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Zhannur, Sabina, Angelina

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Photos stolen by criminals and abused for scam

Natalia Krasiuk


Good day xxx.

Thank you for taking some of your time and responding to my letter.
To be honest, I didn't even expect you to answer. Anyway, thank you
for your letter. So that you have a little idea about me. Who I am,
from where, and how old I am. I want to tell you a little bit about
myself. My name is Zhannur. I come from Almaty, and I still live
there. I am 30 years old, if I seem very young to you in the photo.
Then, do not pay attention, my friends and colleagues at work do not
believe that I am so old. Although I look very young, there is a merit
of my parents, their genes were inherited by me. + To all this thanks
to physical exercises in the fitness room, and most importantly
nutrition. I manage to keep the appearance of a student of some
university. So don't be surprised why I look so young. What else can I
say, I just remembered. Knowledge of languages. I know several
languages, since I am in Kazakhstan, and the official language in my
country is Kazakhstan. + In addition to all this, I have knowledge of
English, of course there are gaps, and most likely you will understand
what I mean, because I studied English at school and at the institute,
I did not fully manage to learn English. If I took paid lessons from
an English linguist. Then, my knowledge of English would be much
better. For this reason, I know only the basics, and in my opinion I
can talk quite well. From your point of view, it may seem the
opposite. I will hope that you will not have any problems reading my
letter, and you will understand what I am writing about. In some
situations, I will use different translators. I'm just keeping you
posted so that you won't have any questions for me in the future. To
tell you more about myself, I think I'll tell you about my profession,
what I do and how I earn my living. My profession, in short, I am a
dentist. I work in a state polyclinic. Where I get a good salary,
which by the way is enough for me to live. As for my interests, there
are a lot of them (I'm fond of volleyball, cycling, skiing, and a
bunch of other interests). Believe me, I can tell you a lot about
myself. But, it won't be interesting, and the letter will be delayed,
where I can just bore you with a story about myself. I think that soon
I will definitely dedicate a letter where I will tell you in detail
about my interests, music, movies, books, cooking and so on. To
continue our communication, I want you to know. I don't have kids or a
boyfriend. That is, I am not in a serious relationship. So that it
doesn't interfere with our communication. As for you, xxx? Are you
in a serious relationship? It's just a very important moment for me.
If you have a girlfriend and you are married, then perhaps I would
finish writing to you, since I do not want to disrupt the relationship
and spoil the marriage. On this, let me know. Ok? Because the dating
site does not indicate that you are in a relationship. According to
the dating agency. In short, I told a little about myself. I really
hope that in the next letter you will also tell me about yourself, so
that I have more idea with whom I am having a dialogue. I think this
is the end of my letter.

Thank you for your photo. You look great!!! I will be pleased to see
you more often. I will wait for your new photos and try to make photos
for you.

It's time for me to head home to do the cleaning, cooking and other
household chores. I look forward to your next letter and hope very
much for the continuation of our communication. Sincerely yours,

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angeliinaone19[email protected] , ask money take money and cash by family in KZK
from Divnogorsk , pass 88456587 Kedrovaya home 10 pledgor . took help from me for 8000 eu .
refuse to give phone , what'sapp , work in clinic . Can this be reported to police for recovery or prosecutor.
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Good evening xxx. How is your health? How is your mood? I'm looking forward to learn you better.
This working day was really hard for me and I got really tired, but in spite of my mood I think that
I'm due to write to you because I'm,as if,charging with positive energy and warmth from our
correspondence. How was your day xxx?????? I with impatience shall wait for your letter. Your