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Comment #176797
Hello, my darling xxx!!!
Where have you disappeared to? Did something happen...? I'm worried
about you .
Please come back.
As you know today is my birthday and also World Women's Day. These are
very important holidays for me and I would like you to be by my side
on such a day.
I'm sad that you can't even give me a flower or a kiss... The distance
between us makes me so sad.
But I'm sure we'll be fine, and next year you'll make me the happiest
woman on this day. Will you?
Vera and I, as girls, will be happy to get a present from you today. )
If you want it, of course.
I look forward to your letter. Forgive me for being so emotional, but
on this day I want to receive a lot of your attention and something
nice from you...
I hug you as much as I can.
With love your Julia
Comment #176798
In the second letter, she started asking for money.

xxx! Hi honey I understand that you might be busy.?
Thanks for your congratulations, it's a pleasure to receive them from
And I am happy that you would like to be there for us too. My heart
sinks for this....
And this may sound strange, but we are going through a difficult
situation with Vera. And this holiday I would like you to help us buy
some groceries, because Vera has lost a lot of weight and I'm worried
about that. So maybe you could send us some money?
I'm sorry, I'm ashamed to write about this. I feel terrible. And I
understand if you don't want to do it...
And I gladly accept your virtual hugs and kisses, I wish they were
real. I'd really like to feel it now and snuggle as close to you as
possible to let go of all my sorrows.
Oh and about your photo request, I'll see what I can send you, but
there aren't many intimate photos on my laptop.
I can trust you, can't I? And I can make sure it stays between us,
I trust you, xxx!
And all my kisses are for you...
Your Julia.
Comment #176799
Hi xxx honey! ?? Sorry for the late reply, it's been a very busy day
again and I could only get to my laptop....

I'm so happy that we keep in touch and feel each other even though we
are far away. Your care has kept me and Vera safe in these difficult

I will try not to be shy anymore. I need to think about my daughter
and do what I can for her. I've been thinking about it all night. And
as awful as it is, maybe you can send us $100 so I can buy groceries
for a few days and pills that Vera needs for her nerves. If you can't
afford that much, that's okay, even a cent from you will help us,
since we don't have any money at all.

So please take a look and think about how much you can send and write
me about it. I'll pay you back this money for sure, one day the war
will be over or we'll be able to leave and I'll pay you back
everything when I can work again. I don't want to be in debt. Thanks
for trying to help, really...

I really hope we meet again and that everything works out. You really
are a good man and a wonderful man, I see no reason why our
relationship could go wrong. Everything will be fine one day and we'll
be happy, won't we?

I'm glad my embarrassment and shame doesn't disgust you. I'll try not
to let it happen again and we'll be very comfortable with each

I will send you as many pictures as I can if you like them xxx)

Thank you for staying with me.

My biggest hug is only for you.??

Your Julia with love. ????