healthy diet and go to the gym 2-3 times a
week. I like men who stand up, have a soft heart and are confident. I
also love it when a man has a sense of humor. As the saying goes, our
humor and laughter prolong life…)))
X, Do you have a glimmer of hope that you liked my letter and
didn`t get tired of it?? I will always be open and honest in my
correspondence and answer any questions you may have. So I ask you to
be honest, open with me and not play games. In this letter I have
tried to tell you more about my character, but if you have any
questions, I can answer them in the next letter. I hope your next post
will be longer and tell me more about yourself and your lifestyle.
X, I am interested in everything about your life, your city, your
country, your work and your friends. Please don`t forget to send me
your photos, as I would like to see a photo of the person I am writing
to such marrowy and unreserved emails. I am also sending you more of
my photos. I have a feeling that you like me, do you?? Please be
honest with me because this is important to me. Even if you don`t
believe me and think I`m a liar, so we`ll finish it now, like there`s
no doubt nothing can be done. Agree?? Thank you very much for your
kind letter.
Always your Aryana...