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Hello my Love XXXXX!!!!! I am happy to have again from you news. Each your letter
brings to me pleasure. I want to know each smallest changes in your life. Today at
night I dreamt about you that I already am near to you. I saw your house, you strong
embraced me and kissed. Then to the house there has come the woman which was your
familiar and began to talk to you tenderly, you also showed in her interest. It was
awful dream, I thought that I have lost you and roared. I do not want to recollect
this dream because he brings to me not pleasant impressions. I hope that this dream
will not come true. Excuse for a question but I should ask you: you casually have
not found other girl to which have feel love? You can be completely fair with me, I
shall not take offence, I shall try to understand you. I have woken up late
approximately at 12 o'clock 30 minutes, have taken a shower, have tidied up in an
apartment and have gone to walk in park. When I walked in park I mentally represented
that now you are with me and we conduct love conversation. We speak about our happy
future and you gently hold me for a hand, and I understand that I never shall want
to release your hand. I again have casually recollected this dream and my mood have
deteriorated. Then I have gone to church and began to pray to the god that only I was
your unique love. I have understood that I can not live without you. I speak you these
details because you are for me the most, close person to which I can open all my soul.
I can entrust to you all my secrets. I with the big impatience wait to arrive to
you and to not give you to anybody. I love you. You my destiny. I miss you. I kiss you.
Always your Elena.

Hello my dear XXXXX!!! When I was going to the Internet Cafe, I was sure
that I will get your letter. Every your letter is so close and dear for my
heart. Some time ago all days were like one to other, they were equally sad,
gray and dull. Every morning I go to my work and in the evening I am back to
my empty room... But now every time I go to the Internet Cafe with a great
hope to get your letter. And every message from you make me happy and glad
very much! You have changed my life. Thank you very much!!! Yesterday when
I was leaving my work I saw a small boy, who was playing on guitar and singing
beautiful songs. Such way he asked the money. I was not greedy and gave him
a little money. In our town there are a lot of such people, who are playing
on musical instruments, doing something else or not doing something, but are
keeping asking for the money. Some of them have no home, have no family and
any close people. It is very sad I think! It is specially difficult for me
to see children sitting on the porch and asking the money. Oh, I so pity such
children. Basically it is children, who have no parents or have bad parents,
who do not take care of them. Do you have such people in your town? What do
think of this problem? I think it is very sad that children must to do it
survive; their parents must take care of them and think where and how to make
money! Certainly it is not easy especially in our country, but children
must have happy childhood and do not think of such serious adult's problems.
I hope you do not have such problems in your country. The romantic thoughts
and dreams about you appeared in my head. It pleasant and sweet dreams.
Hope you think of me sometimes. Please write about it. I am sorry I need
to stop to write you. I want you to have a very fine, good and joyful day!
I hope to see your answer very-very soon, I will miss you,
I will wait your answer... I kiss you...
Your baby and Love Elena.

Hello my Dear and Love XXXXX!!! How are you? And as for me, I’m very
O’K. What weather do you have now. I want to tell to you that I never
travelled for limits of Russia. But I have dream to meet you in your
city. We should study each other closer to build close relations.
Through letters it is not possible to learn each other closer. You
agree with me? I also have no documents to arrive to you. It will be
very expensive for me. You should understand that to me difficultly to
have the free finance because I live one and also I receive the small
salary. Understand my situation. Today we have so cold weather.
Heating also worked badly. Today I froze on the work very much. The
temperature was very low and I had to stay on this cold the whole day!
i am afraid that I could become ill, but I think everything will be
very fine, because one thing heated me - the thought that very-very
soon I will see your letter and will answer you, will write you about
myself and my life. I so wait the moment when I can correspondence
with you. You put some purpose, a certain sense in my empty life. It
is so great, I think. Thank you very much for that. Our correspondence
is very dear for me. I have never written to any one man from another
country. I want to tell you that your letters are very interesting for
me. I get more and more new information about you from your letters;
it is so involves me! I think that reading my letters you learn me
too. If you have some questions to me, please ask me and I will be
very happy to answer on all your questions! I am sure that my heart
prompted me that I must write to you. Well, I am sorry I need to
finish because the Cafe will be close very soon. I was free of work
very late today, but I so wanted to write you something... I came to
the Cafe near the time of it's closing. And so I must to tell you
goodbye, but I don't want. I hope that you will have good day! I
always wait your letters. I kiss you...
Your baby and Love Elena.