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Hello, xxx! Thank you for your answer. Honestly, I was waiting for your answer. It means you're interested in me.) Yes? I was really interested to read what you told me. This means that we can move on and get to know each other even more. I am very pleased that you turned out to be a serious person who knows what he is looking for! I very much hope and hope that our communication and exchange of letters will be daily. Do you have the opportunity to write to me every day? I hope it will not be difficult for you? Of course, due to the unstable electricity situation in my country, I will try to answer you every day! I can't wait to find out more about you))). xxx How are you doing? How is your day? How are you?

A year ago, my life turned upside down in a way that no one expected. Due to the difficult situation in my country, I lost my job, all my friends left, and I was practically left alone. There are no close people nearby. I worked as a master Cosmetologist, in a large network of women's salons. My job was that I kept managerial records, work with personnel, and sometimes worked as a hairdresser myself. After the outbreak of hostilities, for some time I was still working, but about six months ago, the Director closed all Cosmetologists, for security reasons.

I was born in an ordinary family. My parents have been Farmers all their lives, working in various enterprises. My parents often changed their place of residence due to working conditions. My father left the family very early, leaving us with my mother. Then my mother got sick, she was treated for a very long time, and unfortunately she died 4 years ago. So I was left all alone. My mother gave me a very good upbringing, I am a decent girl, not spoiled, like many now. Since then I have been living alone, renting a house. xxx, who do you live with? Do you have a big family? Do you own your own home or rent? Where and with whom do you work, or did you work? I am so pleased that I can share with you, talk about my life. Do you have brothers or sisters? I was the only child in the family, so I have no brothers and sisters. Since childhood, I tried to be on my own, and I learned a lot. Independence taught me to set tasks and solve them, to achieve my goals. All my girlfriends and acquaintances say that I am a very good housewife, and I cook very tasty). I studied at the university at the Faculty of Mathematics and International Law. I have higher education. What is your education? After university, I immediately started working. My height is 172, weight 56.

I am looking for a relationship where there will never be betrayal, only trust, sincere love, care, affection and support. I would like to have a man nearby, and I always felt his care, warmth, and be confident in every day.

Do you like sport? Maybe you are doing something, or have ever done it! I myself sometimes do aerobics at home, I know some basic exercises, and I also like yoga. I keep myself in shape). I like cycling, swimming. Let's build our correspondence so that we can keep the same topic in letters and learn more and more about each other with each letter. What do you think about it!? I have no bad habits. I don't drink alcohol and I don't smoke. I do not mind if a person drinks, but not much and not often. I don't like drunk people.

xxx, I'm sending you some pictures of myself, I hope you like me for who I am. Be sure to send your photos too!

This concludes my letter! I really hope that you will be interested in reading it and you will have the opportunity to write back to me. I'll be waiting.