Scammer Anastasia, Tatiana, Yulia

Anastasia, Tatiana, Yulia

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Scammers use a variety of names and email addresses along with these photos
Hello xxx!

I found your email in the Spam folder. Add me to your favorites and you won't lose my emails.

My name is Tanya ( Tatiana ).

I was born on 18th of Febuary. I am 35 years old now. My height is 174 cm, weight 56-57 kg.

I live in country Moldova. City Taraclia!

I have no children. I'm a widow. At the moment I want to start a new serious relationship.

I'm just tired of living alone, without love. I decided I needed to move on.

I've never smoked. Sometimes on vacation I can afford to have a little drink. But this rarely happens.

My husband died in a car accident almost 2 years ago, and I haven't had any relationship since. I tried, but it didn't work out.

Now I am a completely free girl. I work in an office. I am an ordinary office worker who is sorting through documents.

I have been working in this position for about 3 years.

I am an accountant by education. But I couldn't find this job here in Moldova.

After my husband's death, his mother took my apartment, and I was left with nothing. I sued for a long time, but nothing happened! The court was on her side.

Yes, it happens, and this is the reality that was in my life! There are such evil people on earth!

Now I live alone in a one-room rented apartment. I have everything I need for life! The apartment is not very large, about 35 square meters, but that's enough for me.

I was married for two and a half years. I have been single for the last 1.5 years, and now I have decided that I need to continue living in love and understanding.

I just want to go ahead and find someone who will make me happy.

I decided that now I need a serious relationship that could bring me back to marriage. I want to be a happy woman again.

The idea of dating on the Internet came to my mind unexpectedly. My friend lives in America and she is happily married, it's

it was she who insisted on trying to find love in another country!

She left Moldova 2 years ago and is now happy with her husband! You're the first serious man I've ever talked to online, and
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I got the picture of the lady in the red dress reached out to me said she was from Tampa Florida similar stuff that was in the other user's thing that she was going to school she had 2 months left of her Nursing degree she could take care of me and support me but she just also lonely she had nothing but bad relationships in the past she doesn't drink she doesn't smoke she wouldn't think of it she is still in love with me the minute she saw my pictures she doesn't mind being with the older man but would like to have one boy and one girl child and if I couldn't could not wasn't capable of having children would it be all right for artificial insemination she went on to ask her what her address was cuz I was trying to give it to me and she said why and I said I have a gift for you and she says oh I hope it's a Apple watch i7 I just it would be so good for my work and after I said okay I got you at 7 watch what's your address she says I'm flying to my mother's in Africa so can you ship it there I said sure give me the address and I got the address after that I pretty much called her out and then I caught her on Instagram and she said she her identity had been stolen she was in Germany could I send her some money all her purse was stolen just a whole big line of crap watch out for this one she tricky