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Hello xxx,
How was your day? Hopefully everything is fine. I'm glad to receive your letter. This demonstrates that you do care.
I want to thank you very much for your photos.I think you're a very handsome man and you look very good. I will be very pleased if you'll send me as many of your photos, photos of your home or friends. I'm interested in everything about you.I want to know you as well as I can.
Maybe my previous letters do not quite comply with to your requests, but I was only trying to tell you about myself. I'm hoping you understand that it's not that easy to open up to a new person.
today I just want to complement the overall picture of me and my manner, you to can clear whether you like me or not. I will try to tell you about my attitude to the today's world and technique.
I propose to spend that day so everyone, two of us, say things we like on this earth, in the opposite direction.
This way we can figure out what we can expect one from the other. I'm hoping you don't object??
I really don't know if you are interested or no, but my height is 168 cm, my weight at the moment is 55 kg. I love animals so much, but do not dare to get a pet at my place.
Since I spend a long time at the clinic, and pets require a lot of attention and care. I like reading books, mainly classical and non-fiction books, movies, I really like rom-coms.
My favorite color is green, and surely, as every young woman I like flowers, my favorite is lilies! I've never seen my father, he abandoned us when I was a child, my mama said it.
I have no idea why, I haven't asked. Probably he has shown his infirmity, or maybe he had met other woman whom he does love and is very happy.
My mom had died several years ago of cancer. It's been a rough time of my life. Thus, I dedicated myself totally to my employment and my study and progress.
As you can imagine, there's nothing for me in Ukraine, I've been dreaming of living and working in another country.
But , since I didn't meet a decent man for whom I can change my life, I still live in Ukraine.
Firstly, I have a negative attitude towards all social networks and mobile applications. It seems to me that from it human race is just degrading.
After all, it is so stupid and gross to write short texts and get a momentary answer. Just ask how are you? Or what you're doing?? It looks so trite.
There are no indicator of concern or importance in that woman. It's quite another matter when you receive a big, exciting email.
It shows that your communicator devoted his time and showed respect for you. While reading a letter, you may quickly figure out the intelligence of the communicator.
Because, you will have a full day to formulate your thoughts and desires. You have time to figure out about what to answer! I do read my email at the clinic.
Certainly, like any girl, I'm dreaming a family and babies. I know that a relationship is always a tough work for both! This is a constant search for compromises.
Now what is family and relations to me?? I believe that the family is blessed and solid as long as there is balance in it. The man is the head of the family, he is reliance and confidence for everyone else.
When a woman is certain in her man, she will hold on to the end and save the family. She will be dedicated and caring and would do everything to make all members of the family happy.
I can't understand modern society. Men have completely stopped seeking a female! Where is the courting? Where are the feats? Where are some treats and kinds attention???
Everybody's going to some kind of equality, this is a dead end, it'll crush all of humanity. When I practiced in Europe, I seen such a bad picture that at the diner, everybody pays for himself!!!
Men, in a majority, have become weaker than women. Most men even leave a woman single with concerns. They do not even try to do something!! They're saying resolve the problems yourself!
Now it's not money, but about simple respect and expression of a masculine character. Any woman values when a man is just trying to do anything, tries all variants!!
Once a man has said, I cannot, I don't want, it's up to you – IT IS THE END! All of the problems arise from that. All cheatings appear from it. This is natural selection.
That's like in the wildlife, as soon as the male demonstrates his faintness and apathy, he immediately looses respect.
Equally, since a female is forgotten that she is a wife, mother, hostess and homemaker, they immediately lose interest in her. And then they look for a changing.
Hopefully you are agree with me! Or you've got a different view on that ??? I will be very interested to hear!
I would be delighted if you will write to me each day. I will try to do the same. I think you could always tell how your day went!
Or to tell about your attitude on some topic or event! It's not difficult to make 20-30 minutes every day. Take your mind off it all and just write an email!
Today I got a pretty big e-mail, I'm asking you to find patience in yourself and read this to the end!))) Plus respond what are you thinking about the modern world!
What is relationship for you??? What do you hate in a woman??? In general, write how you see a proper family and proper relationships!I'll be waitng for your responding.