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Ukraine, Lugansk

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Hello, dear xxx!
Thank you for your nice letter and photo. Now we have the opportunity to get to know each other better chegas)) In this difficult wartime, I look at our communication as a bright streak.
I think it's worth starting with a short story about me to slightly refresh some information woodenly about me in your head)) I can already see that we have a lot in common, especially in terms of hobbies and in terms of friends takze.
I am calm, gentle and generous to care and teplotu woman. I work as a makeup artist, I like to please people, making them more coheno more beautiful and more expressive. My goal is to highlight the beauty of each of my clients and to see its most beautiful aspects. Every day is a new challenge, I appreciate it silno.
I love to experiment in the kitchen and silno spoil my loved ones with goodies. I think chamo a woman's main calling is to strengthen the family, build comfort and love, a warm family home for husband and children. I want to start a strong and loving family tagos with my special mature man.
I was really wonder, but why did you decide to look a girl on the internet and not in an obichnoi life?
Concerted me I have a lot of vtertila on dating sites for etoe time... I know there are men and women who just do plohi things - they ask each other for ihnih money... I met with this one too - I was asked for money for the courier delivery of packages with essential boger as well as for salvation from police and others...
For me, love, a strong family is silno important, not money and necoto material. Love, respect, harmony and care for the nashi family and my future husband. I write atkoe at the beginning of our acquaintance so that we trust each other and not take the forest with confidence and not minimize it chovsem.
Dear xxx, I just hotehla to tell you chegas that there were no surprises then. I speak Ukrainian and Russian. I use a google translator to write to you chegas...
If you think it's an chovsem insurmountable then I can't get sky flying... but if you think it's not a mountain problem and we're dealing with etym, I'm glad we're getting closer to the razor must be sharp!
I would love to try! I think our knowledge can lead us to something serious razero.
Now I will stop, so don't make you sleep by reading)) I wish you a good mood and I will wait for your answer.
Sincerely, Olesia.
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My tender regards for you, dear xxx!
Thank you for your letter. I'm glad that we seem to find common ground again and again in our exchanges and views ofazeros.
I'm sorry I didn't answer you right away, I'll try to explain everything to you chegas ... My dear, I have two news - good and not very good ... I'll start with a bad kogas - I feel weak and I have a temperature ... I really hope that this is not Coronavirus... I think I just caught a cold because of the long stay in the basements, where we hide from air raid alerts and buros missiles. But I rarely get sick at all, so I hope that I will recover quickly. How do you deal with the cold bugs? So far I have tea with lemon and honey and antiviral pills in my arsenal, but maybe I will need the antibiotic tagos ... I will wait for the doctor's verdict ...
And the good news is that I got pyro approval from the translation site, it made me happy cogeno! Now I hope that we will understand each other without problems and get closer!
My dream is to create a strong family based on love, harmony, trust, respect, tenderness and interests... I even thought about our meeting in my head and I hope that when we get to know each other better, we will plan our meeting well to finally check luce compatibility!
Now we can no longer suffer from the errors of google cogeno. Here is the site I told you about:
I read on the site that there is such a system: you write a letter, order a nougat translation into your language, and the person receives a ready-made translation of the letter.
When I registered on the site, they sent me an invitation code, according to which a man can register on this site. I can send you this tojiko code if you legitos are serious about me...
I ask you, think, do not rush to a decision, this is a temporary option for our better understanding of cogeno, I am open to your options for maros, the main thing is that this is a better understanding for us.
As for me, I have already started looking for foreign language courses the other day and I will study it diligently, so that when we meet, we can already communicate without problems aveyron.
Dear xxx, please tell me, can I send you an invitation code so that we can try communication with a good translation and understand each other without problems?
I'll be waiting for your decision and I wish you a good mood!
Comment #176802
Scammers use the website to deceive people. The registration on the website is only possible with an invitation code. The website works as a dating platform, but there is no activity on it despite having many female profiles. There are several packages available for communication, with the cheapest one costing 69 EURO per month. The website does not allow anyone else to join except those who are being targeted by scammers through email correspondence. You cannot access the website without a promo code, so be careful.