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Anna Burdukova (Sharavyeva)

Hola xxx!
How`s it going?
I was worried. I sent you a letter. also thought. maybe you dont want to answer me. But now I understand that I did not try in vain. thanks to you.
I want to thank you very much for your photos. I think you`re a very handsome man and you look very good.
I will be very happy if you send me as many of your photos, photos of your home or friends. I am interested in everything about you. I want to know you as well as I can.
So I really like that you are older than me and I think that you are a smart man and I am attracted to it.
For me, the age difference doesn`t matter. I think a man should be older than a woman.
I believe that the older the man, the wiser and smarter. I think the most important thing in a man is his mind.
I really want to chat to help us get to know each other better and therefore meet. I think that in the 21st century when there are so many flights every day, meeting each other is not a big deal. Distance means nothing to me. What is essential is the desire of two people to be a couple. Do you support it??? While chatting we became close and able to start our relationship, I see no problem in coming to your country.
xxx As I told you before, I am sending your message from my clinic computer. While I spend time at the clinic on my work computer, I don`t need a computer at home. There is no problem for me to write to you from the clinic computer. I have a smartphone although today I dropped in the medical sanitizer. I was very sad and immediately took my smartphone for repair, but the handyman said that the solution had damaged some small parts and it was easier to buy a new smartphone than to repair the old one. However, I have been planning to buy a new smartphone for a long time and now I will have the opportunity to buy a new mobile phone in two weeks, when I get my salary. Today all electronic devices are very expensive, because the dollar and euro have increased a lot in Kyrgyzstan.
Still I ask you not to worry and in 2-3 weeks I will buy a new mobile phone and immediately share my phone number with you so that we can message each other on WhatsApp. In the meantime, I hope you will be patient, due to the fact that there is no chance to buy a phone until I am paid. Without a smartphone I cannot use WhatsApp and I ask you to be a little patient. I am sincere with you and I only tell you the truth and ask you not to doubt me.
But until I buy a phone, it will be easy for me to call you from my work phone at my clinic and text you from the computer I have at the clinic. My boss let me do it. I would appreciate it if you could write me your phone number in the next message and I will be happy to call you back in the next few days. I hope you want to know what my voice sounds like too, right? I am sure that the phone conversation will help strengthen our faith in each other. Did you get my point? Therefore, in the next letter, I expect you to write me your full phone number with the country code. OK? I just can`t wait to talk to you on the phone and I hope you don`t mind sharing your number with me. I just want to call you and how do you sound.
xxx Unfortunately I don`t have a Facebook profile. I deleted my page a year ago, because several bizarre men were constantly texting me with an offer of sex and asking for money for my nudes. so i suggested deleting my page, since i couldn`t find anything interesting. Social networks are not to my liking because I prefer real communication. My friend was crossing the street 3 months ago and she was texting something on her phone about her on Facebook and she didn`t notice as she walked, she was hit by a car and died. It seems that these days many people are like zombies and spend time on their phones without noticing the dangers. I`m even glad that I drowned my smartphone in a disinfectant solution, so I rest from my mobile for 2 weeks and spend more time on real communication with people, rather than virtual.
I`ve heard a lot about online scams and I want to assure you that I don`t need any information from you. I`m not interested in your personal information, bank accounts and money. All I need is a relationship built on love and trust. I would ask you not to compare me to other girls, worse liars. I am an advanced dentist and I have traveled to several countries and it has been very easy for me to pay for myself and be an independent lady. I`m not going to spend time with a guy who plays with emotions, chases money, or takes risks. I want to find someone who knows what he wants, is real, straightforward and has a sense of humor. ) I hope to get your sincerity and reciprocity. We should just be genuine with each other and get to know each other better every day. I believe that only a gradual relationship development can help us meet. What do you think about this?
Finally I would like to tell you more about our family... Regrettably, I have no one. Because my father left me and his mother when I was 7 years old.. he left us for another woman and since then I have information about where he lives and whether he is alive or not. He never even tried to contact me again and I was very angry with him about this. My mother passed away from cancer two years ago. I love mom very much because mom was the only one who truly loved me. I am an only child, so I have no brothers or sisters. I had an uncle and an aunt who passed away in a car accident a year ago. These days I`m totally single, but I have no one but friends. I have friends who will support me. My best friend`s name is Alina and I trust her with my life because only she can know all the secrets I have. My mom used to be my best friend and now she is.
I am planning to move out of the country where I live forever. Because nothing keeps me here and my country does not develop at all. I`m not going to build relationships with local men because I have absolutely no interest in anything other than alcohol and drugs. So, I want to find a man on the net with whom I can build a strong relationship based on love and trust. Are you that guy by any chance?))) At first glance you seem to be a good-natured person that I would like to rely on. What is your point of view? I look forward to hearing from you. I will reply as soon as I receive your mail.
I look forward to your reply Aryana...