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Hi xxx!!! I'm very happy that you replied, because I thought that
you would never reply to my message) I wish you a nice day =) ! What
are you up to this weekend, any plans?)

I'm glad you have children! I love children very much)

Thanks for the compliments ! I like it very much !

I don't have any plans yet ... i may have to run to a bomb shelter,
unfortunately i have to do it very often ! I'll tell you a little
about myself. Yeah, I used to work in a clothing shop, not the job
I've always dreamed of, but I had to start somewhere! I'm 29 years
old. I live in Donetsk In the occupied territories. I live with my
niece Ira , She is 11 years old, her and my parents died at the
beginning of the war, There was a shelling, they all went to buy food
together! And then a shell came... a shell came... It's hard for me to
talk about it! I cry all the time. For the fate of my father, I don't
know. He was taken by the occupiers and I haven't heard from him
since.... but I'm sure he's still alive. all the time... That's how
I've been holding on all this time...

I love cooking and like any other woman I think I owe it to my man to
please him with all sorts of delicacies ;). I like to eat tasty food,
but you have to eat in moderation, I'm very careful with my figure,
but sometimes I want to pamper myself ... I do know how to cook, from
baking to delicious Ukrainian borscht) I think that like in any other
case, you need a soulful approach, then get a really good meal!

Yes, this year has been very difficult for me, but I still believe
that I must be strong, otherwise there is a risk that life will lose
all meaning for me. We can complain a lot about injustice, but I still
think that the main thing is to accept reality as it is, we shape our
own destiny and it's up to us how we'll live today or in 10 years,

To be honest, this is the first time I'm on this site. My heart tells
me that it's time to find a man who will be with me on rainy days and
sunny days))) I really trust my intuition and it has never let me
down. I have a feeling that you and I might end up with more than
friendship, I'm not getting ahead of myself, we'll see)

I hope I don't bore you with my stories! Now it's your turn to tell
about yourself) This is my pictures for you! By the way I love animals
! One of the photos is of my dog Snickers. I will also be glad to
receive your photos)

I will tell more info about me in next newsletter, thats all for today

I hope for your reply soon ;)

Yuliia !