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Hello, my dear friend Ronald,

How are you today? The weather is ok? Are you in a right mood to
continue our extraordinary acquaintance:) I want to thank you for
writing me , it is a pleasure you did not forget about me:) Thank you
for sending me your pics , I think you area very handsome man , who is
in a great form and has a captivating smile!This is the next step of
our relations and it depends on us only how it will pass:) Today is
the proper time to share some little secrets about us, right? I am
happy to know you are a man of such a nice profession as a
family-therapist. It is clear that the word "family" has a special
meaning for you:) It has a special meaning for me too, I want to have
a family with a good man, may be you? Time will show it. Everything is
covered with a mystery, it is better to enjoy life than to try to
understand it .In the long run the one who was trying to understand it
turns to be a fool and the one who was enjoying it becomes a wise
person and continues getting the pleasure , because he is deeper and
deeper in understanding of the mystery of everything which surrounds
us. The greatest principle of me is that everything is wonderful and
mysterious and I am ready to start enjoying the each day of my life
with a right man.

I am a young pretty lady of 26 years, Libra, by horoscope as a Libra I
am tender and sensitive , but I am strong and sensible inside. I have
graduated from the Pedagogical University, I am working as a teacher
of singing and music at the kindergarten , which means every day I am
surrounded by little children, but I like my work. Each day after I
end my work I go home , where I live with my parents, I have an elder
sister but she lives far away with her family. My parents and me live
in a little town in the Eastern Ukraine ,it is named Bryanka. I am
leading a calm life , meeting friends once a week...When I was a
little girl I used to spend time reading romantic stories, my favorite
heroin was Scarlett O'Hara from "the gone with the Wind", the same as
her I am ready to do everything to find my love!I am like a bird so
easy to hurt me I am like a butterfly. so hard to catch me I am like a
hope. so easy to loose me I am like a wind. so hard to stop me I am
like a drop of rain. I live with the moment I am like a sound. I laugh
I am like a night I announce a day I am like stairs. I make your
dreams come truth. This is me and I hope you like me:)

So, sorry , I can not speak English myself, I am a pedagog, but had no
chance to learn English. That is why I need to use the translating
company to translate your and my letters. I hope you will not mind it
and you will not consider me to be too silly , that I do not speak
English and have no computer skills. I am ready to overcome any
obstacle for being with a right man. It is your turn to tell me some
mystery about you, may be you will tell me, what do you think, could
you be that right man for me?:)

I need to go now, till then I am sending you a warm hug and remember,
I will be waiting impatiently for your reply. Yours Jana


Hello,my darling Ron,

I hope life is treating you well? How are you feeling? I feel great! I
am realizing more and more how great it is that we are continuing
talking to each other and knowing each other better and better. I have
heard that there are three different personalities inside of each
person. One is the one people see you, another is the one you want
others to see you and the third one is the one you are in reality. I
hope that after the letters we had you know what I have in my brains,
in my soul and my heart. I feel like I know this things about you. I
like the picture you sent em today , you are looking so attractive ,
so calm. I think you can call me your new girl friend and you can take
pics of me , but promise I will also be bale to take pics of you:)
Moreover we have summer and if you were here we would do all the
things you like to do during holidays:) I like all the seasons, but
spring and autumn the most , autumn is close to my mood, because I was
born in autumn:)It is so good to sit at home and listen to the music ,
I like all kinds of music , I have told you , my dear! Or it is nice
to play in something or play with a cat. You did not tell me you have
a cat, I think you might miss your cat when she is in the street? May
be one day I ill be with you on a couch? None of us knows what is
waiting for us in future , but as you know, I am not afraid of
hardships. Sometimes I wonder how helpless we are, our mind,hard when
we need to solve some little problem, which is easily solved by life
in a short time. May be it is a little silly to be such a dreamy girl
at my age , but I know some main powers of love. Responsibility
without love is making a person naughty, truth without love is making
you critic, bringing up without love make you a liar, mind without
love makes a person sly,sweetness without love makes you
hypocrite,power without love makes you a tyrant,faith without love
makes you a fanatic, dignity without love makes you arrogant, wealth
without love makes you greedy. I do not want a life without love and

All people want to be beside them, beside their second halves, to look
into the eyes of each other and read the thoughts of each other. They
want to feel the sweet tremble of their soul struggling to reach the
soul of the eyes of your beloved one to be one whole - to understand
each other without words in the cosy silence, with half a glance ,
with half a move, with half a word... I am not an exception. I want to
be love and care , but not left and betrayed.

Do you want the same? I know you want. I miss you so much, it is a
real pleasure to talk to you. Write me back sooner, please! I am
missing you. Yours Jana.